Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I should have blogged yesterday, but I just couldn't get myself together, let alone form a continuous thought.  The cold air had my brain in a fog and all I wanted to do was nap all day and catch up on my daytime programming.

Anywho, today's a new day and it's time to get back at it.  Let's talk Dead:
  • I think The Governor is good looking.  I know that comes as such a huge surprise to anyone that knows me. (wink!)
  • I also think The Governor is slightly psychotic, but you know, everyone's a little off their rocker in Zombie Land.
  • Andrea's totally going to hit it.  And when I say hit it, I mean "The Gov-nah."  First, Shane.  Now him?  Go guuuurrl.
  • Michonne is Lauryn Hill's doppelganger.
  • While they were enjoying the sidewalk shopping "Woodbury" had to offer, they should have swung by Redneck Gourmet for fries and a BFGLT sammich!
  • Merle cracks me up.  I don't know why they weren't happier to see him- there is no other crazy redneck I would want on my side during a zombie apocalypse than Merle Dixon.
  • I found the head tank slightly confusing.
 First boring episode of the season!  Hopefully next week will be better.

I got blonde highlights this weekend and I love it.  I need to take a picture.  I'm now wishing I had just dyed my whole head blonde.  I know it's weird to dye your hair a lighter shade in the Fall, but I wanted a change and my normal go-to change (bangs) was not happening. 

I took Aaron to "Trunk or Treat" at the First Methodist Church in Griffin Sunday.  Here's a pic of my little Batman:

Aaron had a blast.  Of course, he was not interested in "trunk or treating" at all.  The church had a bouncy house and a HUGE bouncy slide blown up for the kiddos to play in.  Guess where Aaron was the whole time?  Either playing in the bouncy house with the 10 year old kids being bounced in the air like a monkey (freaking me out), or climbing up the not so sturdy steps on the bouncy slide and flying down this huge slide at super baby speed.  Freaks.me.out.  And the independent attitude has begun at 2 1/2.  "Mommy, Aaron Mo do it myself.  I do it myself!"  He must have said that to me no less than 8 times Sunday.  I think he was embarrassed because the first time he slid down the big slide, I climbed the slide with him and proceeded to accidentally flash my crack at every child below me (damn jeggings!).  From that moment, Mr. Independent took over.  I felt so bad for the kids climbing the slide behind Aaron.  They would yell out, "Man, we're behind that baby!  He's slow!"  Aaron, in no hurry at all to climb each slippery step, turned around and said "I not baby- I big boy!"  Oh my goodness.  Where did this talking little adult come from?  Needless to say, we left the big Halloween bash carrying Aaron away in major meltdown mode.  "I wanna side down the swide!" in crying 2 year old speech.  Jesus.  What have I gotten myself into?


Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Funday

Before I start my post for today, can we just appreciate how amazing Pippa looks while promoting her new book at a Halloween party yesterday?
Image via http://news.instyle.com/2012/10/25/pippa-middleton-book-celebrate-halloween-tips/
There's my fave Brit rocking an LBD with sparkly green panels.  According to Daily Mail, this dress is designed by Markus Lupfer.  It retails for $249, and although that's way too much for me to pay for a dress, I'm impressed that she's not wearing something that doesn't seem too far-fetched. 

Image via http://uk.omg.yahoo.com/gossip/the-juice/pippa-middleton-looks-gorge-plans-halloween-party-073747583.html

Above our girl is wearing a tweed Stella McCartney that retails for $1,500.  Lerve.

Is she not gorge?  I love her.  This is my second post about her and as you can see, she's a major girl crush.  I heart her almost as much I heart Harper Beckham.....almost.

Image via http://www.metro.co.uk/showbiz/906471-david-victoria-and-harper-beckham-do-lunch-ahead-of-olympic-ceremony
The cheeks, the hair, the headband, the dress, the chubby feet stuffed into those sweet sandals.....God, please give me a baby girl that looks like Harper Beckham!

Annnnnddd, let's add Beck's to that list, too, K?

 Yesterday I ordered the book The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine off Amazon.  I'm now having buyers regret......did I really need this book?  Obviously, I'm buying it for good reasons.  Aaron will eat any kind of fruit I put in front of his face all.day.long, but as soon as I give him a serving of green beans his nose turns up immediately. 

Milk is also an issue.  He'll drink chocolate milk any hour of the day.....regular milk not so much.  I recently switched to Almond Milk because:
a) It's better for you (I think).
b) It has a sweeter taste than regular milk, and I thought that that might help with the milk consumption

So far, it's not working.  I've told him he'll grow "big and strong" if he drinks his milk and he gives me the "mom, you're crazy" face.  If I tell him, "you'll be able to run fast and jump high if you drink your milk" he takes one big sip, looks at me, grins, and says "Mommy, I want duice."  Grrrr.....

Luckily, he loves yogurt so I'm giving him plenty of that.  Plus, he's a big cheese fan (shocker) and eats cheese every day.  I'm just hoping this book will help not only balance him out, but balance all of us out.  I'll admit that I don't eat enough veggies, and Aaron definitely eats more fruit than I do.  We'll see.  I'll let y'all know how the recipes turn out.  Any tips would be appreciated!

Enjoy your Friday!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Would you rather??

People finally released the much-anticipated Justin/Jessica wedding pic cover today.  Here it is in all of it's (or should I say Justin's) glory:

Image courtesy of people.com
These are my thoughts:
  • I feel bad for Jessica.  She got the raw end of the deal.  She picked the wrong Mouseketeer!  Hello?!  Ryan G??!  Do I need to break out the "Cry for You" performance??  

  • Another reason I feel bad for Jessica: that hein dress.  Why, why, WHY???  She's so beautiful.  I think a touch of pink (a sash, a pair of shoes, a garter) is great.  A dress dipped in pink?  Too much.  Plus, she's the bride.  It's her day.  Why is he the center of attention?  So not surprising.  Look at her face: she's totally questioning what the hell she's got herself into.
I give it a year, y'all.

Those are my thoughts.  Honestly, I'm just over it.  He hasn't done much for me since 2007.

This guy on the other hand:

Um, yes. (image courtesy of people.com)
 I can only imagine the dramz I will inflict upon myself once he and Eva (biotch that pretty Cuban actress) announce their engagement.  Lots of heavy drinking, no showering, Edy's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream consuming, double features of Murder By Numbers/Crazy, Stupid, Love replaying over and over again.  Adam's seriously going to divorce me.

Which do you prefer?  This?

image courtesy of nypost.com

Or this hotness:

image courtesy of abcnews.go.com

I thought so. ;)

And one more for the road:

image courtesy of blogs.babble.com

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Over the past few months I've noticed some of my FB friends posting about this little new HBO show titled, Girls.  After reading yet another status update about one particular, hilarious episode ("The Crackcident"), I decided to get my act together and set the show up on DVR.  Well lemme tell you, I'm so glad I did!

I watched the first 3 episodes of this show last night until 12:30.  I would have watched the next three episodes that were recorded, however; it was 12:30 and I had to make myself go to bed.  One word: hysterical.  If this isn't the perfect example of "girls" these days, I don't know what is.  I loved it!  Lena Dunham is hilarious, self-deprecating, and I just want to hang out with her.....every day.  Everyone is fantastic, really.  Watch.  You'll be glad you did.

Here's a clip of an epi that I have yet to watch, but am so looking forward to:

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dead Recap & other shenanigans...

Alright, first things first.  Let's talk Walking Dead, folks.
  • Rick is quite the a-hole these days, huh?  Okay I get it.  Your wife cheated on you with Shane.  Technically, she thought you were dead, and let's all just admit that pre-psycho Shane was pretty damn hot.  Then, Shane went all Fatal Attraction and ending up "making" Rick kill him.  Whatevs.  It's over....Shane's gone...move on, Rick.  You've got a lil' bambino on the way, and your son is seriously on.my.nerves.
  • Hershel survived.  How on earth that happened, I have no idea.  I kinda wanted him to get all zombie-fied, y'all.  Wouldn't that have been the most freaky/hilarious thing ever?
  • Carol killed a zombie and then performed a "caesarean" on said zombie.  Whattt????  That's cray, girlfriend.
  • Rick killed 2 convicts without the blink of an eye.  Someone's taking this "take no prisoners" thing seriously
  • And, since I am such an obsessive WD fan, I also DVR Talking Dead which comes on at 11 on AMC Sunday nights. Annnndddd, guess who's making a reappearance next Sunday??!!!!
MERLE!! T-Dog betta run!!  (image courtesy of: http://tvfilmnews.com)    

This weekend flew by.  We traveled to Winston-Salem, NC to visit my in-laws for the weekend.  It was truly a great, relaxing weekend.  We always come home rested and at least a few pounds heavier as my mom-in-law is the best cook ever.  Thanks for the R&R, Grandaddy and Ba Chan (as Aaron Mo would say)!

I voted today and it was easy-peasy.  Glad that's out of the way!

Came home to find that my Loft Curvy Skinnies had arrived.  Dolls, they are cuuuuute, fit like a glove, and are so well-made!  Will post pics this week.  

I purchased this dress from Forever 21 yesterday for my friend, Jessica's, bachelorette party in just a few short weeks:

Do you likey?  I do.  I think the high neck takes away from the short skirt.  Just hoochie enough for "da club." (ha!)  Plus, I like the bibb necklace as well- might have to scoot over to Charming Charlie's. Now to see if it'll actually look this good......looks like calorie counting starts NOW!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Gotta Get Down for Friday!

Happy Friday! It's the weekend- HOLLA!

Loving this beautiful weather and loving even more the fact that my hubby's home. I am intending on enjoying every second.

Right this minute I'm excited about:

• The Grey's Anatomy comeback. Finally last night, an episode that didn't leave me depressed or the "I-can't-breathe I'm crying so hard" sobfest. Loving the Kepner/Jackson relaysh and loving him & his blue eyes even more.

• House-hunting, but more on that later. ;)

• A bachelorette party, 2 showers, a wedding, and a baby. All in that particular order and all involving 2 of my besties. What a happy time.

• The bangs are finally all the way grown out, y'all! And for all of you that know me, that's a miracle in itself.

• I have a pair of curvy (cuz I gots the curves) skinny jeans in Royal Blue en route from the Loft. What what. Btw, they are having an amazing sale right now.

Alright, that's it for now, lovelies. Chat soon!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hump Day

Hey peeps!

I'm blogging from my phone as my laptop is not connecting to the 'net, and since I am computer illiterate, I'm waiting to let the hubs handle it. Therefore, if this post is a mess, please disregard.

This week has been nice, if not slightly boring with the exception of plenty of playground time. Aaron and I drove to the old Macon Mall this morning for a play date, and I have to say I miss the old mall vibe. You know, the two-levels crowded with Express, Abercrombie, The Limited, Spencer's, B&BW, the standard old music store, and the smell of the food court below. Maybe it's the 90's girl in me? I mean, I love a nice outside mall too, of course, but I'm old school and that's never gonna change.

Anywho, they had a whole kids section with coin operated rides ($.75/ride- expensive!) and with the rides that I could afford, Aaron had a blast. Will definitely be hitting that joint up again!

Other than that exciting trip, the highlight of my day is the major Loft online sale going on RIGHT NOW. Spent $100 and got two awesome pairs of jeans....what what! I know that that's expensive, but good quality jeans are hard to find and these make the cut.

Enjoy your afternoon!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Dead Recap

Omgee.  Walking Dead.  What a way to start the season!  Here are my thoughts:

  • Rick is no longer putting up with everyone else's s%*t.  Love that.  However, he's not being very nice to his wife and that's kind've on my nerves.  Granted, she cheated on him, is possibly carrying another zombie man's baby, and really overreacted about Shane's death in last season's finale, but give a sister a break.  She's about to pop in a post-apocalyptic world and she doesn't know if she's having a baby or a baby zombie.  Real issues, people!
  • Daryl is hot.  There, I said it.  I heart him and his Crossbow.  
  • Carol hitting on Daryl?  Gross and totally inappro!  I'm all for being a cougar (Hello! JHutch!), but for God's sakes, she could be his mother!
  • Carl needs a serious hair chop.  
  • Hershel's leg.  Wha?????  My first thought upon waking this morning was, "how in the world are they going to stop him from bleeding out??" 
  • Maggie might be less annoying this season......but I'm probably getting ahead of myself.
  • After two seasons T-Dog is finally contributing something.  About time.  Haters gonna hate!
  • Zombie security guards.  Totally had a flashback to one of my all-time favorite 80's movie ever: 
Night of the Comet (image courtesy of http://images.popmatters.com/blog_art/n/nightofthecomet.jpg)

  • Andrea's totally "hiding out" in downtown Senoia.  (Hey Andrea, while you're there, why don't you swing by and check out the newest Southern Living Idea House.....the Christmas decorations are impeccable!)
  • And last but not least, the non-zombie prisoners.  They look hilarious.  This will be interesting.
Where in the world is Merle??


Friday, October 12, 2012

Loosey Goosey

Today I visited a chiropractor for the first time in my life.  After today, I don't know why I ever waited so long.

After dealing with yet another sinus infection this week, I made the appointment.  I am so sick (both literally and figuratively) of going to the Doc, getting a Z pack, getting rid of the infection, and then going through the same motions 2 months later.  I don't do sick well.  I can't stand laying around, looking like a ragamuffin, and feeling like a a$$.

I'm sad to say that it's taken me almost thirty years to reach the point in my life where my head is not stuck in the clouds regarding mine and my families health.  I guess what I'm trying to say is, although I do feel that doctors are a vital part of this world, I no longer "prescribe" to the "get sick-go to the Doc-get an antibiotic-get well" routine that goes on EVERY.DAY.  Our bodies were created by the Master of the universe, and He built us to naturally rid our bodies of toxins and impurities without having to choose the Doc-in-the-box route. 

Of course, as I stated above, Doctors are a must.  There are so many situations where Doctors and their expertise are needed.  They are essential, and they are lifesavers.....literally.  If it weren't for a Doctor, I wouldn't have known that our second son had a very sick heart, and would have a very brief life.  If it weren't for that Doctor, I wouldn't have made the health changes in mine and my families life since that moment last December when we learned that our Luke had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. 

All in all, the reasons above brought me to the Chiropractor today; a more natural approach to my health instead of going the typical medical route.  And I have to say, I feel so much better.  I already knew (from my sister's stint at a Chiropractors office) that the alignment of the spinal vertebrae is essential to our well-being.  Our spine controls everything.  Our spine tells our brain what to do to make our bodies right.  Isn't that amazing? 

As soon as I was seated in my Chiropractors office, he proceeded to show me a light-up board of the spinal vertebrae and what affects what in our bodies.  After performing an X-Ray I was informed that I have some neck (cervical) issues, and that very well could be a cause of the constant sinus infections.  Afterwards I got a neck and back adjustment.  Y'all, I feel great.  I never realized how much tension I carried in my neck, until I felt that release.  I go back for another adjustment Monday and I cannot wait.  I'm not saying that I'm healed, but at least my spine can now tell my brain, "hey, clear this up so girlfriend doesn't constantly have to gross everyone out by blowing her schnoz everywhere she goes!"  Okay, so that was kind of gross and uncalled for. 

So now that we have finished our science lesson of the day, why don't we..........

Hottness (image courtesy of: http://media-cache-ec6.pinterest.com/upload/88594317640722269_KUKOaZ5Z_b.jpg)

wish JHutch a very Happy 20th birthday!!!  Love you, Peeta, oops, Josh!!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Catching up

Okay, fess up.  Who watched Nashville last night?  Was it not great?  New fave.  As if I don't have several other shows that I'm obsessed with, let's just add this one to the list.  Love that it's filmed in Nashville (which btw is gorge) and love the country music.  Connie Britton is so attractive, right?  She's 45, y'all.  If I look that good at 45 I can die a happy woman.  Hayden Panettiere plays a good mean girl and she, of course, is adorable.  My only complaint?  Besides Connie Britton, the fake southern accents are annoying.  Especially the blonde that works at The Bluebird Cafe and calls Joshua Jackson (AKA Lucky) her boyfriend; her accent is the worst.  Like Anna Paquin's "Sookie Stackhouse" awful.  Writer and Producers: if you're going to film a southern TV series/movie about southern people, get actual southern people for the job.  It's almost offensive how bad they make us sound.

So we didn't end up going to the beach this week.  :(  Sad, sad face.  Turns out, the owner of the condo we were supposed to stay in, was trying to tack on $250 in fees (100- pet fee/150- clean-up fee) for only 3 nights.  Um, no.  Ridiculous.  And stupid.  This guy could have made some quick cash this week considering that we just decided to book a condo this past Sunday; if the condo was not already booked by that point I'm sure it was not going to get booked.  Uhhh.....some people are annoying.  That's my rant for the day..

Beach trip nevertheless, I truly have enjoyed this week with it's beautiful weather and fall breeze.  We took Aaron to the Griffin Fair Tuesday night and he had a blast, wanting to ride every ride that he could (just like his Mama).  I didn't take a lot of pics, but the ones that I did take were adorbs.  Check my Instagram.

Yesterday, Aaron, my mom, my sister, and I went shopping in Senoia at the Senoia Historic District.  I.Love.This.Place.  I want to move to this town....for reals.  We shopped at the Pink Door boutique (super cute clothes and amazing prices), and Table Talk (I accidentally broke a candelabra.....oops), and ate lunch at Redneck Gourmet.  Another huge reason to move here: The Walking Dead is filmed here.  And of course, I'm obsessed with that show as well.  New season premieres this Sunday.  What could be more awesome than casually running into a zombie as you head out to dine at Zac Brown's new restaurant, Southern Ground Social Club?

That's it.  I've mustered all my creativity today.  A good portion of that creativity was focused on styling the perfect flip-out for my hair today, and while my left side looks Posh, my right side looks more like Nick Nolte's mug shot.



Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sweet Sundays

Hey dolls!

Are y'all enjoying your weekend?  No complaints here.  I love Sunday's, but I especially love Sunday's at home with my boys and my sweet puppy girl.

The one thing that's suffered this weekend?  My diet.  Blah.  I have the My Fitness Pal App on my phone, and y'all, that app really is great.  It's so easy to just plug in the amount of calories you consumed at each meal, and it even has a scanner that let's you scan the barcode of the box/package of whatever you're eating without having to plug the calories in manually.  I did SO good last week.  Seriously.  I recorded everything I ate, and managed to stay under 1200 calories each day.....then Friday hit.  Aaron and I were out and about running errands Friday morning, so (I told myself) it was just more convenient to swing through Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  I didn't do horrible (Grilled Chicken Sandwich), but I could have done better (Medium Waffle fries).  For dinner?  Since it was the big Braves game and Adam had a friend over, I thawed out last week's Taco Soup (Delicious and low fat), but topped that off with tortilla chips and Sausage dip (complete with Velveeta Cheese).  Then I added 2 glasses of Riesling on top of that.  Bad, bad girl!

Yesterday, me and one of my besties, Katie, drove up to Atlanta to visit another bestie, Kim.  It was the perfect girls day of shopping, and well, lunching.  We ate at Social Vinings (which by the way is amazeballs), on their outside patio enjoying the perfect weather and warm breeze.  We even indulged in dessert (don't judge), and although my jeans were totally hating my guts, my soul was happy and that's all that mattered.

Afterwards, we did a little sidewalk shopping at some of the precious boutique/antique shoppes in Smyrna.  Check out the loot:

Skull scarf, Silver Chandelier earrings (b/c you just can't have enough), & a Keep Calm & Carry On mini book (love these)

Sorry the picture quality's not great.  Anywho, I am absolutely obsessed with this scarf.  And no, I didn't buy it because I saw Kris Jenner wear it on KUWTK (maybe I was a tad influenced but I would've loved it anyway).  Cannot wait to pair this with a white tee, jeggings, and flats and GO!

Sunday's normally aren't my favorite days, but today has just been exceptionally wonderful.  Besides the 6:30 AM wake-up yell from Aaron Mo, it definitely made it worth it when after putting him in the bed between me and Adam, he grabbed my cheeks and said "Mommy, I wuv you."  Ahhhh......heart grows as big as the Grinch's.  I thought, since we're up early we should go to early church.  Did that happen?  No.  And I'm still feeling a little guilty.  Yes, I do think Aaron should be brought up in a church.  But today, I just wanted to cuddle with my boys and Sophie May, and enjoy an early Mexican lunch (while beating the church crowds- ha!).  

And in other news, I just found out we're going to the beach this week- Whoop!  Just me, Aaron Mo, my mom, and sister.  Only for a few days, and only to St. Simons, but hey- it's the beach!  I'm making a note to take my laptop so I can blog while I'm there.  I always seem to get inspired with my toes in the sand.

I hope you're enjoying your day doing whatever it is that pleases you. 


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Less Is More

In an attempt to keep things bipartisan (hehe) following the Presidential Debate, today I'm talking nude lips.  Yep, I never thought I'd be discussing how much I love a nude lip but I absolutely do.

I'm a lipstick girl.  Always have been.  I love my pinks, berries, roses, and sometimes reds.  I always have.  I think I've worn lipstick since I was in eighth grade....seriously.  Luckily, my 8th grade experimentation (i.e. brown lipstick- think Kim Kardashian in the KUWTK early years) happened so long ago that there's no evidence of my lapse in judgement.....I don't think there is, anyway.

Anywho, I got a text a couple of months ago from my gorge friend, Heather.  (Her and her hubby are responsible for our adorable header above.  Their company, Graceology Photography, is awesome!)  Heather knows how much I love makeup, and had texted me a picture of a nude lip combo she had purchased at CVS.  Feeling inspired, I bought my own nude combo at Target a couple of days later.

Loreal Colour Riche lipliner in Au Naturel, Loreal Colour Riche lipstick in #800 Fairest Nude, & Milani Glitzy Glamour Gloss in #50 Center Stage

It's soft and simple.  I am digging the nude lip for Fall.  Seriously.  InStyle posted a great article about the nude lip, and how pretty it can be- go check it out.  Of course, I'll always love my berries/roses/pinks, but a change can do you good.

I would post a pic, but I'm having a seriously bad hair day (am really wishing my hair would grow out but that's a whole other post for a different day). 

That's my makeup obsession of the day.  MWAH!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Alright, let's get down to the gritty.  I know y'all have heard about the Mariah/Nicki throw-down.  Wow.  I am so totally not surprised.  I mean, did AI producers really think those two were going to play nice?  Or maybe that was the plan the whole time..get these two on the show and see who wins.  My money's on Nicki.  I would not mess with her.  She's from the ghet-to.  She hangs out with Lil Wayne and Drake (who's brawling with Chris Brown "at da club."  Way to keep it classy, AI.

And in other random celebrity news, I never thought I would ever say this in my entire life but.....I think Lady Gaga is looking naturally pretty these days.  Check this photo out from People:

Love her as a brunette.  Plus, I'm liking the fact that she's put on a few healthy pounds and looks real.  Go gurl!

And since I'm going with the "this blog is all over the place" theme today, my hub's has a job interview this afternoon for a job where he'll be able to work from home.  Yay!  Please send some good vibes his way- we could really use this opportunity.

Enjoy the rest of your hump day!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Can I just go back to bed & start over?

Blahh....today feels like a Monday.  Actually yesterday was better than today.  I'm in such a pissy mood.  I mean, I planned for it to be better- it just didn't work out that way.

I woke up extra early this morning to drink a big cup of coffee and surf the net without a toddler tugging my hands.  When my little guy woke up, I was in such a chipper mood I told him I was making bacon and eggs for breakfast.  First mistake of the day.  I burnt the freakin' bacon.  How do you burn bacon???  My house still smells like a grease pit, and my Yankee candles are not doing their job.  The eggs turned out to be digestible, thank goodness.

As soon as I dropped Aaron off at preschool, I came home, and instead of doing laundry, or planning dinner or cleaning the kitchen, I sat on the couch sulking.  The following is the breakdown of my thoughts:
  • Will Adam ever have a job where he's at home with us every day?
  • Will I ever lose these 10 pounds that I've been talking about losing for 2 1/2 years now?
  • Will I ever get pregnant again?
  • Will I ever find a job that I love without having to go back to school and/or taking a huge pay cut?
And the list goes on and on.

So, I decided to pray.  And although I still have a major case of the Monday's...............

Every thing's gonna be alright.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Up All Night

Hey peeps!

How was your weekend?  Mine was great.  Since the hub's is working in Atlanta, I dropped Aaron off at my parents and headed to The A Saturday night.  It was so fun to get away for the evening, even if it was spending the night in a hotel room with my hubby. 

When Adam goes out of town for work he always gets a rental car for the trip.  So, as we were walking out of the Marriott Saturday night, Adam whipped the keys out and cranked up a 2011 Silver Yukon from the sidewalk.  Y'all, we felt so high class.  Usually his rentals are a nice, reliable, good gas mileage car.  Needless to say, we were loving driving around a big gas guzzler Saturday night.  I was hoping if I told Adam how hot he looked driving it, he might be interested in making a purchase, but it hasn't seemed to work thus far.  We'll see how that goes...

We ended up driving to North Marietta to see my sister and her husband's new home.  It was, of course, beautiful.  I'm ashamed to admit, but I have a jealousy streak that's a mile wide.  It's not a great quality, but at least I'm owning up to it.  Anyhow, when we pulled into the driveway in their fancy subdivision, and I laid my eyes on her wonderful new home, all I could feel was happiness for her and Dillon.  No jealousy, no envy, just pure joy.  It was so nice walking into her home, and not comparing, nor feeling sad because Adam and I don't live in a fancy neighborhood, with a Homeowners Association, and a garden tub.  Right now, we're good in our cozy, little brick home.  Maybe we'll have that one day...maybe we won't.  Among the many blessings we do have, the most important one is asleep in his little room, snuggled up with his "night-night," and that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

With all of that being said, I am SO ready to move to Atlanta after this weekend.  I absolutely loved being there amongst it all.  The good restaurants, the great shopping, the convenience of everything, the fact that I might run into JHutch at any moment (because he is filming Catching Fire in Atlanta right now).  I loved it.  It's no secret that my hubby's looking for a job closer to home, and if that job takes us to The Atl, I wouldn't mind one bit.

Enjoy your Monday, friends!