Thursday, November 11, 2010


The Band Perry  AKA The Band Hairy......bahahaaa
Y'all, look at the guy on the left.  Terrible.  I'm real embarrassed for them.  I mean the other guy's hair is awful too, but I just can't stop my eyes from reverting to the scariness of hair on the left.  Why would anyone think this is hot?

Sorry, but this deserved a post by itself.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why I almost deleted Facebook

I deactivated my Facebook account for one hour today.  I could only make it one hour before wanting it back, and reactivating.  That's terrible.  My husband gave me two days; I lasted one hour.  It's just that I've gotten to where Facebook makes me more annoyed/unhappy/sad/embarrassed than happy.  I seriously cannot take any more status updates about what you ate, an exact account of everything that you have done today, a conversation that you had, and worst of all, prayer for something as inconsequential as a cold.  I'm sorry, that might sound a little harsh, but if it's between praying for you because you or your child has the sniffles, or praying for the two year old that's fighting a brain tumor with all that her little body has, I choose the latter.  Of course I know that prayers are limitless, and I can (and should) pray for everyone, but some things I feel should just be kept private.  Like I have said in many blog posts: I believe in the power of prayer.  Prayer is an amazing and necessary thing.  I, however, don't believe in broadcasting every thought, worry, and emotion that I'm feeling.  Yes, some things suck; it's life.  Deal with it.  And for God's sakes, be thankful for what you do have.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just when I thought I was over it......

The obsession with One Tree Hill has began again.  I started watching OTH in 2003 when it first premiered, and I stopped watching OTH in late 2005; I had just started dating Adam, he lived in Macon, and I was in L.O.V.E.  I basically didn't have time for such trivial things like watching television when I could make-out with my cute boyfriend (bahaha).  Flash-forward to 2008; Soapnet is now airing OTH from the beginning, and I was finally catching up on the 3 years that I missed.  Once I caught up, I started watching OTH over at a friend's house every Monday night for a year because DirecTv didn't carry the CW channel (not without a fight I will add; I called and sent emails to the company to ask them to please add CW to their regular line-up of channels.  Incredibly dorky and unsuccessful.)  So, I gave up on OTH.  I figured it was just not meant to be for me and this show to continue on, and I forgot about lovely "Tree Hill, NC."  Imagine my surprise two weeks ago as I'm laying in the bed flipping through the guide, and lo and behold, there is the CW, now available for all DirecTv viewers.  I immediately set up our DVR to record all episodes of OTH, and added Season 7 to my Netflix que to catch up.  I started season seven last week, and now have only 8 more episodes to catch up on.  Can I just say, OTH has gotten so much better since Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray (Peyton and Lucas) left the show?!  The newest actors are gorge (Robert Buckley, Austin Nichols, Jana Kramer, Shantel VanSanten), the story lines are actually good and not cheesy (well, I wouldn't go that far- let's just say they've improved), and I can't get over the flawless hair and makeup on Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Galeotti.  Not to mention, all of their clothing!  Yep, the obsession is back and in full force.  Let the dramz begin!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dear Jessica

Dearest Jess,

I guess you've heard the news: Your ex-hubby and Vanessa Minnillo are gettin' hitched.  As soon as I read this late-breaking news on People, I immediately felt sad for you.  I hope that you're doing okay, and not too heartbroken.  Even though I think Vanessa M will totally make Nick happy, I will always miss the Newlywed days.  The days before The Dukes of Hazzard, rumors of hook-ups with Bam Margera, the dreadful "mom jeans,"  the embarrassing and super-cheesy "Public Affair" video, and your "sexual napalm" (you go girl) with John Mayer.  I will fondly remember your chicken/fish confusion, love for your "Louis" while camping, the fact that you don't eat "buffalo," the fabulous pink, floppy hat that you wore when you and Nick attended The Kentucky Derby,  the hilarious dolphin ride you took on the Bahamas trip, and your yummy Dessert line, among the many other hilarious memories Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica left behind.  In my heart (and through videos on YouTube), you and Nick will live on forever, my friend.


Friday, November 5, 2010

For Sale!

Our house that is.  Here is a link to the Craigslist posting I added yesterday.  If you know of anyone interested in moving to this area, send them my way!

Adam and I had date night last night.  We went to see The Social Network. Surprisingly, I liked it a lot.  Things I learned from this movie:

  • Mark Zuckerberg (the creator of Facebook) is socially inept (or is at least played that way), and he created the biggest social network on the planet.
  • Justin Timberlake is still hot.  Sean Parker is not.
  • Am I living in the woods??  Had no idea that Mark Z was ever involved in a big lawsuit with three other guys, who helped "create" Facebook?
  • The Winklevoss twins aren't nearly as hot as the one guy that portrayed them.
  • Is is just me, or did the original Facebook have a picture of a guy named Tom at the top?  Am I just dreaming that?
  • Go see it, or at least add it to your Netflix que.  It's really good.