Sunday, August 3, 2014

These are the days

It's been forever since I last blogged, but I felt that today was the perfect time to write down how I feel.

My Aaron Mo starts Pre-K tomorrow.  I am experiencing so many emotions about this major milestone, happiness and excitement being two of those.  The rest?  I'm scared, anxious, worried, sad, but most of all, a little heartbroken.  This day....I used to anticipate this day.  This day was a day I longed for when I was a younger mom; I only had one child and I *thought* I was exhausted (I totally laugh at this girl now, btw).  This day was what I would boast to my friends about "Oh, I won't be "one of those moms" weeping on the front steps of elementary school, I'll go home and celebrate with a mimosa!"  Yeah, right. 

I am doing my best to mentally prepare for tomorrow.  I already have clothes laid out, lunch planned out, and our new routine mapped out.  I have thoroughly gone over our new schedule with Aaron; he just says "okay, mom."  I have to admit I'm doing this more for my sake than his; tomorrow is going to be hard enough- I'm making plans today.  I know I sound crazy, but I'm not ready for this.  I mean, is he really ready for this?  I ask myself this question numerous times a day.  He'll leave me at 7:45 and be gone until 3:00??  How is he going to make it without me there?  Who's going to open his fruit snacks at lunch?  Is that little cheap mat from Walmart going to really provide adequate "rest time?"  Probably not. 

I worry about hurt feelings and rejection.  I know he's going to come across this, and I just want to shield him from all of it.  "He's a strong little guy" I tell myself, but he does come from me: an emotional basket-case.  To tell you the truth, I'm terrified of it all.  Tomorrow scares the shit out of me.

All I can do is pray and know that God has this under control.  I have to let him go, because he's not really mine.  He's a precious gift, and His plans for my son are perfect plans. 

So today I'm going to soak up every little minute with my Mo.  All of his quirks that drive me crazy on a regular day, I'm going to love today.  I'm going to hug and kiss him as much as he'll let me, and let him know that I'm his biggest fan.  Tomorrow, my big boy starts a new chapter.  I'm going to rejoice because he is beautiful, healthy, smart, funny, and his heart is so big and kind.

Tomorrow, when I drop that big boy off at his new big boy school, I'm going to come home and snuggle my baby girl.  It wasn't that long ago that her big brother was her size; before I know it she'll be walking into that big school with a huge bow on her head ready to tackle this crazy world.  I'm going to enjoy every moment because they all pass so quickly.

Tomorrow, I might have that mimosa, too. ;)


Thursday, July 10, 2014

I got that summertime, summertime sadness....

EVA MENDES PREGNANT WITH HER AND RYAN GOSLING'S FIRST CHILD! (Love how they added that "First" in as if it's going to happen a second time.  Hmmph!)

Well holy shit.  Excuse my language please, but damn.....really?!?!!!!  I cannot believe this.  For real???  I know they haven't "confirmed" it, but it's true.  She was totally pregs on the Ellen show back in February.  That lame "I'd rather have a personal pat down instead of going through the scanners at the airport" excuse seems pretty obvi now.  I mean, who would rather have a personal pat down by a complete stranger??  According to every gossip website on the planet she's 7 months prego.  The only thing that gives me comfort is knowing that I, too, was 7 months pregnant this time last year and HURGE.  My luck, she's probably the sexiest pregnant lady on earth, and he's all "Hey girl, let me rub your feet, give you back rub, and run you a bubble bath" and "You're so sexy carrying my baby."  Gah!!!  I can't take it!  It was supposed to be MEEEEEEEE!!!!  Or Rachel McAdams.  What is this world coming to???!!!???

I'm not going to bash Eva Mendes (although I really, really want to) but I'm impressed. Job well done, sister.  I'll admit, this child is going to be gorge: a part Canadian/Latina Gos baby.  Grrrr......that's all I can muster!  For now, let's just have a moment of silence and remember the good ole' days.....


Peace out, y'all.  I'm putting the dirty dancing scene of "Crazy.Stupid.Love" on repeat.  Can't stop won't stop.

Ryan G 4 EVA.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wish List

My 32nd birthday is exactly 13 days away and I'm in total countdown mode.  Normally, I'm not one of those that really anticipates my birthday too much.  Of course I love "my special day" and getting tons of love from family and friends, and I think we can all agree that the annoyance of Facebook is completely worth it on your birthday when your wall gets bombarded with birthday wishes, but other than those awesome things it's just that- a special day.  This year, I don't know if it's having two kids and looking forward to anything that might get me out of the house with a cocktail involved, I'm counting the days.  Along with that, I'm making a wish list.  I know, I know, am I five?  Whatevs.  When most of your days involve: changing diapers, nap-times, feedings, going on "bug hunts," discussing (at length) why "zombies are cooler than monsters," and wearing workout clothes (and not working out, might I add), you gotta have something.

 I really want a pair of diamonds (besides my wedding rings) to wear every day.  How spoiled does that sound??  Ever since I've had Harper, I've been all about simplifying.  Simplifying my wardrobe, accessories, my house....everything!  These princess-cut studs would be perfect for everyday- even when I'm wearing those oh-so-comfy workout pants.

Ashley and I have been discussing a day trip to Atlanta complete with great hair and good champagne.  I rarely blow-dry my hair anymore, and when I do it looks like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket- serious frizz.  I could totally dig a sleek but bouncy blowout, and trip to Lenox afterwards, all while enjoying a good Champizzle buzz. 

via DSW
I'm kinda in love with this gladiator wedge and I think they're the perfect heel height too; not too high or low.  I've been pinning summer outfits nonstop, and I keep on seeing sandals with the ankle strap and I'm obsessed- they're so dainty yet sexy.  To me this wedge is the perfect combo: the ankle strap that I heart so much, with the wedge that's more conducive for a mom that's hauling an 8 month old, a diaper bag, and chasing after a 4 year old.

Um...yes please!
A friend of mine sent this pin to me a few days ago, and per usual, OBSESSED.  Gotta have it!  Although I don't think my hubs will understand the significance of this pillow....oh well!

Do you have a summer birthday?  What's on your wish list?


Monday, May 19, 2014


Oh my gosh, it's been foreva-eva since I last blogged.  With good notebook computer crashed.  I turned that old girl on weeks ago and after trying to start for what seemed like an hour, it just completely gave out.  Bummer.  I have my iPad, but I loathe blogging on that thing, so LL's been out of commission for quite awhile now.  Sorry, friends.  My last post was over a month ago which is terrible.  Luckily, my sweet hubby got our new desktop set up for me and I can blog away to my heart's content now.  Whew!

The past month has been a whirlwind!  First things first: I got a job.  I'm so super pumped about it!  To back up, I posted awhile back about a teacher's aide position at Aaron's school that I accepted.  It wasn't much, just a Tuesday/Thursday, eight hours a week position that would get me out of the house, and Harper could come with.  After much thought I decided against it, since I didn't feel that Harper would be ready to start a class in August (Heck, she might not even be walking by then!).  A few weeks ago I received an email from a friend, who informed me of this position and encouraged me to apply.  Well, I got the job!  Whoop!  I am now the Volunteer Coordinator for a local hospice in town, and I just am so excited about it!  It's a part-time position, and it just sounds amazing and exactly what I've been looking for.  I haven't started the job yet, but will be very soon, and I honestly feel that it's a God send. 

I'm still selling Nerium for anyone that's interested, and I still believe it's the fountain of youth.  Hit me up if you want to stay young forever!  Also, here's my website if you want to go look around at this anti-aging miracle:

Of course, there's been major celebrity dramz that hasn't been discussed in weeks (omg!).  Let's do this!
  • Bey.Jay.Solange.Elevator.Beatdown.WHA?!?  Y'all know what happened, right?  Jay disrespected Bey and in turn disrespected Solange.  Then, BAM, elevator b.e.a.t.d.o.w.n.   He had it coming!
  • I did not see the Billboard Music Awards last night (went to see a 50 Shades parody which was hilar); however, I heard it was nothing short of crazy: i.e. Michael Jackson showed up in hologram form.  That's weird and creepy.  Sorry, not sorry.
  • And speaking of MJ, why are we still talking about his man?  Why are we still listening to his music?? (I'm looking at you, JT.)  First of all, the man passed away 5 years ago.  Second of all, I know he was the "King of Pop" and there will never be an entertainer quite like him, but let's not forget the fact that he had issues.  Major issues.  I won't go into that topic on here because this is supposed to be a fun blog, but Michael Jackson was no angel.  Let the man go and remember how he used to be....back in the eighties....when he actually seemed normal. 
  • Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are officially the most beautiful couple at Cannes.  Actually scratch that, the most beautiful couple ever.
  • True Tori.  Who's watching??  It's like a train crash....I can't stop!  For awhile there I was totally thinking the show was staged, and they were making everything up.  Now I'm thinking it's only like 50% staged.  I just feel so bad for their kids..
Here's some pics of what we've been up to since we chatted last:
Easter snoozin' with Nanny

Sweet cousins Aaron & Mary Leigh

Aunt Kim came for a visit!

The best of friends since we were in middle school!  Love you, KB!

Harper got her piggies painted.....eeeekkk!!!

I can now wear him.  I can officially die a happy woman.

Hope everyone's having a great Monday!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Is it wine thirty yet?

Ugh.  My 4 year old is going to be the death of me.

Aaron is out of school, again today, for complaints of neck and stomach pain.  Normally this would alarm me, but this has become our daily routine in the past month.  At some point every week he complains that his belly and his neck hurt, I take him to the Doc, and absolutely nothing is wrong.  I know you're wondering why I keep taking him to the doctor if nothing is wrong, but I know my luck, and the time that I don't take him to see his Ped he'll totally be sick and need to be on antibiotics and I'll feel like mom of the year.

I'm sorry- I love him but I'm so over him.  We were already planning on going to the Doc this afternoon for Harper's 6 month shots, and now we have to sit on the sick side because of yet another one of Aaron's mysterious illnesses.  Now he's in full-on melt-down mode because I've told him we're going back to the doctor's office because he's "sick" and now he's claiming to be not be sick.  Aghhhhh!!!  Somebody save me!!

I used to be so smug before I had kids.  When everyone warned me about the "terrible twos, thunderous threes, ferocious fours," I would think "That won't be my kid.  My kid will be fantastic."  I wish I could slap that 27 year-old in the face now.  Let me just say, I was considering a third kid when I was living in La La Land up until a few months ago; at this point if I could schedule a hysterectomy I would.  OVER IT.

It's already one of those days, which I hate.  It's beautiful outside, I slept good last night, Scandal comes on tonight, I'm going out to dinner with some of my girlfriends tonight, my husband's working in Atlanta.....trying to focus on the positive here.

I need advice from parents that have been here.  The parents that have dealt with the toddler who tantrums about everything, pitches a fit at the drop of a hat, won't eat, complains about everything- please help me!  Give me advice to make it through this season!  I'm at my wits end with this kid!

Rant over.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Rainy days=pj's till noon

What a dreary Monday.  I don't mind it so much when I'm in pajamas drinking a cup of coffee, but it's such a pain when you're trying to run errands.  Aaron's glasses have officially bit the bullet- as in the nose-guard is gone.  Bless it.  After I pick him up from school we'll be headed out to get our fourth pair of glasses since he started wearing them in April 2012.  I know that sounds like a lot, but from what I hear that's great for his age.  Bless him.  I'm really hoping starting glasses this young we'll improve his vision so he doesn't have to wear them forever.  I don't care if he's only seven- when he tells me he wants contacts I will make sure it happens.

Tomorrow is his 4 year check-up.  He'll get a few vaccinations, too.  I made the mistake of telling him that he's going to go to the Doc to get his "big four year old shots" last night- bad decision.  I guess the words "big four year old" doesn't sound that great when "shots" are at the end of that sentence.  I promised him ice cream afterwards.  Who cares if we have ice cream for lunch?

 I haven't posted in days, but we were legitimately busy last week!  Between kid stuff, house stuff, and everything in between I didn't have time to sit down and blog at all.  Most of all, we were just enjoying the gorgeous and warm weather. 

I hosted my Nerium launch party this past Friday.  It went great!  I'm so pumped for this product and I really believe in it.  Y'all: it's a miracle worker.  No kidding.  I keep on saying this, but I swear it's botox in a bottle.  Here are some pics of Nerium's incredible transformations:

Just a couple of images of what Nerium can do. Visit my website at: for more info!

 I decided to attempt a wine and cheese party.  I had never done one before, and wanted to do something different than my usual buffalo dip and meatball apps.  After scouring Pinterest for ideas and proper "cheese etiquette" this is what I came up with:

Not too bad, huh?
 All in all, a successful evening with friends, and I landed a preferred customer!  What, what!

Also, this happened:

A friend of mine (thank, Micki!) posted a pic of Ryan Gosling leggings on my Facebook timeline and I, of course, was obsessed.  (Y'all know I'm a total Ryan G freak.  Ride or die.)  Soooo, I hit up Etsy this weekend where said leggings are sold, and decided to buy the tank instead.  (Leggings were $70/pop!)  HOLLA!!

Now, onto the goods:
  • ACM's: Didn't watch all of it because I'm not a huge country fan but these are my thoughts:
a) I'm sorry (actually I'm not) but Florida/Georgia Line is terrible.  They're perfect for Mama's Country Showcase on Griffin's North Expressway.  They could pull in a huge crowd there, no doubt.
b) Luke Bryan's not cute.  And he's cheesy.  And he twerks.  'Nuff said.
c) I thought T Swift and Miranda Lambert looked amazing.

And.....that is all.  I could only handle 2 hours before I turned the channel. 

Enjoy this rainy Monday!