Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quick catch-up

I cannot seem to get warm today.  I'm wrapped up in a chair, drinking a cup of cappuccino, and dreaming of spring at this moment.  I'm ready for maxi dresses, flip flops, and fuchsia lips.  And yes, all of those listed start happening in spring around here- it's Georgia, y'all. 

Since my last update, I (sadly) finished Breaking Bad.  Ugh.....why did it have to end that way???  I won't post spoilers as I have some readers that are watching the show and are not finished with it yet, but damn- why'd it have to end that way???  I'm still recovering from this show.  It's similar to the end of a relationship- one in which you've been dumped.  It's over, they've moved on, yet here we are- still holding out for one last time- refusing to look at anything else- swearing to never do it to ourselves again.  Misery, I tell ya.  I might need to blast some K Clarkson "Since U Been Gone" in the ole' Toyota today- best.breakup.anthem.ever.

The month of January was pretty low-key for the most part.  We celebrated both my sister and my grandmother's birthdays, Harper hit the 4 month mark, and it snowed (which really wasn't low-key at all).  Adam and I have been scouring AutoTrader for cars; I'm hoping to get a new(er) car in the form of an SUV later this month- SO excited!!

We have so much going on over the next couple of months already!  Both Aaron and Harper are getting baptized Sunday, February 23rd.  I'm happy, excited, and nervous.  I just know, my luck, Harper will go into full-on meltdown mode, and Aaron will decide that he's not going to smile or cooperate for ANYTHING.  Oh well, at least they'll look cute. 
Next month are both Adam and Aaron's birthdays.  I've decided that I'm throwing Aaron's birthday at our house- I must be crazy after the convenience of Mickey D's last year.

Fixing to have to end this post to feed a baby, but had to post some randoms:
  • Is it just me, or is New Girl so not funny anymore?
  • Is Beyonce the next Miley?
  • I'm dieting.....and it sucks.