Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry (belated) Christmas!!

Hi friends!

Hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas!!   It went by too fast, didn't it??  We have had a big year with the birth of our baby girl, and our new home, so Adam and I decided not to exchange gifts and just give to the kids and it worked out great.  Santa must have really thought Aaron was a good boy because he racked up: a bike, basketball hoop, computer, new train set, a tent, a train set, etc.  Harper got baby doll(s), clothes, a few toys, and an exersaucer.   Her Christmas gift to mom was a big, beautiful laugh on Christmas Day-  We are so incredibly blessed with these beautiful children!

Between my parents and Adam's parents I racked up as well! Riding Boots, the Naked 3 palette, some adorable shearling-lined Moccasins that I'm obsessed with, a photo printer, clothes, etc.  AND, I'm typing on my brand-new bluetooth wireless keyboard- whoop! I'm spoiled. So spoiled.

Here's some pics of our last few weeks:

Aaron decorating his tree.  Sweet baby!

She's smiling all the time now & I love it!


JT with the girls

Jessica's birthday dinner

My cousin, Kate's, gorgeous wedding with the hubs

My  sister's gorge

"Twas the night before Christmas"

Santa's letter to Aaron

Now, a rundown:

  • Dean cheated on Tori.  Shocker?  Absolutely not. The fact that he told his mistress he was in a "sexless" marriage?  What a dbag.  Obviously you didn't have a "sexless" marriage, dude.   She birthed 4 of your children, and almost died carrying your fourth.  You're a freak.
  • Y'all know I was ALL about watching "I Am Britney Jean" on E! and I was pleasantly surprised at how normal she was.  Go Brit-Brit!  Now, who wants to go to Vegas?!?!
  • We still need to talk about Queen Bey's new album, but I have a baby that wants Mom so I gotta go.  Next time it's on!
Happy day after Christmas!!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Let the Groove Get In!

I cannot believe Christmas Eve is a week from today. This randomly hit me as I was vacuuming this morning; a week from today we'll be in full-blown Christmas craziness. Luckily, we are DONE with Christmas shopping, and all that's left to do is gift wrap. Have I mentioned that I just properly learned how to wrap a present....last the age of 30. Yep. I've always been a gift bag girl, and when I did attempt the art of gift wrapping let's just say that I could have easily passed it off as Aaron's work. I decided last year, "Time to grow up, Hayley. This year you will wrap.every.damn.present." And I did. And they were presentable. This year can only get better, y'all! This time next year, I'll have a gift wrapping room. Looks like somebody's found their inner Martha- whoop!

In other random news, I found a dress to wear to my cousin's wedding this weekend. It's adorable! After hitting up Dillard's, and realizing that I can only afford to shop their clearance racks on a good day ($110 and up for a cocktail dress- no thanks!) I popped on over to Lizard Thicket ( and found my LBD. Here's a pic:

I love it. The top is a halter-style (which is always flattering) and pinkish-gold-bronze sequins; the skirt is A-line and very flattering as well. Look, I need as much black and "flattering" as I can get right now! I'm wearing a pair of nude pumps and gold jewelry. Adam's wearing a skinny tie with his suit (so handsome!). We are just so excited to dress up, drink, and dance. It's been too long!

In other news, this picture has hit the web and I can barely contain myself:

Do you see that?!? ASkars and Prince a pic... TOGETHER. Agh!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even handle this. Who's more delicious?!? I can't decide! Both of them don't mind getting naked that's for sure. ;)

Who watched GMA this morning? Thoughts on the Katy Perry/John Mayer video, "Who You Love?" Here's mine:
- Her makeup is gorge in the video. Very fresh and natural. 
- I love this song.
- I think they might be the real deal. As I type this, he's probably gotten all relaysh-phobic again and dumped her via Twitter. 

In an effort to save the best for last, guess who's going to see JT tonight?!? This girl!!!! I'm trying not to think too much about it because I have to stay in mommy mode until 3:30 when I blow this joint. The last time I saw him in concert was 2007 (come to think of it, that probably was his last tour) and it was amazing.  There will be a blog post on the concert by Friday- hopefully by Thursday. I'm not even going to attempt a blog sesh tomorrow as I will probably be way too hungover from Phillips overpriced Chardonnay. Holla!

"She kill me with that coo-coochie-coochie-coo"- TKO y'all.

Yes, I did just write that- whoop!


P.S. We still have to talk about Queen Bey's new album- holy s---. Amazeballs!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Two blog posts in two days....what, what!

No, on the real....I need to vent. I'm exhausted. Shit literally hit....the floor yesterday afternoon. I picked Aaron up from school, and he kept on complaining that his neck was hurting. I just assumed he fell down during recess, blew it off, and headed home to fix lunch. Aaron was unusually quiet on the way home, and as soon as we walked in the door he headed to the couch to lay down. Me, still clueless, checked his tempature-nothing, but I went ahead and gave him a dose of Ibuprofen just to take the edge off. A little while later I notice that he had that glassy, "I'm totally going to puke" look. It occurred to me at that moment, "I probably should get a towel," and you better believe as soon as I grabbed it I was catching puke in my hands. My poor baby- he was crying and so confused. After I managed to get him (and everything else) cleaned up, I checked his temp again and it was 99.7- low-grade but higher than normal. I called the Ped just to double-check and they said just to bring him in to be on the safe side, and I'm glad I did because my little guy has strep. Bless his heart, he's on ten days of antibiotics. I'm just hoping and praying I don't get this junk. I'm popping Airborne like candy.

On top of all that dramz, baby girl decided she was not ready to go to sleep until 1 freakin' AM last night. Yeah, I wish I was lying. And, she was up by 6 this morning to eat. We have got to get this kid on a schedule. I am the walking dead. Y'all should see the black under my's scary.

Anyway, if you're reading thanks for listening. I'm fixing to give Harper her last bottle and head to bed myself. Wish me luck!

*I promise to blog about things other than puke and schedules next time.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tis the season for fun!

Ugh....sorry I'm so slack about updating my blog lately. Half of the reason is I just haven't had the time and the other half is the fact that I hate blogging from my iPad. Don't get me wrong, I love my iPad but I miss a keyboard. Where is the best place to get a keyboard for the iPad, btw?? This is a Christmas wish (hint, hint) for all you family members reading this blog!

Since I last blogged, my mini-me hit the 2 month mark! Here's her milestone pic, is she not the cutest?!?

I heart her. <3<3

Since I last blogged we've gotten two month shots (the worst), hosted 25 family members for Thanksgiving, and Catching Fire finally hit theaters (lerve)! 

With Christmas finally upon us we have already been in full swing with Christmas parties and get-togethers. My Macon girls came up to Gtown (we missed you, Brooke!) for our annual Christmas dinner/gift exchange last Friday night, and last night my Griffin girls and I got together for the same. I wore my Fab'rik leather leggings to both parties because:
1) I am in dire need of new clothes and have nothing "partyish" to wear
2) They work like Spanx in that they're so tight they hold in this post-preg/post-section belly. 

Maybe Santa should bring me a treadmill for Christmas?

Adam and I celebrated six years of marriage this past Sunday. Besides being married six years, we've been together 8 years this past October! That blows my mind. Almost a decade I've been with this man....crazy. Here's to 60 more anniversaries, babe!

Thanks Graceology for this amazing pic- it's my fave!

The rest of this blog entry is going to be bulleted since baby girl could wake from her nap at any moment:

* I am nursing a maj hangover today. Last night Natalie introduced me to Cran-Brr-Rita's and let's just say we hit it off. Yolo.

* The one good thing about today is that I woke up a with a case of bed-head that legitimately looked good. Have no idea how that happened, but I am thankful. The good man upstairs knew I needed one less thing on my plate today.

* Paul Walker's death. So tragic. I am so sad about it. Now I'm psychotically googling him. Did y'all know he had a girlfriend half his age? AND, that he was just in Macon eating at Chillis the Sunday before Thanksgiving?? So, so sad.

* Are y'all watching Scandal?? If not, you need to. It's ah-ma-zing.

* Aaron is out of school for 3 weeks starting this weekend. Lord help me.

* My precious cousin, Kate, is marrying her adorable fiancé, Ben, December 21st and I am so pumped for their wedding! Still need a dress to wear.....ideas?? I'm definitely thinking LBD. I'm putting the hubby in a skinny tie. This will be our first spend-the-night away evening from both kids. I could not be more excited!

Alright, gotta go. Promise to update sooner!