Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I am totally a blonde at heart

I am such an idiot.  I am on my third a matter of seven days.  I cannot blame pregnancy on this one- just plain stupidity. 

A little background: my original iPhone (the one that I bought at my last renewal in December 2011) has been without a cover since March.  I've been meaning to scour Amazon for an Otterbox (??sp??) and just haven't gotten around to it.  I think we all know that an iPhone without a cover is an accident waiting to happen.  So, last Thursday while getting Aaron out of his car seat, I lay my phone on the trunk and BAM- it hits the pavement.  Aaron runs over to pick it up and all I hear is "uh-oh, Mommy."  Screen shattered.  I mean shattered so bad the fiberglass is coming out in pieces.  Plus, I quickly realize that the sound has been lost when I can't hear Adam on my emergency freak-out call.  Luckily, my sweet mom had just gotten her iPhone 5 and was able to pass on her old iPhone 4 which (of course) was in mint condition because she actually takes care of her things (unlike me).  Last weekend I popped over to Verizon, got them to transfer my number and contacts to her old phone and was set.  Easy peasy.  Cut to this morning when I'm in the tub shaving my legs, my text message notification dings, I pick it up, and PLOP- phone's in the tub with me.  Seriously?!?  I jump out of the tub as fast as I can (I literally thought I was about to be electrocuted), and run my pregnant a$$ into the kitchen, stick my phone into a plastic bowl, and pour a whole box of rice over the phone.  Freaking out.  After observation I see the phone's still working, however; the sound is not (shocker).  After trying a few tricks (i.e. googling "my phone fell in water and I can't hear a damn thing!") like twisting a q-tip around in the headphone jack, etc. phone still was not working.  Grrrrr!  Aaron Mo and I ended up driving up to the Apple store where they informed me there was nothing they could do: I could either wait it out and see if the sound would come back, or they would trade in an exact model for $160.  I chose the latter.  I called Adam when I left and all he said was "order an Otterbox (??sp??) now!!"  Some days I feel so bad for Adam that he got me; today is one of those days.

In other news, we (as you know), are in major house-hunting mode.  We still haven't found anything we're in love with yet, and we are not going to settle for less.  Really, really hoping the right house with the right price will pop up sooner than later, but in the meantime I can't stress about it.  With all of that being said, we've decided to put a little money into our house to make it more updated.  We definitely can't afford to spend an arm and leg to remodel the whole house, but we feel there are some tweaks we can make without breaking the budget.  Our first project will be our kitchen floor (hopefully).  We've had this beige linoleum since we bought the house in 2006 and I've despised it since the moment we've moved in.  We're thinking we want to tile the floor provided it falls within our budget.  Our kitchen is relatively small, so while it won't be cheap, I don't think it'll be horribly expensive either.  Adam's going to measure the kitchen, write an estimate, and we'll go from there.  The other "tweaks" on my list include:

  • Re-tile bathroom floor in master bathroom (again-super small bathroom so I don't think it'll put us in the hole).
  • I'd like to put in a new bathroom vanity in the master bathroom, too.  I'm sure this probably would be the last thing we do.
  • Instead of installing new kitchen cabinets (would love to do this but that would most definitely be out of the budget) we're probably just going to put new hardware on.  Our cabinets are already white and I think going any darker would make our kitchen look smaller.
  • Another thing I would love to do but is not cost effective is new interior doors.  Hence, new door knobs!  Less expensive and I heard new doorknobs can do a lot for interior doors.  Have to check the pricing on that.
Do y'all recommend Lowe's or Home Depot?  Who has better prices?

Have a good day!