Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I might need to get a job....

To pay for all the adorable girly things I keep seeing everywhere!  I knew girls clothes were much more abundant than boys, but dang- it's really not fair.  Walking into Dillards last Thursday the whole section was dominated in pink, ruffles, and frou-frou.  There was one (maybe 2) racks of boys clothes.  And I know it's not just there.  I've got to keep it all in perspective.  If I don't, I'll go bankrupt.  Luckily, Harper has grandmother's that love shopping so we might not get into too much trouble.  It also helps that friends who have girls have been so kind as to offer their hand-me-downs.  If you read this, thank you, thank you, thank you!  I have already learned by having one child that they don't have to be in smocked bubbles/jumpers/and Kelly's Kids latest trends every day; Aaron wears Walmart and he always looks like one of the coolest dudes in the room. ;)  Harper will have some Mud Pie dresses and Matilda Jane jumpers, but I won't hesitate to snatch a dress off of a Sock Shoppe rack if I like it.

Speaking of clothing, I ordered more maternity clothing today.  I got so excited to see an email from Loft this morning saying that everything was 40% off, until I went to their site and saw that even if I used my 40% off promo code, I'd still be paying at least thirty bucks for a shirt.  Um, no thank you.  Old Navy it is!  I think my look this summer will be simple clothing in solid colors.  Nothing flashy or busy.  1- I'll be big as a house and don't need anything else to make me look bigger; and 2- It's going to be hot as h*ll.  I ended up going with 3 tops and pair of denim cut-offs.  Total (with their promo code) was $65.  Not too shabby.  Another prego friend of mine told me that Ross has a maternity section so I'll probably be checking that out, too.  At first I was kicking myself for getting rid of all my maternity clothes awhile back, but I guess it doesn't really matter now.  When I was pregnant with Aaron (and sweet Luke) I was pregnant during the cold months.  This bambino is going to have me sweating as soon as I walk out of the house.  Therefore- as little clothes as possible- ha!  All worth it in the sweet end. :)

I hope y'all had a good weekend!  Between looking at houses and going to baby showers, my weekend flew by.  I'm so excited because I think I might have found our house.  Adam hasn't seen it yet, so we're going back Friday.  It would be perfect for our growing family.  Perfect size and beautiful, huge backyard with a deck.  Harper could probably have her wedding reception back there.  Just praying and crossing my fingers that it'll work out.  If Adam likes it, then we'll probably put an offer in.  I'll keep you posted....

Have a good Tuesday!