Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What's Going On

It's Tuesday!  The past few days have completely bypassed me.  Things have been busy in the Mosely hacienda!  First things first.....catching up:
  • Ashley's baby shower for Baby Brooks was this past Saturday at Basil's, a great restaurant in Atlanta.  The restaurant was adorable, the food was delish, and the company was even better.  Brooks is sure to be a handsome little guy- he got tons of super-cute outfits.  It was such a nice shower, and I was so happy to be there! 
  • Last night me and my fellow Gemini friend, Lauren, celebrated our June birthdays (I'm the 10th, she's the 17th) with 8 of our closest girlfriends at Carrabas.   Again, the food was amazing and the company was wonderful.  We both got surprised (thanks, Jess!) with a huge piece of their "Chocolate Dream" dessert and I cannot stop thinking about it today.  So delicious!  I swear, I've had the biggest sweet tooth this pregnancy.  Anyway, truly a great night with great friends.  I'm truly blessed.  Here's a pic:

  • True Blood came back on Sunday.  Whoop!! I am so excited for this season!!  I'm most excited about the fact that we're already getting the sad/"I'm in love with you, Sookie" looks from Eric.  I.Heart.Him.  I think if I were her, I'd be all about re-living Season 4 (y'all know what I mean) all day long.  Holla!
I have been feeling so much movement from Harper over the past couple of days.  I love it!  She's always been active at certain points during the day, but it seems like I'm feeling her a lot more frequently now.  I think she's already practicing the choreography for Beyonce's "Diva" so we can officially hit it big and start touring together.  Once she's walking I'm totally going all Dance Mom, y'all.  (KIDDING!) ;)  For real though, she's really making her appearance known.  She's gave Adam 2 hard kicks last night (what's up, daddy-o?!) and he just started laughing.  I love her.  So much.  I can already tell we're going to have our hands full.  I went to the Doc today and everything went great; her heartbeat was good and strong, and my weight gain total is 17 pounds.  I'll be 25 weeks Thursday.  I honestly don't know how I haven't gained more than 17 pounds (thank you, Jesus) because I've been eating like an effin' cow.  I call it a miracle.

It's looking like we'll be moving this weekend (fingers crossed!).  We're getting our ducks in a row, and hopefully we'll be closing this Friday.  Yay!!  As soon as I know something more concrete, I'll be posting.  In the meantime, you might not be hearing much out of me over the next few days.  Still have a good bit of packing left to do and ends to tie up.  I'll try to post again this week, but if not don't be surprised.  I promise to get back at it as soon as I can devote more than 15 minutes to it.  

Enjoy your week!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, friends!  Whether you have a special dad, hubby, granddad, brother, etc. it's a special day.

I'm blessed to have many great dad's in my life.  My husband, for one, is not only an amazing husband but the best daddy.  And I'm not just saying that.  There are few men that completely take over daddy duty (aka: bath time, potty time, playground time, etc.) like my Adam.  He's been the best daddy since I had our son 3 years ago.  He willfully jumped into the diaper duty and 3 AM feeding duty like a champ.  No complaints.  I remember being pregnant with Aaron, and already being so in love with my little man, and asking Adam if he loved Aaron as much as I did.  He said, "I love him, but I don't think I'll really understand what it is to become a dad until he gets here."  I was disappointed in his answer, because I was immediately connected; immediately a mommy as soon as that pregnancy test was positive.  That cloudy, St. Patty's day that Aaron Mo came into our world (and totally rocked it, btw) I looked over at Adam and he just stood there bawling, holding Aaron, and crying tears of joy.  That's when I knew I hit the jackpot.  Aaron is so much like his dad: so smart- too smart, he walks like him, sometimes talks like him, looks like him (according to everybody else- I think he looks like me).  He's one of our biggest blessings.  Now God has blessed us with a little girl.  Our sweet Harper Elizabeth.  Although she won't be here for a few more months, I can only imagine what an amazing dad Adam will be to our little girl.  I can't wait to see that relationship unfold, and watch just how "wrapped" Adam will be around her pretty little finger.  So today and every day, I am thankful for my Adam, my love, my husband, and one of the greatest daddy's on Earth.

Last, but most definitely not least, I have to give a special shout-out to my Daddy.  I've blogged about how special my Dad is before: how when I was only 2 days old (my dad at the time was 24) we have a picture of me already smiling up at him- already my hero within hours, how he ingrained his love of "Led Zep" and Stevie Ray's "Leave My Little Girl Alone" in mine and Meg's head forever, how before he walked me down the aisle he looked at me and said "let's rock and roll."  The list of memories goes on.  It's because of him that I knew Adam was the one; I chose a man that was going to be trustworthy, loyal, and above all, loving, because that's what my dad showed both Megan and I every day.  He's the first man I've ever loved, and I am so thankful God chose him to be my dad.  Happy, Happy Father's Day, Daddy Rick!!

My dad w/ me and Meg circa '87-88.  Saturday Night Feva!

And again to all of you, Happy Father's Day!!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hump Day Musings

I might be speaking too soon, but I feel like I've hit some stride with my packing capabilities.  I woke up this morning, drank a big cup of coffee (decaff, of course), and literally, hit the ground running.  I haven't finished my list for today yet; however, I knocked the hardest things out first.  The rest should be a piece of cake.  Yay!  My new friend is bubble wrap.  I love it.  Being the major priss that I am, I hate packing with newspaper.  It gets all over my fingers and then transports to my plates, glasses, etc.  I can't stand it!  I know this is weird, but whatevs.  Bubble wrap has been a lifesaver.  I've already gone through the huge roll that I bought last week, so I'll be heading back to Lowe's tomorrow for more. 

This blog post is way too exciting, y'all.  We're discussing bubble wrap.......YES!!!!! ;)

Last night I rented Safe Haven off of the Redbox.   Surprisingly, it was really good!  It seems like when those Nicholas Sparks books get made into movies they're a hit or miss.  Of course, Josh Duhamel is gorge.  And the fact that he's play a widowed father of 2 kids?  Major turn-on.  I won't go into too many details for those that haven't seen it, but lemme' just say, the make out scene against a tree was almost too much for these pregnancy hormones to handle.  If I weren't such a buddha right now, I would've totally rolled myself off the couch to grab the remote for a rewind, but I'm just way too big for quick movements like that right now. 

I decided to bite the bullet and purchase JT's new album last weekend.  I'd already bought "That Girl" off iTunes a few weeks ago (fave summer song right now), and after listening to his station on Pandora it was confirmed: I must have the whole album.  Not to mention: I'm seeing his fine a$$ in concert in December- whoop!!!  Myself and six of my friends will be heading up to the A for this event.  Cannot.wait.  I will be 2 months post-pregnancy and will probably be packed into a full body spanx suit.  Do I care?  Hell no.  I'm dropping this shh.. like it's hot.  And then I'll probably need someone to help me back up.  Ha!  Anyway, I love this whole album.  My new favorite is "Spaceship Coupe" and although it sounds awful, it's kinda hot.  I just can't even handle him.

True Blood comes back on Sunday!  Agh!!!!!  I truly hope it's better than last season.  Last season was just so disappointing in my opinion.  I want Eric.  Lots and lots of Eric! 


Btw, have y'all heard the dirty, nasty rumor that ASkars really is dating Ellen Page?  Wha???  I seriously don't know what to think.  Part of me wants to cry, and part of me wants to high-five Juno (Go gurrrl!).  My pregnant brain can't even process this right now.

Alright y'all, enjoy your Hump Day!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm ready for the beach!

Goodness, I've been a total slacker with the blogging this past week!  Aaron and I spent most of last week at the pool; either laying by one or (in Aaron's case) swimming in one.  My little guy started swimming lessons last Monday, and I have to say I'm very proud of him!  I'm pretty positive we'll be paying for swimming lessons next year as well, but as long as he enjoys the water and isn't scared of it the money and time are well worth it.  Here's a pic of him and his swim buddy, Aubrey.  Aren't they the cutest??

Aaron and I headed up to G-town last weekend for a little R&R at my parents since Adam was out of town.  We continued our pool ritual through the weekend.  Y'all, I am serious about the tan this summer.  If I'm going to be fat (yeah, yeah, I know....pregnant) than I'm going to be tan.  Sadly, there won't be much time for laying out this week; trying to pack up this effin' house for our big move and have I said how much I hate packing?!?  My sweet mom came down this morning and just left around 30 minutes ago.  Thank God for mama's!  She literally walked in the door, got a note pad and made a daily list of what I'm to pack every day up until next week.   Then, she helped me pack my entire living room.  One room down.....six more to go!  We can do this!

Yesterday I turned 31- whoop!  Cannot believe I'm officially in my thirties.  That's cray.  I intended to pack all day yesterday and only packed one cabinet in my kitchen.  Total fail.  I don't know what it is, but in addition to being pregnant and tired all the time, I also feel like baby girl's taking my brain cells.  I can't think.  I can't plan.  I feel like a sumo wrestler.  Plus, the heartburn's started up (this was about the time in my pregnancy with Aaron that the heartburn really started to kick in) and as soon as I get up and start moving around, I'm ready to sit down again.  I'm not complaining, I'm just stating the truth.  We don't have a closing date as of yet, but I'm thinking we'll be moving next week.  There are so many things that we have left to do before we move: I need to find Aaron a toddler bed and chest of drawers for his new big boy room, pick up some furniture that we're buying from my sister and her husband, set up our utilities, set up movers, etc.  We're not moving again for a long time!

I have to say thank you to all my friends and family for the birthday wishes yesterday!  From FB posts, messages, texts, phone call- y'all rock!  Thank you!!!  All of you make my day!  To those that didn't.......let's just say that I have a fantastic memory and I don't forget much.  If that sounds cray, so be it.  I'm pregnant and really don't give a damn.  Life's too short to waste time on others who don't care.  Point noted....moving on.

 These are Adam's "I'm sorry I forgot your birthday" flowers.  For reals.  He's forgiven......for now. ;)

Enjoy your day!


Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Photo Dump

Since I'm on a maj food hangover from a late ChickfilA lunch, I'm just going to let my pics narrate my weekend:

I kicked off the weekend at the Vet's office with Sophie May Friday afternoon.  I knew baby girl hadn't been feeling well all week, although there were no outward signs; she was eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom like normal.  Call it mother's intuition I guess; she has a UTI.  Bless it!  Needless to say, she's back to normal now and letting everyone in the house know who's boss. 

This was my Saturday.  Amazing.  My sweet friend, Brooke, had myself and 2 of my other girlfriends over to her mom and dad's house for a girls afternoon/early birthday celebration.  Isn't it gorge??  This house is probably one of my most favorite places in the world.  Brooke's parents live on Lake Tobesofkee in a beautiful house that looks like it should be on MTV Cribs.  The best part: it comes equipped with a beautiful pool, hot tub, and overlooks the lake.  It was the perfect day.  We ate lots of yummy food, drank, or in mine and Brooke's case (she's preggers too) we partook in some O'Douls non-alcoholic beer.  Only 2 of them, but hey, they were delish!  I've been craving beer, and this definitely hit the spot.  Later that afternoon, Brooke's precious mom took us for a ride on their pontoon boat to cap off the end of our day.  I got there at 11:15 that morning and didn't get home until 6:30, and time flew by!  I cannot wait to do it again!

{L-R: Jayme, Lauren, Nikki, Brandi, Lauren, Laura, Tina, me, Jessica, & Stephanie}
This was taken yesterday afternoon at my friend, Laura's, baby shower.  She's expecting a baby girl in late July!  Watching her open all of the presh baby girl stuff made me so excited for my future baby showers! 

  • Aaron starts swimming lessons tonight.  He'll be going Monday-Thursday.  I'm half excited/half dreading it.  I'm excited in that he needs the lessons, of course, with basically all my family having pools; I'm dreading it in that Aaron can be super stubborn, and I can totally see us getting there and Aaron going into toddler meltdown no. 325.  Good thoughts, please!
  • The Killing came back on last night, and it did not disappoint.  Between that, True Blood, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians my DVR is going to be out of control on Sunday nights.  My newest swede obsession is Joel Kinnaman who plays Holder on Killing.  Feast your eyes upon the hotness:
He dates Olivia Munn in real life.  BiatchVia

  • Rant: Why is there now a show about Mistresses?  Every time I see a preview of it, I'm confused.  Is it now officially cool to be a mistress?  Did Olivia Pope make it okay (Scandal)?  I'm going to watch the first episode because I'm really, really hoping that these girls aren't mistresses on purpose. I just don't understand the glorification of hoochies.  I don't care if Alyssa Milano is the freakin' lead.  
  • My birthday is a week from today.  Whoop! 
That's all, y'all!  Enjoy the rest of your Monday!