Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sinus infection strikes again!

I have felt like crap today. I am constantly blowing my nose, my head is hurting, and I feel like there's a veil over my eyes. I just feel icky. My yearly sinus infection has come back with a vengeance. SO not fun. Anyhow, I am getting some major pampering out of the hubby and that really helps. Maybe I'll keep up this little act........ ;)

In better news, I got my Halloween costume today! Woop! I know I said in another blog post that Adam and I were going to be Brit-Brit and K-fed circa 2004-2006 when she was popping out as Perez refers to them, "Tater Tot" and "Small Fry," but I decided to go a different route. Let's just say that I put on my "Golden Ticket" tank top and wasn't feeling the trashtastic vibe. So, I have decided to be a she-devil. Here's my costume:
The costume included the dress and horns. I just need to add the pitchfork, and some bright red lipstick and I should be done!

We find out in exactly 6 days what is in this belly. I'm so excited!!! My mom is coming down for the big appointment, and afterwards we are heading to the nearest baby store to do some shopping. We are going to have to hit the ground running as soon as we find out, because the only thing I have done for the nursery is say what room in our house will be the nursery. If I can only make it until next Wednesday........

Time to go get ready for me and Adam's big Thursday night of television: The Office, Community, Grey's, and Private Practice await! Gosh, we're so exciting.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hellooooo Fall??

The "fall," or shall I say "winter" weather has officially kicked in.......I think, and I am loving it! I know most people prefer summer weather, but not me. This season is about: frizz-free hair, fun coats & scarves, boots (preferably my new suede, slouchy boots in gray), and hot chocolate. Loves! Anyhow, I'm sure it'll be 80 degrees by Thursday so I'm just going to enjoy it while I can.

As a side note, I am on a huge Incubus kick. I am listening to "Aqueous Transmission" right now, and crushing on Brandon Boyd. I had a dream last week that Adam and I got remarried, and Mr. Boyd himself was sitting behind a white piano serenading me as I walked down the aisle. Awesome dream. Totally in love with him right now........

The weekend went by WAY too fast. Adam and I went to our friends, Amanda and Bud's house Friday night to hang out. We ended up playing Monopoly until 12 AM, and had the best time! I forgot how much fun Monopoly was. Although I lost, I have decided that Adam and I need to purchase this game immediately. Saturday, my mom and I headed up to Atlanta to see my sister and cousin, Jill, who is about to have her first baby! I am so excited- cannot wait to meet this little baby girl and give her tons of kisses. It's so exciting to think that her cousin will be here soon. As of today I have 5 months left!!! We find out next Wednesday whether it's a boy or girl, and I'm about to jump out of my skin. I will SO be heading to the nearest baby store and doing some shopping after that appointment! ;)

My dad will be heading home for his two-week leave from Afghan on Saturday, November 28th. I can't wait to see him! He should be back in the states sometime that following week. Praying for a safe trip home.

I need to go. Sophie May is totally barking her head off in the living room (probably at a bird). She is so bad! So precious, but so bad!

Have a good night, friends!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Told ya so........

My sister cracks me up. This is the phone call I got from her today:

Meg (my sister): "Hey, I've just gotta tell you that I can't put the books down. It's an obsession. All I do all day long is think about these people, and dream about these people. I want that love story. I want to be freakin' immortal, and imprinted at the same time!"

Can you guess what she's talking about?? TWILIGHT!! Yep, she's obsessed. Like her sister. I told her this would happen months ago. She laughed, and acted like I was a psycho. Guess who's laughing now?? ;) Kidding aside, I'm glad she's officially joined the club. Meg, you now need to be prepared for:

(a) Screaming, Squealing, and possibly crying at any public appearances that are made by Robert Pattinson and/or Taylor Laughtner.

(b) Reading way too much into the "Robsten" romance.

(c) Finding every website on Google that has to do with Robert Pattinson and/or Taylor Laughtner.

and last, but not least......

(d) Playing back every You Tube video where Robert Pattinson either runs his hands through his dirty, sexy hair or licks those English lips. YUM!

Best of luck to you- it's only just begun!!!

I wonder if Twilight's abstinence message will suppress my herculean urge to screw Robert <span class=Pattinson">

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hot damn!

Image courtesy of New Moon Movie.

Nope. Didn't forget about him. Not yet, anyway.

39 days till New Moon- whoohoo!!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Happy Saturday, folks! I wish I could enjoy this moment more, but I maybe slept 3-4 hours last night and I am s-t-ruggling. Adam and I went to a 30th birthday party for a friend last night, and we had a great time. Got home at a decent time (around 11:45), watched the Pam & Jim wedding (again) because we're obsessed with The Office, and finally got into bed around 12:30. Since I am one of those people that has to fall asleep with the television on, I turned the channel to E! and hunkered down in my bed for some restful asleep. That was until my drunk husband kept tossing and turning in bed. You see, by now I know my husband well enough to see that if he's been drinking and he doesn't pass out when we go to bed, a puke is coming. So, I drift off to sleep for around 30 minutes, and wake up to Adam sitting on the edge of the bed talking about going to the bathroom. I said, "Baby, go to the bathroom." He's still sitting on our bed and says that he "can't find the doorknob." Rut-roh. That's when I knew that too much Corona Extra was consumed on a mostly empty stomach. Luckily, I turned on the light and he was able to make it to the bathroom in time. After that lovely episode, Adam went to sleep on the couch, and Sophie May and I stretched out in the bed finally hoping to get some rest. Nope. The terrible hearburn kicked in, and minutes ticked by. I turned on the TV (again!) and finally between 3 & 3:30 I fell asleep to the old eighties flick "St. Elmo's Fire." I tossed and turned until around 8 this morning, and finally decided to give up. I am definitely fixing to take a morning nap.

Adam and I are planning on getting the house "baby-ready" today. I'm talking moving furniture, rearranging furniture, moving electrical wires, and etc. And when I say that "we" are doing this, it's mostly just Adam and our friend, Bud who is our personal handy-man. Can't wait to see the outcome!

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Heartburn, Indigestion, & Nose Bleeds- just a few of the joys of pregnancy!

My body has officially whacked out for the week. It's only Tuesday, and I am already dealing with the symptoms listed on this blog title. I had to break down and buy some Mylanta today. The heartburn and indigestion are annoying and uncomfortable. I haven't figured out what foods trigger which (or both) symptoms, but I will be paying more attention from this point on. Another pregnancy symptom I've began to notice is the nasal stuffiness. I wake up every morning and blow my nose through the whole getting-ready process. So, as I'm putting on makeup yesterday morning I go to blow my nose (again!) and there is blood on the tissue. I look in the mirror, and it's a full-on nose bleed. OMG! I mean, I've had nose bleeds before, but never like this! I freak out, grab my "What to Expect When You're Expecting" off of the coffee table, and look up "nose bleeds" in the index praying that I'm not a freak. Lo and behold, it is common for pregnant women to have nose bleeds during pregnancy; something about nose swelling (great), because your body is swelling (even greater). I can so imagine being in public and totally freaking someone out with my erratic nose bleeds. Let's just pray this "grossness" shall pass soon.

BTW, I made this purchase today:

I've decided that Adam and I are going to be Brit-Brit and K-fed for Halloween this year. I'm talking this tank, cut-off's, flip-flop's, ratty ponytail, and a Starbucks Frappucino in hand. Adam is wearing a tank top also, baggy jeans- boxer shorts hanging out, and fedora. Love it! Trashy and livin' it up!

Talk to you soon, friends!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wicked Witch

Ummmm......just so you know, my blog title describes my mood perfectly. What an awful day! You know, I knew today was going to be terrible. I could feel it before my alarm went off this morning. Normally on a Friday, I bounce out of the bed at 7 am ready for the day, and so happy the weekend is finally showing it's lovely face again. Not today. I'm not going to go into great detail; partly because I'm too tired, and secondly, well, you all know what happened to Laughing Lolly back in March when according to some people, I went into too much detail.......long hiatus. Let's just say that I had one task after another to complete without a breather, we had some rather, ahem, rude/obnoxious phone calls, and most importantly, mama didn't get to take a lunch hour today. No lunch hour= unhappy girl. So, as soon as the clock stroke 5 pm I was out the door and trucking it to the Jeep. Got in the car, called my mom to complain about my day, pull up in my driveway, and lo and behold, there's a freakin' garage sale sign tacked onto one of our trees! Oh no, they didn't! Before I tell you what I said to my husband when I walked in the door, let me just say that being pregnant has not only made me extremely moody, but someone to "not mess with" most of the time. I'm totally serious. Anyway, I see that sign, whip that Jeep into the car port, and I'm thinking to myself, "Surely these neighbors of ours came over and asked Adam if it would be okay to put the sign in our yard." Am I right? I mean, I know if Adam and I were having a garage sale we wouldn't just go tack a sign onto their tree, and on their property, without asking them about it first. So, I talked to Adam and found out that no one had come over asking if they can put their garage sale sign on our tree, and on our property. God, I was pissed then. I marched back outside (in my new leopard-print flats by the way, I love them), and ripped that sign off of our tree so fast. I considered hunting down the address that was listed on the flyer and throwing it in their yard, but Adam said that was childish. Friends, I was heated. After stewing over that for a good fifteen minutes, I decided to let it go and helped myself to a fudge brownie and some good OC reruns.

This "I choose happiness" mood has not lasted tonight, I'm sad to say. Although I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, I thought about how good wings and fries would be for dinner, and daydreamed about it all day. So, Adam and I ordered dinner from Loco's tonight and naturally I ordered wings (dipped in both mild & teriyaki sauce- YUM), and fries. An hour later when they finally delivered our food, and the hubby had sent them on their way (with a tip, I might add) I opened my box to find wings, no blue cheese dip, AND no fries. WTF???? OMG!!!! Are you serious?? I just had, like the worst day ever, and you couldn't even get the damn blue cheese dip request right?? After pouting and complaining to Adam, I ate my wings in silence, and made a vow that we will never order from Loco's again! Adam just laughed and said that he "loved Loco's and will definitely order from them again." Jerk. Next time Waffle House gets his order wrong I'm going to laugh my face off.

Off to shower and try to beautify with a mask and scrub. Considering all of the calories I've consumed since I got home from work, that might be the best idea. I really need to come up with an exercise regimen......

Oh! I find out October 28th what I'm having!!! SO exciting!!! As much as I've complained today I still feel like the luckiest person in the world right now. Here's to a sweet baby boy, or a precious baby girl! And, last but not least, here's to breastfeeding like it's my job so I can shed the calories from tonight's (and many other night's) menu- minus the fries and blue cheese.....dammit!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!