Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I might need to get a job....

To pay for all the adorable girly things I keep seeing everywhere!  I knew girls clothes were much more abundant than boys, but dang- it's really not fair.  Walking into Dillards last Thursday the whole section was dominated in pink, ruffles, and frou-frou.  There was one (maybe 2) racks of boys clothes.  And I know it's not just there.  I've got to keep it all in perspective.  If I don't, I'll go bankrupt.  Luckily, Harper has grandmother's that love shopping so we might not get into too much trouble.  It also helps that friends who have girls have been so kind as to offer their hand-me-downs.  If you read this, thank you, thank you, thank you!  I have already learned by having one child that they don't have to be in smocked bubbles/jumpers/and Kelly's Kids latest trends every day; Aaron wears Walmart and he always looks like one of the coolest dudes in the room. ;)  Harper will have some Mud Pie dresses and Matilda Jane jumpers, but I won't hesitate to snatch a dress off of a Sock Shoppe rack if I like it.

Speaking of clothing, I ordered more maternity clothing today.  I got so excited to see an email from Loft this morning saying that everything was 40% off, until I went to their site and saw that even if I used my 40% off promo code, I'd still be paying at least thirty bucks for a shirt.  Um, no thank you.  Old Navy it is!  I think my look this summer will be simple clothing in solid colors.  Nothing flashy or busy.  1- I'll be big as a house and don't need anything else to make me look bigger; and 2- It's going to be hot as h*ll.  I ended up going with 3 tops and pair of denim cut-offs.  Total (with their promo code) was $65.  Not too shabby.  Another prego friend of mine told me that Ross has a maternity section so I'll probably be checking that out, too.  At first I was kicking myself for getting rid of all my maternity clothes awhile back, but I guess it doesn't really matter now.  When I was pregnant with Aaron (and sweet Luke) I was pregnant during the cold months.  This bambino is going to have me sweating as soon as I walk out of the house.  Therefore- as little clothes as possible- ha!  All worth it in the sweet end. :)

I hope y'all had a good weekend!  Between looking at houses and going to baby showers, my weekend flew by.  I'm so excited because I think I might have found our house.  Adam hasn't seen it yet, so we're going back Friday.  It would be perfect for our growing family.  Perfect size and beautiful, huge backyard with a deck.  Harper could probably have her wedding reception back there.  Just praying and crossing my fingers that it'll work out.  If Adam likes it, then we'll probably put an offer in.  I'll keep you posted....

Have a good Tuesday!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

We are so in love......

With our baby GIRL!!!!!

Harper Elizabeth Mosely

And the most wonderful part?  Her heart looks good and strong. :)  Of course, I'm a very early 17 weeks so they can't see the organs as well as they can at a 20 week gender ultrasound, but so far so good.  Everything looks normal.  Praise the Lord!!!  I go back May 20th to do a more in-depth 20-21 week ultrasound so I'll get more pics then.  So excited!!!

I named her Harper because I just love that name.  No sentimental reason.  Elizabeth is after my mom. 

We are absolutely in love and already worried about how much her wedding's going to cost us.  If she's anything like her mama, she's going to be a hot mess.

What a wonderful day!  Thank you, God!!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This DIY thing is hard....

Happy Tuesday!  Today has been a pretty good day.  With the exception of crazy dreams last night, I woke up and actually enjoyed a cup of coffee.  This made me really happy.  I haven't been able to drink coffee this whole pregnancy up until a week ago.  I forgot how much I missed it, until I poured some Hazelnut creamer into my coffee cup this morning.  Ahhh....it's the little things, y'all.

Whilst enjoying my cup o' joe this morning, I watched Kelly and Michael.  Disclaimer: I'm only able to savor a cup of coffee AND watch Kelly and Michael at the same time when my son is at preschool.  This only happens twice a week, so you better believe I enjoy every second.  Kate Hudson was on their show today and I adore her.  Like major girl crush adore her.  I love everything about her: her hair, style, attitude- like she's probably one of my most favorite people in the world.  Seriously.  If this a boy I'm totally naming him Bingham and calling him Bing.....okay, not really but she can just do no wrong in my book. 


In other news, the last I updated about the house we had gone to Lowe's, picked out our kitchen flooring and new cabinet knobs.  Our flooring had to be special ordered, so it won't even arrive until later this week.  Adam went ahead and took off the old cabinet handles this weekend and added the silver knobs.  They're great......however, they would look much better if the previous handles hadn't left horrible rust stains behind.  To get an idea of what I'm talking about here's a pic of our kitchen:

This picture was taken 4 years ago so of course, table and decor have changed, but you get where I'm coming from regarding the cabinet handles.  Anyway, those handles have been on those cabinet doors since this house was built 50 years ago.  After removing the knobs, Adam sanded the cabinets and then went over the stains with primer.  A couple of times.  This is what we're working with now:


 Adam says eventually the white will fade, but it's just not working for both of us.  Yeah, the knobs aren't super fancy but these cabinets need color.  Especially now that there's a two-toned white dominating the canvas.  We've decided that we'll pick out a color once we get the new flooring in.  That should be within the next two weeks.  Do y'all have any suggestions?  Here's another picture of our flooring:

I'm kinda digging the idea of bright, colorful cabinets.  Adam thinks we need to stick to beige/brown.  Thoughts?

Enjoy your day!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Somebody went cray cray in the A....

and it appears that person was Reese Witherspoon.  And you know what?  I kinda love it.  Was this news just released yesterday?  Because I had no idea of this occurrence until last night when a friend called and informed me of Ms. Reecey's indiscretion.  Lo and behold, this picture is everywhere on the net:

Okay, I feel bad for her.  She was drunk, her man was getting arrested, and as they always say "you can take the girl out of the south, but you can't take the south out of the girl."  I'm sure those Tennessee roots/ Sweet Home Alabama twang came out, and as embarrassing as this is to admit, I probably would have acted the same way when I "had one too many."  Ha! Here's her statement if you're interested in reading.  Honestly, I like her more for it.  I know that sounds weird, but it just makes her more relatable.  I know there are people out there that thinks she's terrible, and their opinions have been changed, and yada yada, but let's face it: we have no room to judge anybody.  She made a mistake, she owned up to it and apologized, now all she can do is move on.  And hello, girlfriend looks great as a brunette.  And let's look at the bright side: her and Chelsea Handler probably now have a lot more in common!

I have more updating about the house to report; however, I have to go fix my lovebug some lunch.  Turns out: we're probably going to have to paint the kitchen cabinets.  Grrrr!!!!  I'll update more this week.....

This is the big week!  We find out what we're having Thursday.  Eeekkk!!!  So excited!  And scared.  Just praying that this baby is healthy.  That's all we want.  I know it's in God's hands.  Just trying to let go and trust.  This will be okay. 

Talk soon!


Friday, April 19, 2013

It's all happening

TGIfreakin'F.  I hope y'all are enjoying this rainy afternoon as much as I am.  We have been super productive today, surprisingly.  My two boys and I headed up to Lowe's to pick out our new kitchen flooring.  Exciting stuff, and I'm being totally serious.  Adam and I were convinced we were going to do sheet vinyl based off of web research, but once hitting up Lowe's we realized that vinyl tile was less expensive.  Who'd a thunk?!?  We ended up going with this pattern (it's actually browner in person).  We both love it, and still cannot believe it was cheaper than sheet vinyl.  After hitting up the cabinet hardware aisle, we picked out these plain silver knobs for the cabinets.  Nothing fancy.  I'm so excited Adam's on board with this plan.  His pockets can be a little tight sometimes (and who can blame him- he married me!), but he seems just as excited about this kitchen redo as I am.  Next up: our hall bathroom.  I know in the previous post I kept on referring to it as our master bath.  This is not true as the master bath is located in the master bedroom, right?  (I am seriously so dumb since getting knocked up; I mean more dumb than pre-pregnant Hayley.)  Well to clarify what I said earlier, our hall bathroom is our next project. 

Geez....somebody give me a drink already.  (Kidding!  A little bit...)

BTW, I watched Snow White and the Huntsman last night as Grey's and Scandal were old eps.  I liked it, y'all.  I almost forgot what a lil' hooch KStew was while watching; the keyword being almost.  Anyway, I'd totally forgotten that Sam Claflin was in this movie and I just have to post a pic of me and my brush with fame when Mr. Claflin himself happened to be staying at Atl's downtown Marriott last October:  Poor guy:

Thank God for Bachelorette parties & liquid courage!
One last thing: my mom sent me a link to this hilarious blog post today and I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.  Please check it out as this mom is totally keeping it real and speaking real mom truth.  Love it!!

Enjoy your weekend!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I am totally a blonde at heart

I am such an idiot.  I am on my third iPhone........in a matter of seven days.  I cannot blame pregnancy on this one- just plain stupidity. 

A little background: my original iPhone (the one that I bought at my last renewal in December 2011) has been without a cover since March.  I've been meaning to scour Amazon for an Otterbox (??sp??) and just haven't gotten around to it.  I think we all know that an iPhone without a cover is an accident waiting to happen.  So, last Thursday while getting Aaron out of his car seat, I lay my phone on the trunk and BAM- it hits the pavement.  Aaron runs over to pick it up and all I hear is "uh-oh, Mommy."  Screen shattered.  I mean shattered so bad the fiberglass is coming out in pieces.  Plus, I quickly realize that the sound has been lost when I can't hear Adam on my emergency freak-out call.  Luckily, my sweet mom had just gotten her iPhone 5 and was able to pass on her old iPhone 4 which (of course) was in mint condition because she actually takes care of her things (unlike me).  Last weekend I popped over to Verizon, got them to transfer my number and contacts to her old phone and was set.  Easy peasy.  Cut to this morning when I'm in the tub shaving my legs, my text message notification dings, I pick it up, and PLOP- phone's in the tub with me.  Seriously?!?  I jump out of the tub as fast as I can (I literally thought I was about to be electrocuted), and run my pregnant a$$ into the kitchen, stick my phone into a plastic bowl, and pour a whole box of rice over the phone.  Freaking out.  After observation I see the phone's still working, however; the sound is not (shocker).  After trying a few tricks (i.e. googling "my phone fell in water and I can't hear a damn thing!") like twisting a q-tip around in the headphone jack, etc. phone still was not working.  Grrrrr!  Aaron Mo and I ended up driving up to the Apple store where they informed me there was nothing they could do: I could either wait it out and see if the sound would come back, or they would trade in an exact model for $160.  I chose the latter.  I called Adam when I left and all he said was "order an Otterbox (??sp??) now!!"  Some days I feel so bad for Adam that he got me; today is one of those days.

In other news, we (as you know), are in major house-hunting mode.  We still haven't found anything we're in love with yet, and we are not going to settle for less.  Really, really hoping the right house with the right price will pop up sooner than later, but in the meantime I can't stress about it.  With all of that being said, we've decided to put a little money into our house to make it more updated.  We definitely can't afford to spend an arm and leg to remodel the whole house, but we feel there are some tweaks we can make without breaking the budget.  Our first project will be our kitchen floor (hopefully).  We've had this beige linoleum since we bought the house in 2006 and I've despised it since the moment we've moved in.  We're thinking we want to tile the floor provided it falls within our budget.  Our kitchen is relatively small, so while it won't be cheap, I don't think it'll be horribly expensive either.  Adam's going to measure the kitchen, write an estimate, and we'll go from there.  The other "tweaks" on my list include:

  • Re-tile bathroom floor in master bathroom (again-super small bathroom so I don't think it'll put us in the hole).
  • I'd like to put in a new bathroom vanity in the master bathroom, too.  I'm sure this probably would be the last thing we do.
  • Instead of installing new kitchen cabinets (would love to do this but that would most definitely be out of the budget) we're probably just going to put new hardware on.  Our cabinets are already white and I think going any darker would make our kitchen look smaller.
  • Another thing I would love to do but is not cost effective is new interior doors.  Hence, new door knobs!  Less expensive and I heard new doorknobs can do a lot for interior doors.  Have to check the pricing on that.
Do y'all recommend Lowe's or Home Depot?  Who has better prices?

Have a good day!


Monday, April 15, 2013


Confession: I watched the MTV Movie Awards last night.  For those that know me this is not so shocking, as I'm a huge awards-show-celebrity-watcher; for those that don't- if you no longer want to read my blog I understand (kidding.....please read!).  Two hours of my life wasted.  I only watched to see the teaser trailer for Catching Fire, and of course, they didn't show the freakin' preview until 10:50.  I was passed out asleep on the couch at this point.  Luckily, I was able to rewind and watch what I missed......which was not much.  Where was Peeta??  He was barely featured in the trailer!  Mama does not like this one bit!  I wanted to see a glimpse of the Katniss/Peeta makeout sesh on the beach and live vicariously through Jennifer Lawrence!  Grrrr......

I realized that I might have a crush on Tom Hiddleston.  He played Loki on The Avengers.  Yep, I just said that.  I did go see The Avengers in the movie theater (with my hubs) and I do know every character's name.  This is what happens when you let your husband pick movies on date nights. 
Anyway, I adore him.....just a little bit.  Here's a pic of him at the Movie Awards last night:
My fave celebrity gossip site, Cele|bitchy thought he was douchy and cheese-tastic. but I thought he was delish. 

In other exciting news of that evening, Kim K finally wore an outfit that complemented her baby bump and her badonkadonk at the same time.  Winning!  She actually looked really pretty.

Selena Gomez sang her new song "Come & Get It" and it was horrible.  Either she can't sing, or.....she can't sing??  At least she looked beautiful.  Go here if you want to watch.

Look who was spotted at Coachella this weekend looking gorge........

Sorry for the lack of good posting today.  I'm sneezing like crazy and feel as if I could go to bed now and not wake up until tomorrow morning.  Damn pollen!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

Aaron's at preschool this morning.  Hallelujah!  As much as I love being home with my favorite person in the world, Mama needs a break.  I don't know about y'all but this week has just dragged by for us.  Sunday afternoon we headed up to Kennesaw to spend time with family.  We had a wonderful time!  I noticed that afternoon Aaron started coughing, but I didn't think anything of it.  Monday the cough continued and he woke up from his nap with a low grade fever.  Monday night he woke up at 2 AM coughing with a fever of 101.8.  Bless it.  I gave him some Tylenol, got him some juice, and put him in the bed with me (poor hubs got assigned the couch).  So of course, I take Aaron to his pediatrician Tuesday morning where I'm informed that it's viral and has to run its course.  Ugh!  So after a long week of coughs, congestion, and fever it looks like we're on the up and up today.  Aaron has been fever-free for the past 18 or so hours (yay) and was able to head back to school today.  I blame the pollen.  I know allergies don't necessarily cause fever, but it seems like when the yellow stuff gets to swirling around your body reacts as if it has the flu.  Needless to say, we haven't spent much time outside since Sunday.  Ready to get back at it this weekend!

I also had a doc appointment Tuesday morning.  I got to hear that glorious heartbeat (156)!  I still have no clue what is growing in this belly.  I'm thinking it's a boy for sure.  Actually, most everybody thinks it's a boy.  We'll see soon!  My next appointment is April 25th and it's the big heart ultrasound appointment.  I'm incredibly nervous.  I feel confident that this baby is healthy, but of course there's the worry that lingers.  Praying every day!  I'm pretty sure I'll find out what I'm having at that appointment.  Eeekk!  I'm so excited!  I think it's crazy how this ultrasound will fall on Luke's due date.  April 25th.  I think that's him smiling down at me.  It blows my mind that I have a child in Heaven that I've never met.  One day I will.  But for now, I know he's my angel.  He's Aaron's angel, Adam's, and he's this unborn child's angel.  How blessed we are.

On a totally different note, are y'all watching Nashville?  I love this show.  Anyway, Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere are the big stars and they always looks fab.  The shows website has videos on how to get Hayden's look on Nashville and I (of course) love it since I'm obsessed with makeup.  Plus, Hayden is gorge so who doesn't want to know what makeup she wears?!  Anyway, watching these videos makes me want to become a full-fledged Neutrogena girl.  I've never really worn the brand's makeup, but I think once I finish my Makeup Forever foundation/powder combo I'm hitting up Walgreens for some Neutrogena goodies.  This kind've stuff thoroughly excites me, y'all!  I'll keep you posted.....

Which brings me to the question, where's my Birchbox this month??

Before I leave you, here's a little eye candy in the form of ASkars:

I heart him. Via

Happy Thursday!!


Friday, April 5, 2013

We need to discuss...

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling.  They're still together, y'all.  Eva proved that on Ellen this week when she refused to discuss him or his abs.  Ugh!  Why?  And the thing is, I kinda like her.  She seemed to be a really nice person.  Plus, she's gorge.  He's gorge.  He'll probably marry her.  (Sad face.)  The only thing that might throw a wrench into those plans is our resident wild card, Rachel McAdams.  Girlfriend is single now, and we all know how much Ryan hearts Rachel.  Wonder if she's already calling him playing the sad, but brave independent woman card?  Heck, I know I would!  As you can see, I'm really into this whole dynamic.  Anything involving Ryan Gosling sends me into crazy girl territory.  I.Love.Him.

This random Ryan G posting is brought to you by prego brain.
Image via

This pregnancy has made me cray-cray.  All I want to do is listen to 90's R&B, daydream about Adam Levine (and Ryan Gosling), eat lots of dessert, and sleep.  Oh, and I've also been craving a Bloomin' Onion from Outback.  Thankfully, my wish was granted last night when I met three of my girlfriends for dinner at....you guessed it...Outback!  Since I'm officially 14 weeks today, I've got to start reigning in these crazy eating habits.  My next doc appointment is this coming Tuesday and while I'm so excited to hear my sweet sugarplum's heartbeat, I'm dreading stepping on that scale.  Why do I do this to myself??

Let's talk about Walking Dead (warning: spoilers ahead!)
  •  The Guvnah went psychotic and killed his own people.  Shocker.  Where did he go?  And more importantly, why did Martinez and that other random guy get back in the truck with him?  
  • The Guvnah killed Milton who in turn went all zombie and bit Andrea.  Andrea killed herself while Michonne watched....and cried.  Michonne is never supposed to cry.  And can I just say that I was sad watching Andrea go?  I know that's hypocritical as I've bashed her every chance I've gotten, but she did become a major character and all she wanted was to be back with Rick & Co.
  • Carl is psycho.  I'm sorry, I know there are some Carl fans out there, but I think he sucks.  Who does this lil dude think he is?!  He shot a random guy in the face for no reason, and then pitched a toddler fit when Rick brought the people of "Mulberry" back to the prison.  Honey, you're three feet tall and in desperate need of a haircut- shut up. 
  • I hate we didn't get to see Daryl at his finest (mmmhmmm) Sunday night.  He should've been the one to take the Guvnah down.  However, he did break out that ugly-a$$ poncho which always makes for great television.  Love.him.
I think Rick needs a lovah' for Season 4.  Everybody else is getting it on with somebody (except Daryl and if they put him with Carol I'm going to throw up in my mouth)!

Happy Friday, y'all!!