Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This DIY thing is hard....

Happy Tuesday!  Today has been a pretty good day.  With the exception of crazy dreams last night, I woke up and actually enjoyed a cup of coffee.  This made me really happy.  I haven't been able to drink coffee this whole pregnancy up until a week ago.  I forgot how much I missed it, until I poured some Hazelnut creamer into my coffee cup this morning.  Ahhh....it's the little things, y'all.

Whilst enjoying my cup o' joe this morning, I watched Kelly and Michael.  Disclaimer: I'm only able to savor a cup of coffee AND watch Kelly and Michael at the same time when my son is at preschool.  This only happens twice a week, so you better believe I enjoy every second.  Kate Hudson was on their show today and I adore her.  Like major girl crush adore her.  I love everything about her: her hair, style, attitude- like she's probably one of my most favorite people in the world.  Seriously.  If this a boy I'm totally naming him Bingham and calling him Bing.....okay, not really but she can just do no wrong in my book. 


In other news, the last I updated about the house we had gone to Lowe's, picked out our kitchen flooring and new cabinet knobs.  Our flooring had to be special ordered, so it won't even arrive until later this week.  Adam went ahead and took off the old cabinet handles this weekend and added the silver knobs.  They're great......however, they would look much better if the previous handles hadn't left horrible rust stains behind.  To get an idea of what I'm talking about here's a pic of our kitchen:

This picture was taken 4 years ago so of course, table and decor have changed, but you get where I'm coming from regarding the cabinet handles.  Anyway, those handles have been on those cabinet doors since this house was built 50 years ago.  After removing the knobs, Adam sanded the cabinets and then went over the stains with primer.  A couple of times.  This is what we're working with now:


 Adam says eventually the white will fade, but it's just not working for both of us.  Yeah, the knobs aren't super fancy but these cabinets need color.  Especially now that there's a two-toned white dominating the canvas.  We've decided that we'll pick out a color once we get the new flooring in.  That should be within the next two weeks.  Do y'all have any suggestions?  Here's another picture of our flooring:

I'm kinda digging the idea of bright, colorful cabinets.  Adam thinks we need to stick to beige/brown.  Thoughts?

Enjoy your day!