Sunday, July 31, 2011

"I whip my hair back & forth!"

Happy Sunday, y'all!  Has everyone had a good weekend?  Our weekend has been fairly low-key and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  My sweet hubby got home from work Thursday night, and we have literally been home-bodies ever since he walked in the door.  It seems that every weekend he's home, there's something going on every night: parties, get-together's, showers, etc.  I took my own advice, and said "No" to any invites that were extended our way, and with the exception of grilling out with his family last night, I have stayed true to my word.  Here's to hoping this new mantra will stick!

So, I have a question for the ladies (and you guys, too if you're interested); do you wash your hair in the morning, during the day, or at night?  The reason why I'm asking is because I am currently trying to switch up my hair-washing, drying, styling routine.  The reason(s) why I've decided to rock the hair boat so late in the game is because (1) Aaron has officially dropped his morning nap.  This has been an adjustment, I will not lie.  You see, I don't like change, and while we are now getting used to the fact that he's up from 7:30a to 12:30p, it has not been easy; and (2) Since I am officially going back to school, I don't know if the morning hair process can go on much further..considering the fact that I can barely drag my ass out of bed at 7a (I know, lazy, lazy girl) without having a cup of coffee as big as my head in my hands ASAP.  If y'all know me, you know I have a head full of hair.  I'm not bragging I promise; this hair will literally be the death of me one day.  Ohhh, the things I've done to this head....well, it's a shame.  For example:

Me & Adam @ my cousin's rehearsal dinner- July 2007.  Can you say hein??  This is what I called "Marilyn on top/Norma Jean on bottom."  As you can see, my hairstylist hated me.  Guess the 20% tip wasn't enough?  Needless to say, she was fired soon after.  Why do I look so happy, you ask?  Probably because I had drowned my sorrows in multiple glasses of Pinot Grigio. 

SSI/Laura's Bachelorette party 2006.  This is what I like to call "Bangs: Part 1."  You see, "the bangs" and I have had a very tumultuous relationship.  Sometimes my "cow-lick" would do right in order for my bangs to look decent, most of the time it wouldn't, as you can see in Exhibit B:

Last summer at my sister-in-law's wedding.  Uhhh, I can't even comment on this awfulness.  Obviously, "the bangs" really hated me then. 

OMG- this one's the worst: a short bob/bang combo- ahhhhhhh!!  The horror!!  Can you see, I look just like my puppy girl, Sophie May??  That should've been the first sign..... This photo was taken in May 2010 the day I had it done.  That was the last day it ever looked like good, I assure you.  I'm chalking this mistake up to postpartum hormones gone bad.  NEVER again!!

Okay so I have to admit something, y'all.  I got bangs....again.  Rut-roh!  I know, I know, it's horrible.  They sucker me in only to throw me out to the wolves!  I got bangs in June; yes, I'm in the process of growing them back out, but I've managed to not let them control me...for the most part anyway.  Hence:

Destin, July 2011.  "I am in control of the bangs." Repeat, "I am in control of the bangs."

So to get back to my original question, do you style your hair in the morning, during the day, or at night?  I decided that in order to better accommodate my new schedule, I would wash/dry my hair every other night and style in the morning.  So far, it's been working okay...I guess.  Do y'all know any tricks on having that fresh-washed look everyday without the inconvenience of washing your hair every day?  What about styling tips?  I need help, folks!  This mane is finally growing out, and it hasn't been easy.  I need some tips in order for it to keep growing, so it doesn't end up looking like this again:

Look, even my precious baby is horrified.  This was taken last Fall, FYI. Terrible.

That's all.  Have a good day of rest!  Loves!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The art of saying N-O

I am a people pleaser.  Always have been.  I have tried to rectify this many times.  I've tried to be "the bitch" (that was laughable).  I've tried to be the girl that was carefree and couldn't be pinned down (that was a crock, too).  I am officially facing the fact that I like to make other people happy, and (horribly) I am also one of those girls that cares what people think.  I know I could be a lot worse, but seriously?  When did I start letting other people determine my happiness??  I am a smart, educated woman.  Why do I constantly feel the need to prove my worth, my friendship, my sanity just to make someone else happy?  Why am I always the "yes" girl?

What is the "yes" girl you ask?  It's the girl that says yes to everything.  "Will you buy this?  Yes, of course."  "Will you pay money (that you don't have) for this?  Yes, most definitely."  "Will you make yourself uncomfortable just to make me happy?  Oh my goodness, YES!!"  I'm so tired of being that girl.  From this moment on, that girl is gone.  Buh-bye.  I will no longer: spend money that I don't have on things that will make others happy and leave me (plainly put) broke; bend over backwards to please you if you won't do the same for me; commit myself to numerous obligations only to make myself exhausted and wondering where "my time" went; try like hell to keep friendships alive and well- doing all of the grunt work (i.e. driving, inviting, planning) only to get no reciprocation from these so-called friendships.  I am officially DONE.

And it's already starting to feel good...

The truth about stay-at-home moms

Lately, I've found myself feeling more stressed out, overloaded, and just downright exhausted.  It's actually been this way for quite awhile.  Granted, I've been home with Aaron ever since he was born, and let's face the facts: being a stay-at-home mama is hard!  People warned me about this before I had Aaron.  I always nodded like I agreed, secretly thinking "what's so hard about staying home, raising your baby, and keeping up with the house?"  Apparently, a lot.  Staying home with your child is not: sleeping in, leisurely breakfasts, lunch dates, and shopping.  It's waking up early, trying to jump in the shower and grab a cup of coffee before the little man wakes.  It's trying to curl your lashes and powder your face while your child clutches your legs saying, "mamaaaaa, mammmmmaaa."  It's no longer being able to go to the bathroom alone because your little monkey has learned how to open a door.  It's play dates, Yo Gabba Gabba, dirty diapers, ear infections, teething, trips to the dreaded Walmart just to get out of the house, and everything else that goes with raising a little human all wrapped up into one.  Are some days extremely overwhelming and exhausting?  Yep.  Would I change it for the world?  Nope.  Because out of all the messes and pains I deal with on a daily basis, it doesn't  compare to the look on Aaron's face when I open that door to his bedroom, he grins at me, and says "duice?" (Translation: Juice.) 

Thank you God for this child. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Doc Visit's Tuesday night and I just put my little punkin in the bed.  I have officially made myself comfortable with a huge glass of Fat Bastard's Shiraz and two reduced fat Oreo cookies....livin' the high life lemme tell ya!  As soon as I finish blogging I plan to catch up the Real Housewives of NYC Reunion.  Honestly, that's probably why I'm already drinking; I can already feel myself getting stressed out about watching these women scratch each others eyes out.  Why do I find this entertaining?  I have no clue.

As I mentioned in my previous post, we celebrated my parent's thirtieth anniversary this weekend.  What I didn't include is the fact that I was sick as a dog on the day of the party....figures.  Last Thursday night, I noticed my throat was getting sore and I was feeling achy and gross.  I knew then that this was not a good sign, but since I didn't have time to be sick, I ignored the symptoms and pushed on.  Friday morning, I woke up feeling worse, even more of a sore throat, and still achy, so I popped an Advil Cold & Sinus and pushed through yet again.  I packed the monkey up in the stroller, went for a walk, daring this lil' illness to keep on messing with me.  Bad idea.  So Saturday arrives, I wake up, at this point feeling like I've been hit by a truck, head to the restaurant with my sister to decorate, and decide at that moment as I'm standing on a chair in wedges hanging a banner, that if I don't get down soon I might puke.  At this point, I decide it's time for a visit to the Doc in a Box.  Luckily, one of my dad's oldest friends is a PA at a nearby clinic so I head on over.  After filling out the paperwork, hopping on the scale (damn WW....haven't lost one pound since the week before), I'm put in a room to wait.  After a few minutes there's a knock, and a young guy walks in.  Young, hot guy that I've never seen before with a stethoscope around his neck in scrubs and a tight shirt.  Shit.  I thought I was seeing our family friend, not a hot guy with muscles and a tight shirt.  He introduces himself, and I manage to stammer out a hello, while turning a shade or red that closely resembles that of the medical waste container.  He precedes to check my stats, listen to my breathing (dying), and ask me when my last "menstrual cycle" was (DYING!!).  He is calm as a cucumber- I'm at this point avoiding eye contact and trying to refrain from laughing.  As a side note, why do I revert to 13 year old behavior around an attractive male?  I mean, at one point in my life I did have some "game."  I managed to land a hottie of a husband.  It's like as soon as I got the ring on my finger, all coolness that lived inside me was gone.  Poof!  Finally, hottie is finished and out the door.  Whoo!  It's over.  My Doc walks in, looks at my throat, ears, nose, etc. and declares that I have an Upper Respiratory Infection.  He recommends a shot and some antibiotics, which I wholeheartedly agree to.  Big mistake.  Hottie walks back in, two shots in hand.  He smiles at me (dying) and says "drop your pants."  Wth??  You've got to be kidding me.  This has got to be a dream.  First of all, I haven't received a shot in my rear since I was in elementary school; second of all, why on why does the "shot-giver" have to be the hottie with the tight shirt; and finally third of all, why did I have to wear the "comfortable" underwear that I just bought in a variety pack at Walmart last week??  Oh God, just take me now!!!  After two shots and one tiny band aid on each cheek, hottie left me with a wink, and utter humiliation.  Moral of this story: the first day you start feeling bad, go ahead and make the dreaded trip to the Doc.  If you don't, your Hanes Cotton Hipster panties just might be revealed to a hottie in scrubs and a tight t-shirt.  Just sayin'!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

30 years is a long time!

Last night, my parents celebrated their 30 year Wedding Anniversary.  Isn't that awesome?  30 years.  Sometimes I wonder if Adam and I will ever make it to 4 (kidding, kidding).  But seriously, 30 years is an amazing accomplishment.  When they got married in 1981 my mom was 20; my dad, 23.  Can you imagine getting married so young and actually staying married?  I know, I know, marriage shouldn't be looked upon as something that you can get in and out of so easily.  But let's face it, many people do get married and get divorced two years into their marriage.  Now, I'm not saying there aren't good reasons for divorce and that people who get married should stay married forever; however, I am saying being married for three decades is a long time and something that one should be proud of.

My sister, Megan, and I managed to surprise them last night with a dinner party of friends and family.  We contacted everyone about two weeks ago (such late notice), and luckily, with the exception of a few couples, everyone that we invited were able to attend.  It was truly a wonderful night!  Surprisingly, Meg and I were able to pull of the surprise (We just knew my Mom would find out- she can be a little nosy sometimes.  Love you, Mom!) and it was a hit!  Here are a few pics to document the night:

Baby love

My cute parents and of course, Aaron

The Mamakat & me

Just some of our lovely guests.  As a side note, I suck at taking pictures.  This coming from the girl that told my husband I would like a Canon Rebel for my birthday.  Wth??

Ahh, he's gorge!

All in all, perfect evening! Of course, the hubs was missing but he was definitely there in spirit.

I hope all of your weekend's have been just as sweet!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today my sweet mother turns 50.  That's her above.  Isn't she gorge??  I am so blessed that God gave me this woman 29 years ago.  You see, my mother and I are super close.  Honestly, we always have been.  She is such an inspiration and joy to my life.  Everything I know (well, most everything) I've learned from her and I'm so proud of it. 

The most important moments of my life have always involved her.  I'll never forget coming home from work in late 2007; two weeks before I married Adam.  I pulled in the driveway to see my mom's car; she had taken the day off from work to come down and unpack all my shower gifts and find the perfect spot for them in our little house.  Wedding planning, as most of you know, had been stressful, and my mom and I definitely had had our share of arguments over flowers, reception food, and everything else under the sun.  I walked in the door and she was in the kitchen making turkey sandwiches and heating up soup for our lunch.  I, of course, was thrilled that she was there, and for that lunch hour we spoke of nothing wedding.  It was wonderful.  For just an hour, it felt like I was in high school again: just me and my mom having lunch, shooting the breeze, and enjoying each others company.  As I left to go back to work, I felt tears well up; I didn't want my mom to see so I rushed out the door.  As soon as I got back to work, I sat down at my desk and lost it.  Right there.  In front of everybody.  I don't know if it was the soup and sandwiches, the Christmas music that was playing, or the fact that all of my shower gifts were no longer littering my living room floor, but one thing I did know was that the love between a daughter and mother only grows with age; even as you're about to embark on a new journey with someone else.  

After I had Aaron, and was overwhelmed with hormones and mommy-hood, my mom came down and brought over dinner for me and Adam.  I was trying so hard to be brave; acting like this mommy thing was no sweat off my back...until my mom told me she was going back home.  As I hugged her goodbye the tears welled up, and I lost it again.  This time in front of her.  I begged her not to leave me alone with this child; that I loved him, but I didn't know what to do with him, and I was scared.  My mother pulled back and said, "Honey, I know this is hard, but you'll get used to it.  This doesn't feel normal right now, but it will one day soon.  I know you can handle it.  That's why God chose you to be Aaron's mom."  Well Mom, I now know why God chose you to be mine. 

From teaching me how to make the perfect roasted potatoes (which I'm still trying to perfect), to showing me how to properly write a research paper, you have taught me a lot, Mom.  You are the best mother, grandmother, sister, friend, teacher, etc. that I know, and I love you so incredibly much.  Happy Birthday!! Here's to the next 50!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another trip down Brit-Brit lane

Sunday night was big.  Huge.  Wanna know why???!!  Brit-Brit came back to the A, and yours truly went for a visit.  Yep yep.  I've been blessed with fabulous friends, and my sweet Amy"nae" surprised me with tickets on my birthday.  How lucky am I??  It.was.phenomenal.  Here are some photos to document the big shebang:

Dinner & Cocktails at McCormick & Schmicks w/ Amy

This is how close our seats were to the stage.  Section 4; Row 4.  We're ballin' y'all!

So happy

Had to get my pic made in front of the stage..

Nikki Minaj opened up.  Love her & that Super Bass.

Then Brit-Brit appeared....

and it was wonderful!

Till next time, lover!

Well, hello there!

I'm attempting to rev up the ole' blog again.  Yes, I know I've said this before but I really mean it this time...I think.  I miss my blog, and frankly, my vocabulary is better when I'm writing daily.  Since my last post was in April (rut-roh), instead of writing what I've been up to over the past few months, I decided to make a photo collage of a few of the happenings over the last few months.  Voila!!

To sum it all up, I've: watched Aaron enjoy his first real Easter and discover his love for Peeps just like his mama; attended (and survived) my best friend's Bachelorette party and watched her walk down the aisle; went under the knife for some outpatient surgery that I'm still recovering from; turned 29; visited with family out of state, and finally visited the Gulf after three long years.  Among many other things, it's been a busy but wonderful summer so far.  I'm sad to see the end of summer drawing near, but excited to see what the fall has in store for me and my family....most definitely not excited about the A&P courses I will be taking over the next school year- nursing degree, here I come!

Artsy Fartsy