Monday, March 15, 2010

Just wondering.......

Did any one watch that new show "Pretty Wild" on E! last night? Not quite sure how I feel about it. Who are these girls?? Is it just me, or is the mom riding the crazy train just a bit?? I dunno.

As a side note, I watched Kendra last night and am now officially scared of the post-baby bod. She has thousands of dollars and a trainer; I have no gym membership, and a Chick-fil-a down the road that makes me very happy. Mental note: Breast-feed like it's my job.

Due date is this Friday, folks! Let's pray he's a lil' leprechaun and decides he's ready for his entrance on St. Paddy's day!

Almost forgot.......I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my hubby today!!! He is officially the BIG 3-0!! Here's to my hot and wonderful man- love you baby!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cankles & Elephant Feet- OH MY!

Ya'll, this baby boy has got to hurry up and make his grand entrance. Not only am I "hurge" (yes, the "r" in huge totally brings out exactly how I look), but where my ankles and feet meet look like telephone posts. I would take a picture and post, but it's somewhat scary. You see, my favorite asset has always been my feet; I've always enjoyed wearing heels, sandals, wedges, flip flops, etc. to show off (in my opinion) my best feature. Some girls have great boobs, some people have great asses; I have good feet........most of the time, anyway. With all of this being said, I spent the day yesterday with my feet propped up on a pillow and started and finished "Something Blue" by Emily Giffen. Side note: I always finish her books in 1 day; what should I read next? Anyhow, the feet have shrunk back down and I am happy (if not "hurge) for now.

This week has been a blissful mix of soap operas, napping, errand-running, obtaining a PINES library card to peruse the Macon Public Library (Yes, I know it's terrible that I did not have a library card; I'm getting with the program, folks.), figuring out what summer clothing options will look best on this post-baby bod (obviously, no midriff-baring tops), and what kind of work out I want to take up after having the little man. Maybe I'll try the Bar Method that Kelly Osbourne is using? It's a mixture of Pilate's and Ballet, I believe. Or, Tracy Anderson (the tiny cutie-patootie that works with Gwynnie and Madonna) has a Post Pregnancy Workout that I just might purchase. I have decided (like I decide every summer) that this will be the year of the bikini- the pressure is really on this time so we'll see if I can make it happen. If not, I know I can count on Victoria Secret to provide me with some cute (and still sexy) one-pieces. We shall see......

I'm off to watch the hubby finish some last-minute stuff in Aaron's nursery- won't be long now! I'll keep you posted- crossing my fingers he decides he's ready for the world in just a few days!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Maternity bout a little vacay??

I officially started my maternity leave today- woop woop! I have been warned by several people that maternity leave is not to be enjoyed; maternity leave should be observed as a leave of absence from work to take care of a screaming baby and never feel happy or like myself again. You know what I say to these people? Whatev. This maternity leave has been a long time coming, and I'm going to enjoy every second of it! Yes, things in my life are about to change drastically, but you know what?? Bring it on! Mama is ready!!

Since I feel like I really only have around a week max before little man shows his face, I have a to-do list of at least 30 things to get done by Friday. Today on the to-do list included: Going to the doc, grocery shopping, and finishing thank-you notes. Check, check, check. Went to the baby doc and heard some great news: I am 1 cm dilated, and (sorry, this sounds a little gross) my cervix is starting to thin out. Woohoo! After hearing this good news, and letting out a big "yea!" my doc warned me that baby boy could still hang out for a little while longer in the belly. He said that if he could predict when Aaron was going to come it would be about 3-4 days before my due date (due date is Friday, March 19th). I'm hoping I'll get to kiss my baby boy's face by next Wednesday. Guess we'll see..........

Here's a few pics of the nursery:
the pictures are all jumbled together, but you get the feel

Anyhow, after the doc and grocery shopping, I tackled the job of finishing thank-you notes and I can now say I am DONE! This definitely calls for a "mock"tail tonight, my friends!

Now, what kind of professor of celebrity love would I be if I didn't bring up the Oscar's?? Here's my take, and I'm keeping it short and sweet:

  • Sandra Bullock deserved the win; I bawled my eyes out during her acceptance speech. And um, how gorgeous did she look? Marchesa makes the most gorgeous gowns.
  • Why did George Clooney's g-friend have the mean girl look stamped on her face all night? Honey, enjoy your time with him because you know he's going to break up with you in about 2 weeks!
  • Funniest moment of the night: Steve Martin calling Dame Helen Mirren "Damn" Helen Mirren. Totally gave me the LOL's!
  • Cameron Diaz looked better than I have seen her look in a long time. Loved it! Just had to throw that one in there......
  • So did J-Lo!! Can I please look like that when I have a 2 year old??
  • Is it bad that I thought Miley Cyrus looked great, too??
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal looks like a stick in the mud. Sorry-had to say it!
  • I have a confession: I wanted Penelope to win Best Supporting Actress......not that Monique didn't deserve it, though!
  • I didn't care for Charlize's dress, but hello??!! That girl could wear a paper sack and still look gorgeous!
  • Ryan Reynolds= Yummy Deliciousness
  • I kind've have a little bit of a crush on Jeremy Renner.........
  • And last but not least, I am so glad that The Hurt Locker won best movie and director! Between that and The Messenger, it's good the entertainment industry is finally shedding some light on what's happening in Iraq and Afghanistan every day. These brave men and women are fighting for our freedom every day- thank God for heroes!
Alright friends, that's enough out of me for the day! Have a good evening!!!