Friday, March 12, 2010

Cankles & Elephant Feet- OH MY!

Ya'll, this baby boy has got to hurry up and make his grand entrance. Not only am I "hurge" (yes, the "r" in huge totally brings out exactly how I look), but where my ankles and feet meet look like telephone posts. I would take a picture and post, but it's somewhat scary. You see, my favorite asset has always been my feet; I've always enjoyed wearing heels, sandals, wedges, flip flops, etc. to show off (in my opinion) my best feature. Some girls have great boobs, some people have great asses; I have good feet........most of the time, anyway. With all of this being said, I spent the day yesterday with my feet propped up on a pillow and started and finished "Something Blue" by Emily Giffen. Side note: I always finish her books in 1 day; what should I read next? Anyhow, the feet have shrunk back down and I am happy (if not "hurge) for now.

This week has been a blissful mix of soap operas, napping, errand-running, obtaining a PINES library card to peruse the Macon Public Library (Yes, I know it's terrible that I did not have a library card; I'm getting with the program, folks.), figuring out what summer clothing options will look best on this post-baby bod (obviously, no midriff-baring tops), and what kind of work out I want to take up after having the little man. Maybe I'll try the Bar Method that Kelly Osbourne is using? It's a mixture of Pilate's and Ballet, I believe. Or, Tracy Anderson (the tiny cutie-patootie that works with Gwynnie and Madonna) has a Post Pregnancy Workout that I just might purchase. I have decided (like I decide every summer) that this will be the year of the bikini- the pressure is really on this time so we'll see if I can make it happen. If not, I know I can count on Victoria Secret to provide me with some cute (and still sexy) one-pieces. We shall see......

I'm off to watch the hubby finish some last-minute stuff in Aaron's nursery- won't be long now! I'll keep you posted- crossing my fingers he decides he's ready for the world in just a few days!!!