Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Told ya so........

My sister cracks me up. This is the phone call I got from her today:

Meg (my sister): "Hey, I've just gotta tell you that I can't put the books down. It's an obsession. All I do all day long is think about these people, and dream about these people. I want that love story. I want to be freakin' immortal, and imprinted at the same time!"

Can you guess what she's talking about?? TWILIGHT!! Yep, she's obsessed. Like her sister. I told her this would happen months ago. She laughed, and acted like I was a psycho. Guess who's laughing now?? ;) Kidding aside, I'm glad she's officially joined the club. Meg, you now need to be prepared for:

(a) Screaming, Squealing, and possibly crying at any public appearances that are made by Robert Pattinson and/or Taylor Laughtner.

(b) Reading way too much into the "Robsten" romance.

(c) Finding every website on Google that has to do with Robert Pattinson and/or Taylor Laughtner.

and last, but not least......

(d) Playing back every You Tube video where Robert Pattinson either runs his hands through his dirty, sexy hair or licks those English lips. YUM!

Best of luck to you- it's only just begun!!!

I wonder if Twilight's abstinence message will suppress my herculean urge to screw Robert <span class=Pattinson">