Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sinus infection strikes again!

I have felt like crap today. I am constantly blowing my nose, my head is hurting, and I feel like there's a veil over my eyes. I just feel icky. My yearly sinus infection has come back with a vengeance. SO not fun. Anyhow, I am getting some major pampering out of the hubby and that really helps. Maybe I'll keep up this little act........ ;)

In better news, I got my Halloween costume today! Woop! I know I said in another blog post that Adam and I were going to be Brit-Brit and K-fed circa 2004-2006 when she was popping out as Perez refers to them, "Tater Tot" and "Small Fry," but I decided to go a different route. Let's just say that I put on my "Golden Ticket" tank top and wasn't feeling the trashtastic vibe. So, I have decided to be a she-devil. Here's my costume:
The costume included the dress and horns. I just need to add the pitchfork, and some bright red lipstick and I should be done!

We find out in exactly 6 days what is in this belly. I'm so excited!!! My mom is coming down for the big appointment, and afterwards we are heading to the nearest baby store to do some shopping. We are going to have to hit the ground running as soon as we find out, because the only thing I have done for the nursery is say what room in our house will be the nursery. If I can only make it until next Wednesday........

Time to go get ready for me and Adam's big Thursday night of television: The Office, Community, Grey's, and Private Practice await! Gosh, we're so exciting.