Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just when you thought I was gone...

Hi friends!  Wow, I haven't blogged in almost 2 months.  Eeek!  I'm sorry.  I kinda have a way of disappearing sometimes- sorry about that.  I promise to elaborate further on this soon.  I'll just say that this year has proved to be very busy (and exciting) for us! :) 

Let's catch up, shall we?

  • I am completely obsessed over the Bachelor Sean Lowe and his fiancee, Catherine Giudici.  Like, stalking them on Twitter and Instagram.  I just think they're two of the most beautiful people on earth, and I am so freakin' excited that they're getting married.  You'd think I knew them or something?  It's getting a little cray.  In other crazy news, I've also found Sean's sister (MixandMatchMama) on Instagram and am now stalking her, too.  They just need to go ahead and get the restraining order.  If this relaysh doesn't continue I might cycle into the deep depression I entered when Edward left Bella in New Moon.  It's getting serious, folks. 
  • To add on to the above, I'm also a little stressed that Sean has joined the DWTS cast and his partner is the beautiful Australian hottie, Peta.  Not that I think he's a douche because I honestly think he might be the sweetest/most handsome guy on the planet, I just feel a little bad for Catherine.  Don't you know that all she wants to do is enjoy this delicious man and not share him with that blonde bombshell.  If I were her I would not be waiting on that ABC televised wedding special to make it official; I would go straight to the courthouse.  I mean, let's get real here: there's only so much "making out" you do with Sean Lowe before you say that's it and you get naked.  Just saying what we're all thinking, folks.
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  • Walking Dead: Gosh, I've totally blanked on covering any of the ep's since it came back on in February.  Honestly, I don't think too much has been going on besides the fact that Rick and the "Guv'nah" are about to do the damn thing.  My sister made a good point this week- she said that she thinks Andrea's going to take the Governor down.  Fingers crossed.  I wish Rick would stop being so mean to everybody, it's not fitting on him.  And I'm sorry, but the whole Glenn/Maggie sex scene just grossed me out; I mean, I think Maggie's adorable and all, but who wants to hook up with Glenn?  Why doesn't Daryl ever get any l-o-v-e?  Now that would be hawt.  Also, what other show/movies has the Governor's right-hand man (you know, the geeky guy with the glasses) been on?  It's driving me crazy!  And Morgan in the ep from two weeks ago just broke my heart.  I still love you, Morgan!!  What are your thoughts?  Only 3 episodes left!
So I totally missed covering the Grammy's and the Oscars (go, JLaw!) but I promise to get back on track!

Happy Hump Day, friends!