Thursday, March 21, 2013

House Hunting

If you've been reading my blog over the past few years, you know our housing situation has constantly been up in the air.  Currently, we are living in Macon and have been since 2006.  We had a brief stint back in Griffin in 2011, but moved back to Mac-Town in early 2012 to focus on selling our house.  Selling?  What a joke.  I know that I'm definitely not the only one dealing with the depressing after-effects of the housing market crash in (whaddya know) 2006.  Adam and I have always said that had we known how bad the real estate market was going to get, we definitely would not have bought a house seven years ago.  Now don't get me wrong, I love our house.  I'm actually the one that found this house when we began the pursuit of our first home.  We got engaged here, we started a family here, and it's home.  Our sweet, little love shack. ;)  We live in a great location, have awesome neighbors, and honestly, if it weren't for the need for more room, we very well would wait this housing craziness out until we could sell it for what we bought it for.  However, there are some changes coming to our family this year (good changes that I'll elaborate on very soon), which makes moving somewhere else the best decision for our family.

Lately, Adam's job is requiring him to work in Atlanta more often which is great.  With that in mind, we've decided to move (again) closer to the Atlanta area.  Which means back to Griffin.  Since we're planning on settling for awhile we've decided to buy and I'm so excited.  I know Griffin's been catching a lot of flack lately; however, that was where I was born and raised and many of my happiest memories involve growing up in that small town.  Luckily, Griffin's close enough to metro Atlanta where Adam will be able to come home most nights that he works and that sounds great to me.  So begins the home search!

Except we haven't found anything that we're in love with....yet.  We have an excellent realtor (April English at Southern Realty- look her up!) and I have complete confidence in the fact that she's going to help us find our dream home.  We've only been seriously looking for a month now and we have a good 5-6 months before we have to make a move.  I just want us to find "the one."  You know, the house where you pull in the driveway and you say "this is my home."  (As a side note, I got that phrase from April and it rings so true.)  So, the search continues!  We would like to find a somewhat newer home (even if it's an older home that's been remodeled); we're not interested in a fixer-upper.  As of right now, that's mostly what is available in the area we'd like to be in.  I'm definitely not saying anything is wrong with a fixer-upper; if we had all the money in the world we'd gladly take one of those lovely homes built in the 50's-70's and go to town.  Right now it's just not something we're interested in.  There are several homes out there that I love, but the pricing is way out of our league.  I know things will work out.  Just trying to be positive and confident in that feeling when my obsessive-compulsive nature kicks in!

Anyway, I hope all of you are having a great week!  We have a busy weekend ahead.  We're having Aaron's 3rd birthday party at Mickey D's this weekend.  Am I crazy?  Probably.  However, the thought of having several toddlers running around my house destroying everything in it's path led me running for the hills (ore more like the phone book) for another solution.  Voila- McDonald's!  I'm taking it back old-school and I'm kinda digging it.  I mean, weren't birthday parties at the Golden Arches all the rage back in the day?  I'll post some pics.

Sunday I'm meeting up with some of my besties for lunch, and Monday we have Aaron's 3 year pics.  Lord help me- I'm dreading it.  Not the pics, but trying to get a very head-strong/stubborn 3 year old to pose for pics (i.e. smile- not complain) is an act of God.  I'm already exhausted just thinking about it.

If I don't update this weekend, have a good one!