Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Midnight Conversations

So, I have to share something that is embarrassing and kind of psycho. It has been something that's been going on for a few months now, and it has recently been brought to my attention A LOT lately. To get to the point, I am a midnight "conversationer." When I say midnight, I literally mean midnight. At or around 12 AM, I randomly strike up a conversation with the hubby. What the eff?? I know this sounds completely dumb and random, but it's true. You see, I believe this all started earlier this year when I decided to actually start getting in the bed at 10 pm. I used to pass out on the couch while watching TV with Adam every night. Since Adam is a night owl, he would stay up until around 11:30 or so, wake me up, and then we would go to bed. Well, since I started actually getting in the bed at 10 pm (by the way, I know you're thinking I'm a loser for going to bed so early, but I can't help it- used to be a night person, now I'm morning person. That's what a full-time job does to you- don't judge) I am passed out asleep by the time Chelsea Lately comes on. For that hour, I sleep so hard and SO good. Then the midnight hour strikes. Keep in mind that some of these conversations included me actually getting out of our bed, and walking into the living room and/or computer room to find Adam, and then having the conversation. Oh, and most importantly, I was asleep during all of these and don't remember any of this happening until the next day when Adam tells me. These conversations have included:

  • Freaking out because Adam and Sophie May stayed up all night long while I slept (this conversation was had at 12:15 pm on a Friday night).
  • My request that Adam stop smoking (this is true so it can't be too bad)
  • The same question-answer session of "Are the doors locked? Did you set the alarm? Okay good.........Well, are you sure??".
  • And my personal favorite, "I've got to get back to sleep because I really want to get up early tomorrow and work out. I'm going to start doing that everyday." Yeahhhhhh, okay.
What the hell? I feel real bad for Adam. My friends tell me I should take some sleeping pills. I really don't think sleeping pills should be an option. The last time I took an Ambien was almost 4 years ago, and I woke up convinced that a man dressed in all white with a top hat and cane was standing beside Adam. Hellooooo, Poltergeist! I don't know. Maybe one day it will stop. In the meantime, he can continue to say every night, "Baby, just go back to bed."