Monday, June 15, 2009

Attention all rude & obnoxious people:

I had a pretty good day today. The weather was gorgeous (and HOT), I had a great day at work, and I got to enjoy some retail therapy after work at DSW, Victoria's Secret, and Dillards, with my birthday money. Yay. From this shopping extravaganza, I am most excited about the "ferosh" pair of black diba heels that I got on clearance for $35. Yep, I deserved it after the obnoxiousness and rudeness that I had to deal with twice this afternoon. To continue........

A couple of things happened today that really pissed me off. So, as I'm preparing to go back to work from lunch, and drinking my last sip of diet coke, I happen to look out the window and notice that half of my mail box is gone. It's like the bottom half was still there, the second half- GONE. WTF?? As a side note, I live on a really busy road with a mailbox that is really close to the road; therefore, this is not our first mail box incident. Anyway, I see our brand spankin' new mailbox torn in half and the anger is just a bubbling. Luckily, Adam was home and able to run outside and fix the mailbox. My question is, why can't people stay on the road?? Is it that hard to drive in a straight line? And, if you're driving your car and happen to hit some one's mailbox and break it, wouldn't you kindly pull over into these people's driveway, apologize, and offer to buy them a new mailbox?? Yeah. People need to learn some manners, and just plain common courtesy. This was not the first time that this has happened, and it probably won't be the last. Uhhhhhh!!! All I've got to say is Thank God for Lowe's and their plastic (but super durable) mailboxes. Over it.

My second incident/interaction with a rude person and/or people occurred when I was walking out to my car at 5:05 pm. I got to my car and this lovely note was stuck to my windshield, "Next time, park in my car!" Ooookkkkaay. The note confused me at first, and then I realized that they were complaining that I parked too close to their car. So, I have several opinions on this little note and I'm going to share them:
  • (1) Yes, I do understand that I might have parked too close to your car, but did you ever think that the reason why I parked too close to you is because the person that was two spots over from you might have jacked-up parking skills?? Maybe the reason why I was so close to you is because I had to be to get into the space.
  • (2) In this instance, I probably should have gone to find another parking space. But, when you hit the jackpot on a prime parking space close to the location where you're going, wouldn't you grab that too-tight spot and make it work? I mean, I drive a freakin' Jeep- not that big of a car, buddy.
  • (3) There have been plenty of times when I have walked out to my car and found that someone was parked too close to me. Did I pitch a hissy and write out a note?? Nope. I silently cursed them and went about my business, because guess what? I have better things to do!
So, here's to you, Mr. or Ms. Parking Spot Police: You are officially (and in the words of my friend, Kindredly) ON NOTICE! Oh, and thank you for giving me such a fun blog to write by the way. I feel soooo much better.

Here's to a better Tuesday!!