Friday, June 19, 2009


Happy Friday, friends! Thank God the weekend is finally here. This week has been insane, but a good craziness. My boss took myself and my co-workers up to Atlanta yesterday for a day of relaxation. We went and ate lunch at a gorgeous home on the Chattahoochee River, and lemme' just say, it was FABULOUS. Their deck overlooked the river and it was absolutely beautiful. A few rafters came floating by tugging a cooler of beer, and I literally had to restrain myself from doing a swan drive into the river. Despite the 100 degree heat, it was all-in-all, a perfect day. Seriously, what can beat sun, fun, and a low country boil?? Good times.

This weekend is chalking up to be a busy one for the Moselys. Tomorrow afternoon we have a baby shower to host/attend (yes, I feel like the baby shower queen); and tomorrow evening one of our friends, Julie, is having a 30th birthday partay (Happy Birthday, Jules!). I'm already exhausted. Excited, but exhausted.

Beyonce is exactly 1 week away from next Wednesday. I can already feel the excitement starting to bubble up. I'm going with a good group of girls, and we're staying in ATL so it should be a night of insanity. I would like to bust out my faux gladiator heels for Miz Knowles, but with us being on the floor I think my comfy, Yellow Box flops will have to work. Mental note: Find a cute dress to "bounce" it in. We'll do!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!