Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ring The Alarm!

Tomorrow is my Friday. Thank the lawd! Leaving at 4:00 pm to head up to Griffin and meet the girls for........BEYONCE!!!! Woohoo! I can't wait. We're on the floor, and I literally mean, on the floor. Like, we're standing up the entire time. Eeekkk!!! So, I woke up this morning with the Beyonce wardrobe in question. I am only for sure that:

(a) I will be wearing a halter dress because it's just too damn hot to wear anything else.
(b) I will be wearing my hair up because it's just too damn hot to wear it down.
(c) As close as we are going to be to the ultimate diva, I refuse to bring my camera inside Phillip's Arena only to (with my luck) lose it, or get it taken away by some security guard with short-man syndrome. I will happily be snapping pics and recording video with my good ole camera phone. Grainy images.......whatev.

The only attire that I have not been for sure of is shoes. While flat-ironing my hair this morning I had the brilliant idea to head to DSW after work for the perfect shoes for tomorrow night. I had the Steve Madden Motif sandals in black on the brain. Were they there?? Hell no. That is the second time I have been to the DSW in Macon and they did not have them. Am I gonna have to drive to Lenox, people? So regrettably, I am stuck with my plain old flip-flops. Oh well.........maybe my nail polish will stand out. And in the words of Miz Knowles herself:

"Can you get me bodied
I wanna be myself tonight!"

I am out. Gotta go fix dinner for the hubster, and pack for lake fun Thursday. So excited!