Saturday, April 23, 2011

She wants to lead the glamourous life....

Hey peeps!

It's been a week since I last blogged, but hey, that's better than 4 months!  I'm still trying to get back into my routine so bear with me, please......

So, it's been a pre-tty busy week in the Mosely household the past 7 days!  In the last week I have managed to find 2 new things that I love (and that I of course will share), I've registered for classes in hopes of earning that Nursing Degree, and I've lost an extra 3 pounds on my quest for a two-piece summer!  All in all, not huge accomplishments, but a girl's gotta start somewhere, right?

Okay, now for the 2 things that I'm "in love" with.

Last Friday, my beautiful and super-trendy sister stopped by my humble abode for some chattin' and some lovin' up on my Aaron Mo.  Of course, as soon as we put Aaron down for a nap we got down to business: snackin' and gossipin'.  Really feelin' this in'.  Must stop now.  Anyhow, we got to talking about hair and how on this particular day both of our heads were indeed hot messes.  That's when Meg gave me the Golden Ticket: The Michelle Money Curl.  Y'all remember Michelle Money?  Y' know, the beautiful but psychotic brunette on the latest Bachelor?  If you're not remembering the name here's a hint:

Yes, the crying happened A LOT.
Anyway, MM was super crazy on the show, but girlfriend had a head full of gorgeous waves (probably helps that she's a hairdresser).  Well, Meg happened to have the low-down on how MM achieves those luscious locks via YouTube.  Here it is:

Last week our lovely friend, Brooke, got married and her ceremony and reception happened to take place outside.  Since I know my hair would end up looking rough after being outside in the wind and damp hair, I attempted the above hair tutorial.  Here's what I came up with; I don't think it's too shabby:

My other lovely friend, Brooke and I.
I'm still trying to perfect my MM Curl, and it's great on my "next-day" hair when I don't wash it, and flat and lifeless strands rule the day.  The best thing is that I'm actually using a curling iron; not trying to achieve this look with a flat iron.  Been there, done that- NO fun!

In other fun beauty thangs, I have officially found a product that's life face changing.  Let me introduce to you, Brow Zings by Benefit!  I met a good friend down in Macon for dinner at Bonefish last week, and while waiting I decided to pop into just my favorite store on the planet: Ulta.  While there, I ran into a friend that I honestly hadn't seen in years, who is now working at the Benefit Brow Bar.  We started chatting, and I explained that the reason why my brows looked heinous was due to a nail salon trip gone wrong.  Will never again get my brows waxed at a nail salon.  Have been growing these caterpillars out since November!!!!  At that point, she pointed to her chair and said the words that changed my life: "Let me fill in your brows for you."  Y'all, I was hesitant at first, but pushed through and I am so glad I did.  After waxing and plucking, slicking and drawing, she held a mirror up and I had it: The Kim Kardashian brow.....well, almost.  Granted, my eyebrows natural arch is still not where it's not supposed to be thanks to the local nail salon, but I am now officially in brow therapy.  Brow Zings will literally change your face, and it's so easy.  After running a small bit of the waxy stuff through your brows to hold on to the powder that you apply after wards, you have gorge peepers.  The trick is getting the brows the same color as your natural hair color (the color right at your hair line).  If you don't have this product, GO GET IT!  Absolutely amazing!!

Well, I believe that's it for today.  My mom, sister, a friend, and I are headed to the theater to see Water for Elephants.  I could not be more pumped.  Not just because boyfriend happens to be starring in it, but also because I just loved the book.  Whoop Whoop!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead ... 1 Peter 1:3

Aaron's wearing seersucker pants tomorrow......eeeekkkk!!!  My punkin is going to be one of the cutest bunnies out there!

 Happy Easter, friends!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

General Hospital Rocks my Socks Off

Ohhh........Lord, me.  I'm exhausted, have a pounding headache, and I'm desperately in need of a glass of wine like WHOA.  Too bad I've consumed my calories for the day, and this means no bueno on the Moscato.  Sad face.

So, I have to ask: What soap(s) do y'all watch?  Any General Hospital fans out there??  I don't even know why I asked that because, it's totally like, the best.soap.ever!  Anyhow, Aaron and I decided to stay home and have a low-key day today.  Low-key for me meant working on his way overdue 1 year scrapbook, and catching up on GH.  For those of you that don't know, this honey stars as Lucky on General Hospital:


Jonathan Jackson (above) is the original Lucky.  The hottie below starred as Lucky for awhile before JJ came back:

Also Gorge....
Anyhow, Lucky and Elizabeth:

Favorite Soap Couple Everrrrrr....
just lost their son, Jake, in a car accident.  They were engaged, separated because Elizabeth was a lil' hoochie mama (she was sleeping with his brother, Nicholas), she got prego (with her third boy I might add), thought for almost a year that Aiden (third child) was Nicholas', opened a paternity test a couple of weeks ago- found out Aiden was actually Lucky's, Jake then got hit by a car and died (very sad).  As a side note, Jake is not really Lucky's, but that's another story for a different day, my friend.  So, that's brings us up to the current dramz: Jake is gone, he was actually killed in an accidental hit and run by Lucky's dad (eeekkkk!), Lucky is supposed to get married to Siobahn (Irish g-friend) so she can get her Green Card, and Elizabeth is about to tell Lucky that Aiden is really his child......WOW!  Anyway, since I am such a HUGE Liz and Lucky fan, thanks to YouTube and all of the other die-hard L&L fans out there, this is how I envision their reunion:

What can I say?? Cheesy but so fabulous!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big, Beautiful Eyes?? Yes, please!

While I was perusing the Target website a couple of weeks ago, I came across this genius find:

E.L.F. ( has these amazing "Beauty Books" for eyes and lips!  Basically, it's a palette of colors (I got both the Bright Eye Edition and Neutral Eye Edition books), and they tell you how to layer the eyeshadow to achieve your desired look.  I've been using these books for a few weeks now, and I cannot even tell y'all the compliments I've received on my eye makeup!  Like I said, the "book" opens up to reveal your tray of 12 different colors, and a "how to" guide on the other leaf.  The book also comes with brushes, although I prefer to use my own brushes since I've finally (after 10 years) learned how to properly apply eye makeup.  The colors are beautiful, and you can choose from other Beauty Books such as: Every Day, Smoky Eye, and etc.  I will say that the colors are very pigmented, so a little powder applied to your brush goes a looooong way. All in all, I give this product 4 stars.  I swear, E.L.F. has yet to disappoint me; their prices are amazing, and the makeup that I've purchased in the past, I actually wore until it was gone. 

Try it!  I think you'll love it!! :)


Monday, April 11, 2011

My List

Above is a picture of me and my long-time friend, Kimiko.  This was graduation day, May 2006- one of the best days ever!  Kimiko just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named MacKenzie Belle- Congratulations, girl!! :)  You can show her some love at this website.  Anyhow, Kimiko mentioned that she'd been reading my past blog entries for any first-year tips for new moms.  So, I thought I'd put a list of the top things that saved my life through Aaron's first (and so far, second) year.  This is for you Kimiko (and all you other new mommy's and mommy's to be out there).

  1. "Breast is best," but Formula is not the enemy either.  (Refer to this post.)  To make a long story short, I switched to Formula after exactly a month of Breastfeeding because (a) I wasn't producing enough milk, and (b) Aaron was not gaining like he should.  It was an incredibly hard decision, and I literally spent a whole weekend crying about it, but in the end it was the best decision for both of us.  Aaron is a thriving, healthy, happy baby boy and he's been on Similac Formula since he was 2 months old.  Yes, I have acquired a lot of Breastfeeding information since then, and definitely plan to breastfeed my second child; however, I am no longer beating myself up about my inability to do this as long as I wanted to with Aaron.  So, if you're having trouble (and feeling majorly guilty) about switching to Formula, DON'T!  You're still a fantastic mommy, and yes, your child will be just fine.
  2. I believe in the power of a SCHEDULE- for both of you.  Aaron was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks, and I really do believe it was because he was on a proper schedule.  No it was not a harsh, strictly parent-led schedule; I just paid attention to the signs he gave me.  He ate every 3 hours, and slept every 2 hours.  My friend, Michelle, gave me the best advice one day and I used this word daily: HAWT.  I know you're laughing, but here's the breakdown: H- Hungry; A- Angry; W- Wet; T- Tired/Tummy Ache.  Every time Aaron was fussy, I would just go through my little mental check list, and 98% of the time this hilarious word led me to my answer. 
  3. Nap time is sacred.  Naps are required: they produce growth hormones, they build brain cells, and they all-around make for a much happier baby.  Nap time is so important.  I paid attention to Aaron's sleepy signs and as soon as I saw: an eye rub, an ear pull, a yawn, or even irritable behavior I put him in the bed.  Fast-forward to now, Aaron naps about 3 hours a day.  The best book (in my opinion) for napping:  The No Cry Nap Solution by Elizabeth Pantley
  4. Uhhh, this one is hard, and you're probably going to think I'm harsh, but I also believe in the power of "letting them cry it out" or better known as The Ferber Method.  After Aaron reached a certain age (I think around 6 months) he would put up a fight every time we laid him down for the night or even for a nap.  After using this method for a week, Aaron was finally going to bed with the comfort of his stuffed bunny, and his pacifier with no issue.  Sometimes (on particularly fussy days) we still use this approach and it works.
  5. I believe in a good attitude.  Trust me, some days I feel that there is just no way I feel like I can muster much more than a smile.  I've learned that when I'm happy, Aaron's happy, when I'm mad, anxious, nervous, he follows suit.  When I'm sad, he's laughing.  The more comfortable I am, the more comfortable he is.
  6. Last, but definitely not least: don't ever feel that your child is in competition with the child that was born 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or etc. before or after him/her.  Lots of parents like to compare children, and it's wrong and ridiculous.  Your little prince (or princess) is perfect just the way they are.  It doesn't matter that the child born a week before (or after) yours has their first tooth by 3 months, is drinking out of a sippy cup at 5 months, is crawling at 6 months, and walking at 9 months.  It doesn't matter because your child is yours and he/she is perfect.  And by God, they'll reach all of these milestones when they're ready!
Now, for a list of items that I couldn't (some I still can't) live without:
  • Dr. Brown Bottles- the best bottles for babies that have gas problems and/or colic
  • MAM pacifiers
  • Mylicon- OMG- Mylicon is a lifesaver!  Instantly soothes your bambino's lil' aching belly.
  • A humidifier AKA Noise Machine. This little machine not only soothes Aaron when he's congested, but also provides the perfect "white noise" for baby's (and your) sleep.
  • Hyland's Teething Gel: Immediately eases those red and swollen little gums.  Works like a charm!
  • The Nosefrida AKA The Snot Sucker:  Read about this here.
  • Colloidal Oatmeal Lotion: Perfect for skin rashes/irritations on their super sensitive skin.
  • Johnson's Soothing Vapor Bath- Helped with the horrible congestion that colds bring.
  • Munchkin Sippy Cups- the perfect soft nipple makes a great transition from the bottle.
  • Fenugreek Capsules for breastfeeding.  As I said above, I didn't breastfeed long due to low milk supply.  Had I known about these magic little capsules before giving BF the boot, I would have stocked up on a 6 month supply!  Heard they worked like a charm.....
  • The Halo Sleep Sack AND Angelcare Baby Monitor.  These made it so much easier for me to actually have a restful night of sleep without having to worry about SIDS and all of the other things new momma's worry about.  Read about them here and here.
So that's it.  Hope this information is informative and helpful to you.  Congratulations and good luck to Kimiko (and again, all other mommy's/mommy's to be out there)- this is one of the most exciting and wonderful journey's you will ever take- enjoy it. :)


Friday, April 8, 2011

The waiting game.......

Gahhhh, are your weekends just stockpiled until July?  I mean, I'm not complaining.  We're blessed to have so many things to do, and so many family and friends to share these fun activities with, but we have something planned every weekend until July.  Crazy, huh?  Just gonna have to keep on truckin', and in the meantime have something fabulous to wear for each and every fun occasion.  ;)

The diet has been going pretty good so far.  I weighed myself Wednesday, and I only plan to do it once every Wednesday.  Believe me, it has been super hard not running to the bathroom to jump on that scale every day, but I'm practicing willpower......on EVERYTHING.  My goal is to be back in a bikini (well, make that a two-piece) by my 29th birthday in June.  Have y'all seen Sara Rue lately?  She looks A- mazing  after going on Jenny Craig.  Here's a peek:

If she can do it, I know I can!  Cute "two-piece" by the way.......

If the weather permits, the fam and I might just be "deckin" it out tonight.  Grill some burgers, and have a toddy or two.  Cheers to the weekend!

And one last thought, if you haven't downloaded Brit's new CD Femme Fatale, go do it now.  I'm serious, do it right now!  It's awesome.  Here's a listen-loo to the cool beat on the LP:  (hehe.....totally looked that slang up on Urban Dictionary.)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Moment

Have y'all had a moment in your life when you see a picture of yourself and think enough is enough?  Well, I had mine Sunday night.  As I was tagged in yet another unflattering photo of myself on effin' Facebook, I decided from this point on it's officially diet time.  So, I started my low-carb diet Monday, and I'm doing pretty well so far.  Basically, I'm trying to stick to carbs (good carbs) in the AM, and nothing but protein and veggies for lunch and dinner.  It's hard.  We celebrated my lovely cousin's 33rd birthday yesterday over lunch, and my aunt (who happens to be a fabulous cook) made Hot Chicken Salad topped with crumbled potato chips (YUM!), Yeast Rolls (Hello? I'm dying here), and a bowl of strawberries, melons, and pineapple.  It took all of my willpower not to devour two helpings of chicken salad, eat two yeast rolls, and load up on the fruit.  I held myself together though, and had one helping of chicken, half of a yeast roll (shared the other half with Aaron Mo), and all strawberries (figured those were better than the melons and pineapples?).  I'm praying to God this works.  I want to be in this by June:

I might not be Adriana Lima, but I'll take her flat tummy!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Round-Up!

Hey dolls!  How many of y'all are lovin' this gorgeous day (OR rainy- don't want to leave anyone out) today??  After Aaron's nap is over, I fully intend to pack his chunky self up in the stroller, and get my fitness on.  After consuming a Philly Roll and Fried Rice for lunch, my bootay does not need to be laying on the couch waiting for "Kourtney and Kim Take New York."

Since hubby is working, A and I had the pleasure of attending not one, but 2 birthday parties yesterday!  The first party was Aaron's cousin, Jaxson's, first birthday party.  So cute!  Here's a picture of the precious birthday boy and Aaron Mo:


After the party was over, I left realizing two things: 1) Aaron is a major mama's boy; and, 2) I want Adam and I to build a house, or at least live in a brand spankin' new house one day.  The party was held at the home of my brother and sister-in-law, and the house is GORGE.  Beautiful, spacious rooms, an amazing kitchen,  hardwoods, and a bathroom bigger than our master bedroom.  Unbelievable....and a little nauseating that we will probably never be able for afford something so nice.  So, after leaving the first beautiful home birthday party, we headed to the second birthday party to celebrate my good friend Laura's son, Kade's second birthday.  I would have taken a pictures; however, we did not stay long.  Aaron (bless his baby heart) is learning how to walk, and after trying unsuccessfully to push a baby grocery cart around, he fell down and busted his lip open.  :(  Sadness.  I honestly don't know who cried more, me or Aaron; probably me.  After that incident, I packed us both up and went home.  What a day!

I watched The Black Swan last night.  Omg, Natalie Portman is a little freak.  The movie was not as disturbing as I thought it would be, and to be honest I was a little disappointed.  As a side note, I now have a girl crush on Mila Kunis.  Her eyeliner method needs to be documented.