Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to the land of the living.......for today at least.

Happy Friday, everyone! This has been a LONG week and I am so grateful that the weekend is finally here! Woop woop. I feel bad about the lack of blogging lately, but this has been a tough week in prego land. Lemme' just say, I'm not complaining. I feel SO very lucky to have this little peanut growing inside of me, and he (or she) can take whatever they need from me to get healthy and grow. With that being said, I am nauseous as hell most of the time and (almost) everything grosses me out. Smells are bad, too. I will not name a list of things that gross me out because:
  • (a) It would be too long of a list, and
  • (b) I might puke
Soooo, that's pretty much how I have been feeling. However, my love for:
  • Cheese Krystal's
  • Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger's
  • French Fries
  • DQ's Butterfinger Blizzard's
  • KFC's mac and cheese and biscuits
  • Chips and Guac from El Sombrero
  • And of course, Chick-Fil- A's chicken sandwich
has stayed rightfully intact. No, I probably will not lose weight from lack of eating hardly anything, but gain it because the only things I want are listed above. Rut-roh. Might have to start on an exercise plan soon.......I'm just sayin'.

This weekend should be fun. One of my bestest friends turns 27 (Happy Birthday, Katie Anne!) and I am making a trip up to good ole' G-town for the birthday celebration tonight. After that, I am spending the night with my mom and we have a day planned of shopping and more shopping Saturday. Yay!!

Hopefully, this "nauseousness" will pass soon. In the meantime, where is my Zofran??

Friday, July 24, 2009

First Check-up

Yesterday was my first check-up with the doc for Baby Mosely. After waiting for at least 30 minutes (Is that like standard procedure to wait at least thirty minutes to see your doctor every time you go, by the way??) I was finally called back. After pregnancy confirmation (due date is March 19th- yay!!) and blood pressure was taken I was told to go sit back in the waiting room to later be called back for tests and procedures......are you serious?? I was pretty happy I have to admit though; they gave me a big bag with all kinds of prego information, including: What To Expect When You're Expecting. Anyway, we got called back pretty quickly that time and spoke with the nurse practitioner about my medical history, Adam's medical history, our families medical history, and etc. After meeting with her, we finally got to see my doctor. After doing all of my girly examinations, he finally brought out the sonogram machine so I could see and hopefully hear the baby. Folks, let me tell you: those machines are hard to understand. Basically, when he performed the ultrasound (and yes, it was a vaginal ultrasound...eeek.....) all I could see was a big hole with a tiny circle in the hole. From what I could understand, the hole was my gestational sac, and the smaller circle was the yolk sac which would eventually "become one" with my baby. My little peanut (well, more like sesame seed) was attached to the sac wall and I could see he/she a little bit, but not very well. I was hoping to hear a little heartbeat, but my doctor told me it was too soon; he said you normally don't hear a heartbeat until you're at least 7 weeks and I'm not yet 6 weeks. Soooooo, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I mean, I know there's a little person inside my tummy, but I really want to be able to see/hear this little person so it can be more real for me. Luckily, my doc scheduled a follow-up ultrasound for August 4 and I can't wait! Hoping I get to hear the peanut next time!

All I've got to say is Thank God the first appointment is over. I have been poked, prodded, and checked for everything under the sun. Here's to a more exciting pre-natal appointment next time around!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

And so the story goes......

Folks, I have to apologize AGAIN for the lack of "bloggyness." Whoever my loyal readers are, THANK YOU. L Lolly has been quite boring lately, and it's time for some jazz. The jazz just happens to be that I'm prego and loving it! I have my first doctor's appointment this Thursday and I am just praying (and crossing everything that can be crossed) that baby Mosely is growing like he/she is supposed to. I am so ecstatic right now that I can barely contain myself! As far as the pregnant symptoms go, I am managing to get off a little easy, which I am very thankful for. Of course the boobs are sore, I am constantly tired and exhausted, and (I know this is blunt, un-ladylike, and probably shouldn't be said at all) I pee like I have drank at least a bottle of water an hour, but I can deal. I'm just thankful morning/afternoon/ night/all day sickness hasn't been an issue......not yet, anyway. The best word I can use as to how I'm feeling right now is blessed. I have been given such an amazing gift, and feel like the luckiest person in the world. So, the story of how I found out....

Well, I found out over a week ago. I hadn't been feeling super great, the frequent urination was confusing me, and well, I was late. By that Friday I had decided that I would go get a test and put my questions to rest. After work I jumped in the car, made a quick trip to Rite Aid (BTW, why is it that I am a grown and married woman, and I still cannot look a cashier in the face when buying a pregnancy test??), and headed home. Once there, I said hello to my hubby who just walked in the door himself and went straight to the bathroom. Right before I took the test, I felt this feeling of disappointment go through me, and thought "I'm going to be really bummed if this is negative, and it probably is." So I took the test, laid it on the edge of the bathtub, washed my hands, played with my hair, noticed a couple of gross blackheads on my chin, and then turned around. That's when I saw it..........2 lines. OMG! I kept thinking, "Two lines means pregnant! Two lines means pregnant, right?? Oh my God." I've always known that I wanted to do some really cute thing for Adam when I found this life-changing information out, but I couldn't contain myself. I ran out of the bathroom and said, "Adam, I'm pregnant." He looked at me like I was crazy and (my oh-so classy husband said) "What? You're shitting me." I said, "Adam, I'm pregnant. We're having a baby. I have the test to prove it!" And the rest, well, was great. We laughed, cried a little, called our families and shared the news. Most surreal (but wonderful) moment in my life.

Well, I am off to bed. I'm surprised that I've made it this late without my head hitting the keyboard (it's 10:29)! Here's to babies and blogging- I'm so happy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BIG news!

Hello my loyal blog readers! I am sorry I haven't posted in over a week.........A LOT has been going on in the Mosely household over the past few days. And when I say A LOT, I mean that I just found out that......... I'm having a baby!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhh! So excited, happy, scared, crazy, nervous, overjoyed, and all other feeling adjectives right now. I'm still very early and have plans to go to the doctor next week for my first check-up, so I'm just hoping and praying everything is okay with my little poppy seed (yes, my child is the size of a poppy seed right now). I honestly have never felt like this before. My life has changed in the most wonderful and amazing way. Adam and I are already so in love with this baby that it is all we think about. Truly, the most amazing thing. I am such a happy girl!

I will blog more later about finding out.....crazy story. Have to go get ready for work!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ummmmm.....when is the next long weekend??

Sorry for the lack of good posting lately. Work has been crazy the past couple of days. I planned on coming home and getting in some good bloggage yesterday, but I had to make an impromptu trip to Kroger for dinner options. Dinner options turned into a huge grocery outing that resulted in a $184 bill. What can I say? We don't buy groceries as often as we should. Adam and I are the kind of people that eat everything until it's gone. After an hour and a half of getting angry at fellow grocery-shoppers for not moving their buggies out of the way, and having to say "excuse me" to people standing in the middle of the grocery aisles looking confused (Does "get it and go" make sense to anyone?) I was DONE. Lesson learned. I am going to try my best to never go to the grocery store after work anymore. I'm thinking early morning or late night shopping on weekends now. Hmmmmm......morning shopping means better deli samples??? If so, I am so in.

Did everyone see the MJ televised Memorial today? I saw bits and pieces; came home for lunch and flipped between that and One Tree Hill on Soapnet. This is awful to say, I know, but I kind've have the hots for John Mayer after watching his performance of "Human Nature" today. I don't know if it's because "Human Nature" is my favorite MJ song, or it was the way he was strumming that guitar and making those weird faces, but I was a HOT MESS after seeing that! He was damn fine wearing that tie under that black vest. I kind've want him to be my boyfriend now........eeeeeeekkkkkkk!!! If you haven't seen it, I'm posting. Love it!

By the way, I got my Steve Madden sandals!!! Finally. Check them out and all of their cute glory:

So cute and comfy!!

I also got some super-cute Fergalicious heels the other day (had no idea Fergie designed shoes, by the way). As you can see, shoes and John Mayer have been the highlight of my week so far. many more days until the weekend??

Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's been a long time........

Aloha!!! It's been awhile. My 1 night/1 day stay at the lake with the girls ended up being a 2 night/2 day stay and it was fantastic. A good friend of mine has a lake house on Jackson Lake, and this place was where I spent a lot of my summers growing up. The house holds so many memories and I just could not bear to leave it, or my friends after one night. Here's a couple of pics:
Friends, floats, tans, & beer. What's better??

Tubing with Annie. My ass still hurts.
The view from the dock. Love it.

I have to say, I'm sad be gone. It's not that often that you get to spend a couple of days with good friends, away from everything and everybody. Over the past two days I have: drank so much Bud Light Lime that I can now say I'm an official beer drinker; eaten so many turkey sandwiches, cheese dips, chicken salad, and potato salad that I have gained at least 7 pounds; and gained a sunburn right at my hairline that burns like hell. And you know what, it was all worth it! Here's to friends, sun, fun, AND beer. Loves!

So ya'll know I've that got to talk about Beyonce. If you don't remember, I went to her concert Wednesday night, and folks, it was AMAZING! And I just have to say, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but Miz Knowles' show was better than Britney's. Aaaaaaah! I said it, but only because it's true. She's just the whole package. Not only is she gorgeous, and can shake that ass, but girlfriend can SANG. Okay, so let me get down to the nitty-gritty details. I can't remember all of the songs she sang and in what order, but I will give you a few of my personal highlights:
  • Our seats were on the floor. I mean, we were literally sitting a few feet away from the "B" stage. This is the stage where Beyonce became Sasha Fierce and it was the stage closest to us! I saw her every move- I was so close I could even see her blink. Friends, she is beautiful. And, did I mention that Tyler Perry was at the show also sitting 10 feet away from us?? OMG!! We went crazy when we saw him! I yelled out "Madea- I love you!" He started cracking up and just waved and smiled at us. I almost cried. Matthew Knowles (Beyonce's dad) was also watching the show near us. He and Tyler Perry were talking a lot. At the end of the show when we were leaving we somehow ended up right beside Matthew Knowles and his security. I said "Mr. Knowles, Mr. Knowles!" but he wouldn't look at me. Haha! If I were him, I'd probably be scared of some southern chick sweaty from dancing, and D-Runk off of some Chardonnay, chasing me too! ;)
  • Diva. You knew I had to bring up "Diva." Ya'll, it was unbelievable! She came out on the main stage wearing a silver bustier with flashing lights on the boobs. LOVED IT! Here is a video taken with my camera phone (not great, but oh well):

That's me and my friend Natalie singing. I'm the one that screams out at the end of the video, "Where ya boss at?" Terrible.

  • She performed "If I Were A Boy" and during the middle she broke out in "You Oughta Know." Oh my God. Unbelievable!
  • Her tribute to Michael Jackson.
  • And oh yes, "Singles Ladies." The encore. Fabulous. The fat guy that dances in the leotard from the youtube video sang and danced with her. Hilarious.
Honestly, I had MANY more favorite moments, but they are too many to name. If I did I would be on here all day. Bottom line, fantastic concert, amazing performer. I have new respect for Beyonce after that great show. Thank you, Nat for getting us tickets to this amazing concert!!! I will truly remember it forever.

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!!! I am about to leave to spend the holiday with my mom. Let's remember all of the brave men and women that are fighting for our Independence this very minute. I love you, daddy!!!!