Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ummmmm.....when is the next long weekend??

Sorry for the lack of good posting lately. Work has been crazy the past couple of days. I planned on coming home and getting in some good bloggage yesterday, but I had to make an impromptu trip to Kroger for dinner options. Dinner options turned into a huge grocery outing that resulted in a $184 bill. What can I say? We don't buy groceries as often as we should. Adam and I are the kind of people that eat everything until it's gone. After an hour and a half of getting angry at fellow grocery-shoppers for not moving their buggies out of the way, and having to say "excuse me" to people standing in the middle of the grocery aisles looking confused (Does "get it and go" make sense to anyone?) I was DONE. Lesson learned. I am going to try my best to never go to the grocery store after work anymore. I'm thinking early morning or late night shopping on weekends now. Hmmmmm......morning shopping means better deli samples??? If so, I am so in.

Did everyone see the MJ televised Memorial today? I saw bits and pieces; came home for lunch and flipped between that and One Tree Hill on Soapnet. This is awful to say, I know, but I kind've have the hots for John Mayer after watching his performance of "Human Nature" today. I don't know if it's because "Human Nature" is my favorite MJ song, or it was the way he was strumming that guitar and making those weird faces, but I was a HOT MESS after seeing that! He was damn fine wearing that tie under that black vest. I kind've want him to be my boyfriend now........eeeeeeekkkkkkk!!! If you haven't seen it, I'm posting. Love it!

By the way, I got my Steve Madden sandals!!! Finally. Check them out and all of their cute glory:

So cute and comfy!!

I also got some super-cute Fergalicious heels the other day (had no idea Fergie designed shoes, by the way). As you can see, shoes and John Mayer have been the highlight of my week so far. Uhhhhh.......how many more days until the weekend??