Thursday, September 13, 2012


Raise your hand if you watched The X Factor last night.  (I'm waving my right hand frantically in the air right now.)  Hellur!  Absolutely loved it!  I haven't watched American Idol in years, so the only reason I was looking forward to even watching The X Factor last night was because of Brit-Brit.  Well, I really liked the  show, AND it looks like our girl might be getting her groove back.  Really, I was impressed.  Britney did not mince words, and seemed to really care about giving these contestants the honest to God truth.  Go girl!  She looked great, too.  Totally dug the glasses she wore on this day:

On the other hand, after last night I have a major girl crush on Demi Lovato.  What a cutie!  I've never really paid much attention to Demi before.  I mean, I knew she dated Joe Jonas at one point, and I knew she had punched somebody in her entourage out at one point, and then immediately went to rehab afterwards.  So, last night was the first time I watched something she was in for a period of her!!  I just thought she was so fresh-faced and adorable.  I loved the fact that she didn't wear a ton of makeup (although her eyeliner in the first part of the episode was something fierce), and had a really easy-going banter with everyone from Simon to the contestants.  After the show, I immediately went to Twitter and started following.  New fan!

I'm going to have to DVR tonight.  Glee comes back and Kate Hudson is starring as a teacher, and HELLO- she's like girl crush #1!

One last thing, have y'all heard The Bieb's new song?  Heard it for the first time last night and cannot get it out of my head.  Who said 30 wasn't the new 20?