Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Fall, y'all

Happy Sunday, y'all!  Can you feel it in the air??  Fall's here!  This is, hands down, my favorite season.  Excited about: fun scarves, slouchy boots, leggings (and of course, jeggings), Pumpkin Spice Latte's, and (I have to say it), Breaking Dawn 2! About to keel over with joy.....for real.

Last night we celebrated one of my bestie's, Jessica, 30th birthday.  Here's a pic:

My 2 Jessica's & me: Birthday girl in the middle ;)

Had a blast!  Jessica is getting married December 15th, and I am one of the lucky girls that gets to stand beside her on her big day.  Aren't my friends lovely? :)

So, in anticipation of her big day (and simply for the fact that I'm not going to give up my glass of wine a night), I've worked out 4 days this week.  That's, like, a record people.  I met with a personal trainer Friday (consult came free with joining the gym), and I am putting it lightly when I say he$$.  First, we sat down and went over my body fat percentage (terrible), and my goals.  I basically told him that the only reason why I wanted to lose weight was for completely vain reasons, but that the health benefits would be a great perk. ;)  After discussing goals, workouts, etc. he then proceeded to go all Britney Spears trainer on me.  I'm talking squats, lunges, climbing stairs, while screaming 8-count reps.  On top of all this, he was very attractive and every time I did look at him I broke out in a huge smile, forgot what rep I was on, and giggled.....nonstop.  What is wrong with me??!  Afterwards, he pulled me back into his office to discuss nutrition packages/personal training sessions that would cost upwards of $25 a week!  Srsly??  I'm already paying y'all a whopping $50 bucks a month- you'd think the training sessions could be free (especially when Planet Fitness down the road is offering $10/month plans)!  Welcome to the gym, folks.

Tonight is the Emmy's!!  Y'all know that I love nothing more than a good awards show.  And I don't discriminate.  I'm talking Teen Choice Awards to Academy Awards- I'm so there.  The following are my predictions for tonight:

  • Lea Michele will be a total diva and do the pout face at every camera she can get her mug on.
  • Jon Hamm will be gorge.  The girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt will look pretty and a little desperate (I stay worried about her.  She just seems so nice and I don't want The Hamm to break her heart.) 
  • Zooey Deschanel (my fave) will be the cutest, funniest person there and I'll wish that we were BFF's.
  • 30 Rock will win everything.
  • Wonder if this guy will be there:  

I guess we'll see........

Happy Sunday!