Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Royal Edition

Last night as I was browsing through the celebrity gossip on my US Weekly iPhone app I came across this story:

"Karl Lagerfeld: Carole Middleton is "Sexier Than Her Daughters" Kate and Pippa"

The story went on to basically say how the famous designer thinks Carole Middleton is hot.  Good for her.  She is an attractive woman, and she most definitely has beautiful daughters.

The story caught my eye because Mr. Lagerfeld has been very outspoken against Pippa and the way she looks before.  You can read that story here.  It irked me to no end reading this story because Pippa is a natural beauty just like her sister.  She's not injected with so much collagen and botox that she can't move her face.  And I'm sure she probably maintains her fab bod (and rear) the healthy way, without resorting to sticking her finger down her throat and/or starving herself.  I know Karl Lagerfeld is a famous designer, but who gives him the right (especially when he looks like President Snow from the Hunger Games) to designate who's sexy or not. 

Well now Mr. Lagerfeld is backtracking on the Pippa "only should show her backside" comment.  His new "words of wisdom" are that Pippa needs better makeup- specifically eye makeup.

After reading this I decided to see for myself.  Sure, I know both Middleton sisters are very lovely.  But, I too have noticed that the Middleton girls love eye makeup- especially black eyeliner.  While the designer states that Kate can do no wrong, I decided to focus my picture search on Pippa.  And well, you can see for yourself:

Too much self-tanner (image via

A bit too much? (image via

Okay the fake tan/orangy foundation combo is not good, I'll admit.  The bottom picture I honestly think is lovely.  Hell, maybe I have bad taste in makeup.  Yeah I don't believe in panda eyes, but I do LOVE eyeliner.  I ain't even gonna lie.
 I didn't discover eyeliner until I was 20 (I guess that's an appropriate age), and ever since then I've been a sucker.  I've tried the no eyeliner thing, the eyeliner only on the upper lash line thing, and the eyeliner halfway across the bottom thing.  I've discovered through plenty of trial and error that lining the eye all the way from top to bottom works for me, as long as I don't overdue it.  After seeing pictures where it looks like the black eyeliner is wearing me (instead of me wearing it), I've now gone completely to shadow liner.  This has involved investing in a great liner brush (I recommend Sephora's angled eyeliner brush) which you can use to apply both powder and gel eyeliner; however, I don't recommend using the same brush to do both as I've made that mistake and had to make the $14 purchase again

Maybe that is what our lovely Pippa needs.  What do you think?  I heart her.  I root for her hard.  I'm sure Kate is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, but why does she get to marry Prince William, be a Duchess, and innocently flirt with Prince Harry and his Royal hotness for the rest of her life.  I know I'm not the only one that totally thinks Pippa and Harry should hook it up.  (As a side note, can we admire how hot Harry looks in uniform?!)

Dayumm, boy (image via

Maybe I should just move our brood to London and take over Pippa's styling.  I think that would work.  And in trade, she could show me the number of squats and lunges she does to maintain that rump.  That's totally a deal!

Pippa- call me!