Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ring The Alarm!

Tomorrow is my Friday. Thank the lawd! Leaving at 4:00 pm to head up to Griffin and meet the girls for........BEYONCE!!!! Woohoo! I can't wait. We're on the floor, and I literally mean, on the floor. Like, we're standing up the entire time. Eeekkk!!! So, I woke up this morning with the Beyonce wardrobe in question. I am only for sure that:

(a) I will be wearing a halter dress because it's just too damn hot to wear anything else.
(b) I will be wearing my hair up because it's just too damn hot to wear it down.
(c) As close as we are going to be to the ultimate diva, I refuse to bring my camera inside Phillip's Arena only to (with my luck) lose it, or get it taken away by some security guard with short-man syndrome. I will happily be snapping pics and recording video with my good ole camera phone. Grainy images.......whatev.

The only attire that I have not been for sure of is shoes. While flat-ironing my hair this morning I had the brilliant idea to head to DSW after work for the perfect shoes for tomorrow night. I had the Steve Madden Motif sandals in black on the brain. Were they there?? Hell no. That is the second time I have been to the DSW in Macon and they did not have them. Am I gonna have to drive to Lenox, people? So regrettably, I am stuck with my plain old flip-flops. Oh well.........maybe my nail polish will stand out. And in the words of Miz Knowles herself:

"Can you get me bodied
I wanna be myself tonight!"

I am out. Gotta go fix dinner for the hubster, and pack for lake fun Thursday. So excited!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Update

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you did absolutely nothing, and it was wonderful? This has been my weekend. I literally laid around all day yesterday in my pajamas and it was fantastic. With all of this being said, I wasn't completely lazy. I cleaned the house (i.e. dusted, polished, vacuumed, cleaned the base boards, swept, etc.) and gave Sophie May a much-needed bath. But other than that, my day was devoted to: watching movies on the USA network, catching up on some reading (My Sister's Keeper- good book, but can't really seem to get into it), and actually doing some baking and cooking. After dinner, the hubby and I watched The Bourne Identity. Adam has been asking me to watch this movie with him for years, and I'm always like "Hmm.....no thank you. Not interested." Well, since yesterday was just such a good day and I was in such a great mood, I thought "What the hell?" Folks, I have to say the movie was WAY better than I expected! Yes, I will admit that 2 big glasses of Pinot Grigio and Bud Light might have contributed to my excitement over this movie, I don't know. I'll just say that I watched the whole movie, told Adam that I wanted to watch the sequel tonight (uh-oh), and then promptly got on Facebook and commented on like 7 people's profiles within five minutes (BIG ruh-roh). This should be a new rule: No Drunk"booking" while under the influence of alcohol. Ooops.........

I have a short work week this week and I am one happy girl! Wednesday is my Friday and I couldn't be more excited. Since the Beyonce concert is Wednesday night I decided to take Thursday off. I am thinking this is a smart move. I've drank the cheap wine at Phillip's Arena many times before, and the hangover recovery is a good 8-12 hours. After the concert, me and my girlfriends are heading to the lake for a girls day all day Thursday. I.Cannot.Wait. Have not had a girls day at the lake in forever, and it should be a lot of fun. Looking forward to Bloody Mary's, fattening food, dock tanning, riding around on the boat (with margarita in hand, of course), wearing a bikini and not worrying about stomach rolls, and just spending time with my girlfriends. Love!

Gotta go. Just found Sophie chasing a huge roach in our hallway. Eeeekkkk!!!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


It's Friday! It's Friday! It's Friday!! Woop woop. In the words of the Mo Thugs Family, I am feeling G-double O- D good. This week has been crazy, busy, insane and exhausting all in one. Looking forward to kicking back with a glass of wine, and The Housewives of New Jersey Reunion show Part 2. They are straight up hot messes, and I LOVE it!

So, this blog wouldn't be complete if I didn't bring up the passing of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Yesterday, I had come home for lunch and was checking emails, news, etc. and read the news of Farrah Fawcett's passing. I felt so sad for her family, yet I had had a feeling that she would die soon and mostly I felt happy for her that she did not have to suffer any longer. From reading celebrity gossip and tabloids, I knew her life had become a struggle and that the end was near. I also read where she was supposed to be marrying Ryan O'Neal, and thought how sad, and sweet, and romantic. I honestly, can't imagine watching someone you love dying just a little bit more every day- it must be so heart-breaking. After hearing that, and talking with co-workers, friends, and family I heard the other big news. Michael Jackson was dead. At first, I thought it was some stupid, internet prank that someone like Perez had devised. When I turned the channel to E! and saw the breaking news I just could not believe it. This man was a legend, and now he's gone. Unbelievable.

I'm not going to say that Michael Jackson changed my life. I'm not going to say that he did this for me, and he did that for me, because it's just not true. And to be honest, I never thought about Michael Jackson until yesterday when I learned of his death. What I will say, however, is that there will never be anyone like him. He changed the face of music and he is an icon. Justin Timberlake, Usher, Neyo- they all learned from this man. His dance moves and music are timeless. Yeah, I haven't been a fan of Michael Jackson himself in quite a few years, but his music- incredible. "PYT," "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin,'" "Human Nature," "Dirty Diana," "Billie Jean," "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough, "Smooth Criminal," and "Thriller"- oh my God. He was a musical genius. Yesterday, I heard the news and I cried. In a way I felt so silly, but I couldn't help it. This man is a legend, and love him or hate him, he will be remembered forever. So, in honor of Michael Jackson, here he is doing what he does best. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hey friends! Sorry for the MIA status. I have been SO busy at work that my brain is exhausted by 3:00 pm. We have orientation tomorrow and Friday, and I am praying that I will make it to the weekend. I have a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc chilling in the fridge (Monkey Bay brand- has anyone tried? The label looked fun so I made the purchase) and two, maybe three glasses will be consumed tonight.

So, last night me, Adam, and some friends went to see "The Hangover." Oh my God, it was so good! I literally laughed from the moment I sat down in my seat until the credits rolled. I am seriously considering paying to see it again. Adam cracked me up- he laughed so hard during the whole movie that I had to give him the "Shhh, baby, you're being that guy in the movie theater" look. If you haven't seen it, go see it! It's also worth going just so you can stare at Bradley Cooper- he's delicious. If you don't recognize the name, here he is in all of his blue-eyed, hot-assed glory:
He has longer hair now. HAWT! He is seriously so close to replacing Rpatz on the boyfriend train. Lerve.
(Image courtesy of flickr)

In other news, my mother and father-in-law will be having a benefit concert at their home in Bolingbroke to raise money for Beau Slocumb- a local race-car driver who was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma this year and is currently seeking treatment with a team of specialists in Houston, TX. The hope is that this concert will raise enough money to help Beau continue his fight against cancer and show support as a community. The concert is called the Bolingbroke Southern Jam and it should be a lot of fun! Lots of good music, food, and etc. Here are a couple of links that will give you more information if you're interested:

Buckhorn Farms
Speed Bumps

Off to go hang out with the hubby and Sophie-May. Toodles!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!!

I'm so hungover today. I'm not even gonna lie. Our friend's 30th birthday was too fun, and I wish I had the pictures to prove it, instead of this horrible beer hangover. Recovery has not been so great, but oh well. It was worth it. Thanks all for a wonderful night!!!!

In other news, it's a day for daddies, and I have to say a few things, and share a few memories about mine:

There is this picture that was taken of me and my dad the day I was born. He's holding me, and I am looking up at him smiling. It's my favorite picture in the entire world, and it completely defines our relationship. Growing up, my dad was my hero and of course, he still is. My parent's got married very young (my mom was 20; my dad was 23), and they got pregnant with me basically a couple of months into marriage. My dad at one time was working 3 jobs to support me, my mom, and my sister. It was a hard life for them, but they were happy and crazy about their little girls. I called him "Daddy Rick" when I started talking, and every time he came home from work and yelled out "Where's my little, fat girl??!!" I would dive into my toy box (I was 2) and wait for him to come find me. Best game ever. I remember him driving me and my sister around in his truck when we were little and listening to a Stevie Ray Vaughn tape that had "Pride and Joy" and "Leave My Girl Alone." He would sing those songs to us and say, "When you get older, I'm gonna tell those boys to leave my girls alone." Haha! I still have to credit my dad for my taste in music; I was brought up on Stevie Ray, Pink Floyd, Led Zep, and etc. because of him. I also have to credit my dad for my love of roller coasters and fast rides; of catching waves and "riding them out," of teaching me to not worry so much about what others think and believing in myself; and most importantly, of showing me that a relationship should be about love, trust, and patience because that is the example that my parent's have always set for me. Before I walked down aisle to Adam in my big, white dress, I looked up at my dad and said, "Are you ready?" and he said, "Let's rock and roll!" That's when I knew everything was as it should be.

So Daddy, Happy Father's Day to you! I love you more than words could ever say, and miss you so much it hurts. Take good care of yourself, and always remember those same words of wisdom that you said to me when I needed to hear them most: "Let's rock and roll!" Love you, dad.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Happy Friday, friends! Thank God the weekend is finally here. This week has been insane, but a good craziness. My boss took myself and my co-workers up to Atlanta yesterday for a day of relaxation. We went and ate lunch at a gorgeous home on the Chattahoochee River, and lemme' just say, it was FABULOUS. Their deck overlooked the river and it was absolutely beautiful. A few rafters came floating by tugging a cooler of beer, and I literally had to restrain myself from doing a swan drive into the river. Despite the 100 degree heat, it was all-in-all, a perfect day. Seriously, what can beat sun, fun, and a low country boil?? Good times.

This weekend is chalking up to be a busy one for the Moselys. Tomorrow afternoon we have a baby shower to host/attend (yes, I feel like the baby shower queen); and tomorrow evening one of our friends, Julie, is having a 30th birthday partay (Happy Birthday, Jules!). I'm already exhausted. Excited, but exhausted.

Beyonce is exactly 1 week away from next Wednesday. I can already feel the excitement starting to bubble up. I'm going with a good group of girls, and we're staying in ATL so it should be a night of insanity. I would like to bust out my faux gladiator heels for Miz Knowles, but with us being on the floor I think my comfy, Yellow Box flops will have to work. Mental note: Find a cute dress to "bounce" it in. We'll do!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Midnight Conversations

So, I have to share something that is embarrassing and kind of psycho. It has been something that's been going on for a few months now, and it has recently been brought to my attention A LOT lately. To get to the point, I am a midnight "conversationer." When I say midnight, I literally mean midnight. At or around 12 AM, I randomly strike up a conversation with the hubby. What the eff?? I know this sounds completely dumb and random, but it's true. You see, I believe this all started earlier this year when I decided to actually start getting in the bed at 10 pm. I used to pass out on the couch while watching TV with Adam every night. Since Adam is a night owl, he would stay up until around 11:30 or so, wake me up, and then we would go to bed. Well, since I started actually getting in the bed at 10 pm (by the way, I know you're thinking I'm a loser for going to bed so early, but I can't help it- used to be a night person, now I'm morning person. That's what a full-time job does to you- don't judge) I am passed out asleep by the time Chelsea Lately comes on. For that hour, I sleep so hard and SO good. Then the midnight hour strikes. Keep in mind that some of these conversations included me actually getting out of our bed, and walking into the living room and/or computer room to find Adam, and then having the conversation. Oh, and most importantly, I was asleep during all of these and don't remember any of this happening until the next day when Adam tells me. These conversations have included:

  • Freaking out because Adam and Sophie May stayed up all night long while I slept (this conversation was had at 12:15 pm on a Friday night).
  • My request that Adam stop smoking (this is true so it can't be too bad)
  • The same question-answer session of "Are the doors locked? Did you set the alarm? Okay good.........Well, are you sure??".
  • And my personal favorite, "I've got to get back to sleep because I really want to get up early tomorrow and work out. I'm going to start doing that everyday." Yeahhhhhh, okay.
What the hell? I feel real bad for Adam. My friends tell me I should take some sleeping pills. I really don't think sleeping pills should be an option. The last time I took an Ambien was almost 4 years ago, and I woke up convinced that a man dressed in all white with a top hat and cane was standing beside Adam. Hellooooo, Poltergeist! I don't know. Maybe one day it will stop. In the meantime, he can continue to say every night, "Baby, just go back to bed."


Monday, June 15, 2009

Attention all rude & obnoxious people:

I had a pretty good day today. The weather was gorgeous (and HOT), I had a great day at work, and I got to enjoy some retail therapy after work at DSW, Victoria's Secret, and Dillards, with my birthday money. Yay. From this shopping extravaganza, I am most excited about the "ferosh" pair of black diba heels that I got on clearance for $35. Yep, I deserved it after the obnoxiousness and rudeness that I had to deal with twice this afternoon. To continue........

A couple of things happened today that really pissed me off. So, as I'm preparing to go back to work from lunch, and drinking my last sip of diet coke, I happen to look out the window and notice that half of my mail box is gone. It's like the bottom half was still there, the second half- GONE. WTF?? As a side note, I live on a really busy road with a mailbox that is really close to the road; therefore, this is not our first mail box incident. Anyway, I see our brand spankin' new mailbox torn in half and the anger is just a bubbling. Luckily, Adam was home and able to run outside and fix the mailbox. My question is, why can't people stay on the road?? Is it that hard to drive in a straight line? And, if you're driving your car and happen to hit some one's mailbox and break it, wouldn't you kindly pull over into these people's driveway, apologize, and offer to buy them a new mailbox?? Yeah. People need to learn some manners, and just plain common courtesy. This was not the first time that this has happened, and it probably won't be the last. Uhhhhhh!!! All I've got to say is Thank God for Lowe's and their plastic (but super durable) mailboxes. Over it.

My second incident/interaction with a rude person and/or people occurred when I was walking out to my car at 5:05 pm. I got to my car and this lovely note was stuck to my windshield, "Next time, park in my car!" Ooookkkkaay. The note confused me at first, and then I realized that they were complaining that I parked too close to their car. So, I have several opinions on this little note and I'm going to share them:
  • (1) Yes, I do understand that I might have parked too close to your car, but did you ever think that the reason why I parked too close to you is because the person that was two spots over from you might have jacked-up parking skills?? Maybe the reason why I was so close to you is because I had to be to get into the space.
  • (2) In this instance, I probably should have gone to find another parking space. But, when you hit the jackpot on a prime parking space close to the location where you're going, wouldn't you grab that too-tight spot and make it work? I mean, I drive a freakin' Jeep- not that big of a car, buddy.
  • (3) There have been plenty of times when I have walked out to my car and found that someone was parked too close to me. Did I pitch a hissy and write out a note?? Nope. I silently cursed them and went about my business, because guess what? I have better things to do!
So, here's to you, Mr. or Ms. Parking Spot Police: You are officially (and in the words of my friend, Kindredly) ON NOTICE! Oh, and thank you for giving me such a fun blog to write by the way. I feel soooo much better.

Here's to a better Tuesday!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


The baby bug has bitten me, folks. I'm not even gonna lie. It is babies galore everywhere I go. I have friends left and right that are either: (a) getting pregnant; (b) having a baby; (c) on their second baby; or (d) talking about getting pregnant. Is this a sign that I should be with child? I don't know, but the baby bug is biting me hard. I went to a baby shower yesterday and it literally felt like a "baby shower," babies everywhere. I zoomed in on a precious little baby boy that had big blue eyes, tons of dark hair, and super chubby legs, and had to hold him during the shower. I was IN LOVE. Maybe it's time.....I don't know. I do know that Adam needs another job and that is a must before any child is conceived. I guess we'll see. Oh! I have to give a shout-out to my cousin, Jill; she found out that she will be having a baby girl. Woohoo!! I can't wait to snuggle and kiss this baby cousin in just a few months. See what I'm talking about?? I'm on baby overdrive.

Today, we are having a girls day/birthday celebration(s) for both me and my good friend, Lauren. I'm looking so forward to a day with the just the girls. I have the ipod and ipod dock loaded up, and Bud Light Lime in the fridge. I plan to roast by the pool and catch up on celebrity gossip. Speaking of, have ya'll seen the latest picture of Miss Jennifer Aniston at the Women In Film awards this weekend? If not, here it is:

She looks fantastic, does she not?
Image courtesy of People

Have a great Sunday, friends!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome back to the land of the living!

I have been MIA for the past few days. But, I have a good excuse. I got sick......on my birthday. Yep, it was a stomach bug and it was terrible. Wednesday I woke up feeling great, so happy it was my birthday, blah, blah, blah. I put a cute dress on, curled my hair (yes, I'm a dork), and was happy to be the big 2-7. So, after me and my co-workers ate lunch at a local Japanese restaurant I get back to work and it hit me big time. Basically, I ended up getting sick at work and almost puked in my car (in the "foach", by the way). I walked in the door and Adam asked me, "What happened to you?". Thanks, babe. So instead of coming home, opening presents, going out to dinner, drinking wine, and enjoying the birthday, my face was in a toilet bowl. Nice visual, I know. Luckily, I am feeling better. Damn stomach bug. Adam gave me an Ipod Dock. I told him I needed this for tidying purposes since I like to listen to music while cleaning. While this is true, I also enjoy doing my best Beyonce and Brit-Brit impersonations for Sophie May when I'm home alone; the ipod dock has solved this problem, and I can now have Dance Club USA anytime I want! Real happy girl.

Besides the whole puking experience, I had a great birthday. Sunday I get to celebrate again with some of my best friends and I really cannot wait.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post; it's so comforting to know people are out there thinking and praying for you and your family.

Off to indulge in one of me and the hubster's favorites, pot roast. Yum! I'll be blogging soon!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vacays and birthdays.......

Hello friends! Long time no blog, I know. Sorry about the delay. Ever since the hub and I arrived back in Macon Sunday we have hit the ground running. Me- getting back into the daily grind; Adam- working and looking for a new job. This is probably a really dumb question to ask in this shitty economy, but does anyone know who (if anyone) is hiring? So not a fun topic, so let's move on to more important stuff........

My 27th birthday is tomorrow. Woot woot. Okay, I'm not that cool........I FREAKIN' LOVE BIRTHDAYS! Especially mine. ;) Adam and I have no huge plans right now, and that's totally fine with me. I preferred to be surprised anyway. Sunday, a good friend of mine is having a little birthday get-together for both me and another friend who shares a June birthday, also. We plan to have a girls day, lay by the pool, drink margaritas, and hang out. I can't wait. I'm especially glad that it is only girls for our little partay', because this stomach is in no shape to be bared to the public (meaning guys and people I don't know). I'll just say that A LOT of fried shrimp was consumed on family vacay. Oops.

Family vacation was fantastic. Thanks to the many hours spent by the pool (the beach wasn't my favorite) I have a pretty good tan. My mission to get the "tan on" was completed. Friday afternoon me, Adam, my mom, and my sister went to the Beau Rivage. Oh my gosh, it was amazing. The place is gorgeous. I wish I had taken more pictures of the actual hotel, but my mind was on nickel slots and vodka pineapples. The casino was too much fun. I literally sat down at a nickel slot machine within the first 20 minutes of arriving at the casino, put five bucks in the slot, and won $75! I'm not kidding. It was pure luck because I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Here's a picture of me (still so happy from my win) watching my sister, Megan, play the penny slots:

I so would have taken more pictures of the Beau, but got into trouble with a security guard. Hehe........no photography in the casino for some reason. There you go, our first casino experience!

Friday night, my family and my grandparents hung out at our condo and had a birthday party for both me and my dad. My dad will be turning 51 in July. Here's a pic:

That cake is absolutely delish, by the way.

We also headed out to the beach to take pictures. Here are a few:

I told Adam to wear white. He follows directions so well, doncha think?

Seriously cracked up.

The whole Todd/Mosely clan. I kinda love this pic.

We said goodbye to my dad Saturday afternoon. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Just because we've said goodbye before when he left for Iraq in 2005, does not make it any easier this time around. It was actually harder. When he left four years ago, he was younger, a little faster, and situations were different. It's a whole different ball game now, and it's scary. He is the bravest man I know, and I am so incredibly lucky to call him my dad.

Godspeed, dad! We love you so, incredibly much.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Biloxi Bulletin Part II

Greetings from Mississippi! Friends, vacay has been great. The past two days have been busy, but a lot of fun. I have not followed the diet this week, and don't plan to. It's vacation! I mean, isn't that an excuse to eat things like: cheesecake brownies, chicken salad and bologna sandwiches, fried shrimp, fried catfish po'boys, hush puppies, chips and salsa, peanut butter pretzels, crab & shrimp au gratin, AND drink margaritas like you will never visit El Sombrero again?? Yeah. That's been my diet. Don't hate.

Wednesday the the fam and I went to the beach. It was mostly overcast and cloudy, but it was nice to have my toes in the sand, while reading a good book. My grandparents arrived in Biloxi late Wednesday afternoon, and we all got together for dinner and drinks at this restaurant named, "The Blowfly Inn." After dinner, Sangria's, and beer, we headed down to the dock by the bayou and took family pictures. Hilarious. I will have to post them later.

Yesterday, we roasted by the pool and seriously got our "tan on." That afternoon we headed to Hattiesburg for a military ceremony. It was amazing to see what great spirits the guys were in considering that they are heading to a war zone. I got to meet some of the men that my dad will be with during this time and they seemed like really great guys. All we can do now is pray and take it day by day. I am dreading say goodbye to my dad tomorrow.

Tonight, we are staying in the villa and celebrating mine and my dad's birthdays (mine- June 10th; my dads- July 14). We are having a low country boil and red velvet cake- YUM. And, in very exciting news, me and Adam are heading to the Beau Rivage today- woohoo!!!! I have never been to a casino, so I can only imagine how terrible I'll probably act in there. I think I'm just gonna go sit at a slot machine and scream everytime I pull the handle........maybe if I do that the people running the games will let me win. Haha! Adam's real scared.......

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Biloxi Bulletin

We finally arrived in Biloxi around 4 pm yesterday afternoon. I have to say, it is not what I expected. I knew the beaches were not going to be covered in sugar-white sand, with blue-green ocean water like the Gulf in Florida, but I did not expect to see so much damage still left over from Hurricane Katrina. It is crazy to see what Katrina did to Biloxi. And, it looks like many of the restaurants, attractions, and etc. that were standing when Katrina hit, are still being re-built and/or renovated. You can tell that Biloxi lost a lot when the disaster hit (almost) four years ago. There are some parts of Biloxi that remind me of Savannah, and I can definitely see this place being a huge tourist attraction in the next 2-3 years with all of the beautiful and new condominium towers and casinos being built. With all of that being said, I am still so happy to be here on vacation with my family. It's like my mom said last night, "We're here to make the best out of a bad situation." So true. I'm just trying to treasure every minute I spend with my dad before we say goodbye to him Saturday. Sunday will be a long and depressing ride home, but in the meantime, we are planning a trip to the Beau Rivage either tomorrow or Friday night. I absolutely cannot wait! I have never gambled before, so I'm sure I will be spending plenty of time at the slot machines. Oh well. As long as I have a Mai Thai in my hand I will be a happy girl. Let the bank-rolling begin!

About to head to the beach. I have my ipod loaded up, and a new book, Firefly Lane, in hand. Ahhhhh.....I love vacay.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Love Hangover

Did ya'll watch the MTV Movie Awards? If you didn't let me just fill you in: boyfriend was ALL over the place. Ahhhhh......love. He is absolutely delish in every way. Typically, I would feel bad for squealing every time he came on the television screen, but at least 4 of my girlfriends that watched it with me were doing the same thing. How the heck are we supposed to make it to November when New Moon comes out?? We shall persevere! In the meantime, I am posting a picture of my favorite moment in MTV Movie Awards history. I couldn't find the video, but this picture should explain everything. Enjoy!

Image courtesy of New Moon Movie