Friday, June 5, 2009

The Biloxi Bulletin Part II

Greetings from Mississippi! Friends, vacay has been great. The past two days have been busy, but a lot of fun. I have not followed the diet this week, and don't plan to. It's vacation! I mean, isn't that an excuse to eat things like: cheesecake brownies, chicken salad and bologna sandwiches, fried shrimp, fried catfish po'boys, hush puppies, chips and salsa, peanut butter pretzels, crab & shrimp au gratin, AND drink margaritas like you will never visit El Sombrero again?? Yeah. That's been my diet. Don't hate.

Wednesday the the fam and I went to the beach. It was mostly overcast and cloudy, but it was nice to have my toes in the sand, while reading a good book. My grandparents arrived in Biloxi late Wednesday afternoon, and we all got together for dinner and drinks at this restaurant named, "The Blowfly Inn." After dinner, Sangria's, and beer, we headed down to the dock by the bayou and took family pictures. Hilarious. I will have to post them later.

Yesterday, we roasted by the pool and seriously got our "tan on." That afternoon we headed to Hattiesburg for a military ceremony. It was amazing to see what great spirits the guys were in considering that they are heading to a war zone. I got to meet some of the men that my dad will be with during this time and they seemed like really great guys. All we can do now is pray and take it day by day. I am dreading say goodbye to my dad tomorrow.

Tonight, we are staying in the villa and celebrating mine and my dad's birthdays (mine- June 10th; my dads- July 14). We are having a low country boil and red velvet cake- YUM. And, in very exciting news, me and Adam are heading to the Beau Rivage today- woohoo!!!! I have never been to a casino, so I can only imagine how terrible I'll probably act in there. I think I'm just gonna go sit at a slot machine and scream everytime I pull the handle........maybe if I do that the people running the games will let me win. Haha! Adam's real scared.......

Wish us luck!