Thursday, May 30, 2013


I can't believe it's already Thursday!  Love that!  One more day till the weekend- whoop!

Aaron and I have had a low-key week.  I've been letting him stay up a little later than usual at night, so we both get to sleep in until at least eight if not later in the AM.  We've spent a lot of time at the pool, and thanks to the horrible sunburn both Ashley and I acquired last Friday, I now have a decent early summer tan.  Who'd a thunk?? 

Tonight and tomorrow night we're celebrating my sister-in-law's high school graduation.  She is a wonderful sister to Adam, sister-in-law to me, and aunt to Aaron Mo.  Congrats and we love you, Haley!  Tonight my in-laws are throwing a party in her honor complete with Mexican food (too bad I can't indulge in a marg) and tomorrow's the big graduation ceremony.  It's crazy that even though I graduated high school 13 years ago, I still remember it like yesterday.  I look back and think about all the things I would have changed; where I should have gone to school, what I should have majored in and actually stuck with it, who I should and should not have dated, etc.  I guess we all do that, right?  But then I think, would I be married to Adam?  Would I have an Aaron Mo and a baby girl on the way?  Who knows.  When I think about those things, I know I'm where I am supposed to be.  All part of His plan I suppose!

Saturday, my girlfriend, Brooke, is throwing a girls days at her mom's lake house for myself and another friend that have upcoming June birthdays.  I'm so excited!!  Brooke's moms house alone is a vacation to me.  It's huge, beautiful, overlooks Lake Tobesofkee, and comes complete with a pool and jacuzzi.  Ahhh.....Heaven!!  I think if I lived there I'd never leave....there would be no point.  Definitely one of my happy places!  I will miss my boys, but mama is overdue for a day away with friends.  Holla!

Sunday begins the first of a summer of baby showers.  My friend, Laura, is having a baby girl in July and we'll be celebrating her sweet baby girl Sunday.  Yay for babies.....lots of them! ;)

Busy weekend!  Also on the itinerary: packing, and going threw all of Aaron's clothes.  I think I'm going to attempt a FB album of his clothing and try to make a little $$.  I know the easiest thing would be to just drop the bags off at Goodwill and call it a day, but I can't just give it baby boy is growing up too fast!  Plus, I'm trying to get rid of things so we don't have to pack them.  I.hate.packing!!!!!

What's your weekend looking like?


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catching Up

Hope y'all had a great holiday weekend!  I can't believe it's already Tuesday.  Our weekend flew by- time flies when you're having fun and staying busy I guess. 

Friday, Aaron and I met Ashley at the pool for a little fun in the sun, and we had such a great time!  Aaron was on his best behavior (save for a meltdown or two) and I was lucky that Ashley's husband basically babysat Aaron the whole time.  (Thank you, JG!!)  Ashley is having a sweet little boy in late September, and I'm due a week later, so you can imagine all the fun we had discussing our crazy, growing pregnancy bods.  So nice to have prego buddies!  I'm so excited to do this all summer- this big belly is going to stay in a pool.

We left town for the weekend, and didn't get home until late yesterday.  We drove up to Marietta Saturday to spend the night with my sister and her hubby.  They moved into a gorge house last August, and luckily their subdivision pool just happens to be right next door to their house (score!) so we spent the majority of Saturday afternoon by the pool, too.  While my mom, sister, and Aaron got to enjoy the sun I sat under the umbrella with a magazine since I decided to not wear sunscreen the day before and turned into a lobster- I'm smart. (Eye roll).  Sunday we spent the night with my parents, and left late yesterday.  Fun but busy weekend. 

I still haven't packed one thing to move into our new home.  And we'll be moving in the next 3-4 weeks.  Can you say procrastination??  I just cannot get my act together.  I hate moving.  And I don't mean I hate moving to a brand new house that we're in love with; I just mean I hate the process of moving.  It sucks.  I know that most people feel this way, but I just have to whine for a second.  After Aaron wakes up from him nap, we're heading to Lowe's to get some moving supplies.  Here we go again......

I think my belly grew more over the weekend.  I feel hurge; like I might be carrying Renesmee hurge (Twilight reference if you're wondering wth.)  My mom and I went to Subway to pick up sandwiches Sunday, and the girl asked me if this was my first baby, when I responded no she asked if I was "that huge with my first baby."  I said "yep", whipped around, and stomped my fat a$$ out the door.  The nerve.  Yesterday, my family and I went to Pizza Hut for lunch I just realized that I'm that girl that talks about food all the time.  Not good. and every time I went up to the buffet (which was only 3 times, y'all!) everybody watched.  I mean, have they never seen a pregnant belly before?  Were they worried that I was going to eat all of the cinnamon sticks?  Because if they were, then they had a right to be- those things were damn good.  Over it.  I got a little over 4 more months to go, and I'm wearing this bump proudly. 
And btw, I did go back and look at pics of my pregnant belly with Aaron and no, I was not as big with Aaron as I am with Harper.  Go figure. 

Alright, gotta go.  Enjoy your Tuesday, y'all!  Only 3 more days to the weekend- whoop!!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sweet, Sweet Summer

Before I begin this post I just have to say that the people in Oklahoma are in my thoughts and prayers.  I cannot imagine what they are going through, and what they will continue to go through in the coming weeks and months ahead.  I don't know if y'all have seen this precious video of the elderly woman finding her dog, but you've got to watch.  So touching.  Have the Kleenex ready!

Aaron and I got to enjoy a morning at my in-law's pool today.  It's amazing what a little Vitamin D will do for your soul.  Woke up moody/feeling huge/dealing with heartburn to feeling so amazing and grateful for some time in the sun with my favorite little guy.  However, I will say that I was not the cutest sight; between trying to work a halter bikini top that I wore 5 years ago, and trying to work this ever expanding belly in a bikini bottom was not pretty.  To add on to it, some cute little high school guys were out working on the farm and I'm sure they were thinking "why is that big girl wearing a two piece?"  Oh well.  Better to be tan fat than white fat- haaa!

Do you ever have those dreams where you don't want to wake up?  I did last night.  It was incredible.  For the past few months I've been under the impression I was completely over JHutch (AKA Peeta).  Obviously not. 

I like him better blondeVia
So last night in my dream, I'm somewhere random and I discover that JHutch has been sorta stalking me.  I discover he has a photo book with all of these random pictures taken of me.  When I go to confront him he's all like, "yes I'm in love with you and I don't care that you're huge and preg with another kid and married."  And I won't go into details of the rest of the dream as they are totally inappro. 
Wth??  Why am I so cray?!?  This pregnancy is making me insane.  And a little bit of a dream hoochie.  I mean, last week I practically had that same dream about Daryl from Walking Dead.  Maybe it's all this estrogen I have flowing through me.  All I know is that I will be watching Hunger Games for the twentieth time tonight, and hoping for more sweet dreams later. (Ohhhh yeahhhh)

Enjoy your afternoon, hotties!


Monday, May 20, 2013

So much to say..

Happy Monday, everyone!  Happy, indeed!  Adam, Aaron, and I went to the Doc today for my 20 week anatomy scan and baby girl looks great!  She's officially 11 ounces, and moving up a storm.  We could see her feet and arms just going and going.  I think she's definitely got her mama's dance moves! ;)  All the organs looked good, and the best part.........


I knew that the heart looked normal from the 16-week heart ultrasound; however, it was so nice to be able to see the heart four weeks later and see that the heart definitely had 4 chambers.  I could see the chambers so clearly!  Praise God!  I will have a Fetal Echo done in about 6-8 weeks where they'll perform a very in-depth heart ultrasound screening at the Pediatric Cardiologist's office.  Am I nervous?  Heck yeah!  But from what we could see today, my Doctor feels pretty positive that everything is normal with her sweet heart.  That's all I can ask for.  Yay yay yay!!!!!

Here's a peek:

What a great start to the week!!

In other news.........we bought a house.  Yep- it's true!  We are under contract, y'all!!!  Okay, let me start from the beginning: this is not the house that I've been posting about in recent weeks.  We submitted our final offer for that house and never heard a I know why.  Adam and I went to see this house Friday.  We fell in love with it as soon as we walked in the door.  I mean, I saw Christmas- that's how I knew; I never saw Christmas in any of the other houses that we looked at.  This house is perfect for our family, we are in a great neighborhood, and awesome school district.  We could not be more excited!!  I promise to post some pics and go into more details once it's a sealed deal.  Our closing day is June 14th- eeeeekkkk- I still can't believe how blessed we are.  We also have great tenants moving in, so that of course, is the icing on the cake.  It's so true that God has a plan, but it happens on His terms, not mine.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

So that's it.  We've had quite a busy past few days!  Between seeing our healthy little girl and buying a house, we're feeling pretty excited!  Adam finished the updates to our kitchen Saturday, and I'll post a picture of that this week.  Next up: the driveway. 

Before I go, we've got to talk about the Scandal season finale.  I know I am sooooo 4 days late with this, but Jesus!  This show is cray!  These are my thoughts (for anyone that's interested in reading):
  • I LOVE Olivia and Jake (Scott Foley's character) together.  I think he's dreamy and he loves her.  Plus, he's not effin' married either!
  • I can't stand President Fitz.  He's an asshole.  And I think it's high time Mellie (the wifey) takes him for a ride on the crazy train.  I don't care that he's the President, and I also don't care that Mellie is annoying and bitchy- they're married!!  It's take for some serious payback; he has it coming, y'all!!!
That's it.  Just those two things.  Feel free to add your thoughts!

Enjoy your day!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer Makeup

This hot weather has me seriously over wearing makeup.  Yeah, yeah, I know it's only been a few days since it's been "hot" outside.  Up until last weekend, I was wearing a cardigan to keep the chill off (Hello? Am I a grandmother??).  Well, the eighty degree days are back in full force and I believe they're here to stay.  You know what's totally not about to stay on my face?  Eyeliner.  This is maj, y'all.  I am a total eyeliner sociopath.  I'm obsessed.  Always looking for new ways to wear it, switching from a pencil, to powder, to gel, etc.  Lining the outside, lining the inside, yada, yada, yada.  I'm an eyeliner freak.  I've watched so many videos on YouTube on how to expertly apply eyeliner (among other things) that I probably could do people's makeup as a side job.  Seriously.  Some days my makeup is a hot mess, but for the most part I think I do pretty good.  (If my makeup sucks, please just send me an anonymous letter/email; OR just don't burst my bubble, k?  Thanks!)

Okay, I might be a little too drastic in saying eyeliner's completely off the table.  I've decided my look this summer will be eyeliner just on the top lid.  I love it too much to completely part with it for 3 long months.  Of course, I'll do the typical going-out smokey eye at night for special occasions (Now that I think about it, that's doubtful as well.  I'm going to be as large as a hippo and probably sweating like a whore in church (Ha! Kidding!)  Might just be best to stick to my new summer makeup regimen of "less is best."  Don't want to scare anyone.)

Anyway, I think my summer makeup basics will include: tinted moisturizer (or BB cream), a light powder to prevent the shinies, some bronzer and highlighter, eyeliner (top lid only), mascara, and of course lipstick.  I know lip gloss rules the roost in the hot days of summer, but I am a total lipstick fool.  And the less heavy eye gives me more drive to wear a bright pink lip.  And when I say bright pink, I'm totally thinking Kourtney K:

So pretty, right?  Via
Here's some of my pinspiration:

Pretty much what I'm thinking of  my summer makeup essentialsVia

So effortlessly prettyVia

If I could afford every item in this pic, I'd buy in a sec.  My birthday is less than a month away..... ;) Via

What are your summer makeup must-haves?


Thursday, May 9, 2013

One more day left!

My eyes are swollen shut this morning.  I stayed up late last night watching the Naomi Watts movie, The Impossible, and I cried through the whole movie.  If you haven't watched this movie, watch it.  It's a true story based off of a family that experienced the 2004 tsunami in Thailand.  I have a weird obsession with tsunamis (don't ask.....don't know where/when this happened) so of course I was on board to watch this movie as soon as the previews came out.  I picked it up at the Redbox yesterday, and after I got my rug-rat in the bed I watched....and cried....and cried.   Trust me- it's worth the tears. 

So, I have news about the house and it isn't good.  Doesn't look like we're getting it.  (Sad face.)  For the past two days we have gone round and round via our Realtors with this offer/that offer.  We did stand firm on our final offer which we submitted Tuesday, but the seller was not on board.  Ugh!  So disappointing and aggravating.  I was talking to Adam about it last night, and we both agreed that if someone showed up on our doorstep offering to buy our house for $10,000 cheaper than when we bought it, provided we pay the closing costs, we'd jump at the chance.  I'm guessing maybe the owners aren't in such a hurry to sell because the house is an estate??  Who knows.  Honestly, I'm disappointed but I'm okay with the current situation.  It's all in God's hands.  Maybe He has something better for us?  The old me would fight for this house tooth and nail, not praying and asking God if this is where He wants me to be.  I'm just trying to listen this time around.  I know the answers (and house) will come with a little trust and patience.

In other news....have y'all bought Mother's Day gifts?  Ideas?  Aaron Mo and I are going shopping tomorrow morning, and I have no ideas of what to get my mom and my two mother-in-laws.  All of these wonderful women are different in so many ways, but I would like to do something other than a gift card.  I would look on Pinterest, but I don't have the time/energy to put together the "ultimate Mother's Day" gift; i.e. something homemade, super-duper cutesy, and absolutely over-the-top fabulous.  Pinterest has made everyone else look pathetic in the gift department if you hand somebody a card with a (gasp!) gift card inside it.  It has to be a handmade card, in the most beautiful calligraphy imaginable, with a balloon attached, an adorable poem, and a puppy.  For reals.  I can't handle it. 

 Final thoughts:
  • I have a maj crush on Deacon from Nashville.  Loving the fact that he and Rayna are finally gettin' it on.  Knockin' da boots.  Bumpin' & Grindin'.  (I told y'all......this little girl in my belly has my Pandora station permanently on early 90's R&B.  "You Remind Me of my Jeeeeeep....")
  • I put on makeup for the first time all week, and I literally came back to life.  I think I was a tad depressed until I put some eyeliner and bright pink lipstick on.  Note to self: wear makeup.  Even if you're depressed.  You'll feel better.
  • I cannot stop jamming out to and the Bieb's new single, #thatPOWER.  Love it!  Me, this baby bump, and Aaron seriously had a dance party when he performed this song on Ellen
  • I cannot stand Sabrina on General Hospital.  I know this is a random thought, but it's been on my mind and had to be said.  I think she's incredibly annoying and it's high-time for Robin to come back from the dead.
  • True Blood comes back on in exactly 31 days.  I am SO ready to spend my next 3 months obsessing over ASkars and who he's dating.  Heart him.
Enjoy your beautiful day!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Wow- this week has really dragged by.  BUT, it's hump day so that means 2 days closer to the weekend- whoop!

I've been keeping my friend Nicole's little girl, Zowie, this week.  She's nine months and adorable.   It makes me really excited to get a glimpse of what life will be like with a baby girl.  Aaron has been great with her (for the most part) so that gives me hope that he'll be a great big brother.  Fingers crossed!

We Adam finished the kitchen floor Monday night.  I love it!  Here's a pic:

Excuse the counter clutter

Since I'm lame and can't figure out how to do a before and after shot, here's what the floor looked life before. 
I truly think he did an amazing job.  You can see how the floor darkens the kitchen, so keeping the cabinets white is really our only option.  The next time the hubs is home, he and my father-in-law are repaving our driveway, so we're not looking at repainting the cabinets until later on this month.  In the meantime, I'm happy with my new (or what feels like new) kitchen!

Now onto the house situation......grrrrr.......not really going like we hoped.  We put in our offer Monday, they counter-offered yesterday (not a really great offer in that they barely came off the listing price), we put in our final offer, they counter-offered again last night (again, not that great of a counter-offer), and we're standing firm on our final offer from yesterday.  Lucky for us, we have an excellent realtor who is supporting our every decision and keeping us updated minute-by-minute.  When they counter-offered the first time yesterday I cried.  I know, I know, I need to toughen up.  Blame it on the pregnancy hormones and just the general aggravation of it all.   I know this is common procedure in the real estate market these days.  When Adam bought our house in 2006 it was so much more simple.  The house was on the market for two weeks, Adam submitted his offer, the seller agreed, and he was closing within three weeks.  I'm just trying to stay positive and know that it's out of our hands.  If it's meant to be, it will be.  Repeat mantra......

I'm getting my hurr did Saturday and I am so pumped!  No cut as my hair is finally growing out after 9 months, but color and I'm thinking ombre.  Here's some of my pinspiration:

Gorge via

So pretty via

Pretty but my least favorite.  I guess b/c she's all the way blonde & I'm brunette.

Love how subtle the ombre/highlights are via

I haven't gotten my hair colored in awhile so you can imagine the excitement.  I'll be sure to post a pic!

Enjoy your hump day, friends!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend Randoms

I can't believe it's already 5:50 on a Sunday afternoon.  Where did the weekend go?  You would think it would have dragged on by considering the lazy weather.

We have been incredibly boring; correction: I have been incredibly boring this weekend.  The most productive things I've done over the past 2 days is go grocery shopping and take Aaron to get a haircut.  My hubby has been busting his behind in the kitchen all weekend laying our new tile.  I'm so excited about the finished product!  We decided that we're going to repaint the cabinets white.  After much deliberation, we just decided it'll look a lot better than painting them brown.  Our kitchen is pretty small, so the lighter we can keep things the better.  I'm thinking we'll put in some turquoise accents- I love those two colors together. 

I'm of course thinking like we'll be here longer than we are, when in fact we'll need to be out around this time next month.  Yep folks, we have tenants!  And good ones at that- yay!!  They need to be in mid-June as they're getting married next month and want to be in the house before the wedding.  Which leads me to my next thought.....

We found a house!  It's actually the house that I was talking about in one of my blog entries from last week.  We went back to Griffin Friday so Adam could see the house and he liked it.  We're putting an offer in tomorrow.  Eeekk!  So excited!!  Once we've negotiated and signed the dotted line, I'll post a pic.  It's definitely not ours yet, so just hoping and praying everything will work out.  It just has to!  Aaron Mo needs a big boy room, and Harper Beth just needs a room.  I'm already envisioning tons of girly things for her room: a chandelier, pink/green accents, pictures, paintings.....the list goes on.  Agh!!

BTW, Adam and I watched Skyfall (the James Bond movie) this weekend and I just have to say that even though Javier Bardem is a total psycho in the movie- I still think he's a hottie.

I'll post pics of the kitchen when Adam's finished!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sometimes I think I'm an entertainment critic

While at the grocery store today I picked up the Most Beautiful issue of People that featured Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover.  Sadly, I haven't committed myself to a book since.....uh....January.  That's bad, right?  Don't get me wrong, I pour over What to Expect When You're Expecting almost daily, but reading for a hobby has gone out the window for now, so magazines it is!  Maybe I need some good book suggestions......

Anyway, I just put the magazine down and had to blog: Gwynnie looks amazing, y'all.  I think People totally nailed it this year.  Don't get me wrong: I've never been a Gwyneth fan.  I mean, my distaste for her doesn't go as far as Angelina "Hoelie" (haha- cracked myself up);  Gwynnie's always seemed like a know-it-all and a bit of a snob in my opinion.  Now: I think I might be wrong.  After reading her interview I really like her.  To sum it up:
  • She exercises 2 hours a day Monday-Friday. Not really realistic for us normal folk, but I'm not totally shocked by this.
  • She has a protein shake for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and whatever she wants for dinner (so she says). 
  • She still takes baths with her kids.  Who are 7 and 8.  I find this really weird, but maybe parenting styles are different in London......or England.....where does she live, again?
  • She admits that her and hubby (Chris Martin) have been through some really tough times but they're still hanging in there and still married.  This makes me wonder if the rumor that he and Kate Bosworth were hooking it up a few years ago is true??
  • She shares that she suffered a miscarriage in her second trimester.  I don't know when this happened, or even how far along she was, but I felt bad for her.  The loss of a child- even a child you've never met- is a horrible thing to go through.  She says that the "door is not shut" as to having another child, and that a friend told her not to base the number of children you have off of "the pain in the ass of infancy" but rather as to how many people you want around your table at Thanksgiving.  I liked that example.  Maybe Adam and I will go for another.....kidding!
As you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed the interview.  If I just completely bored you, I apologize.  Here's a pic:

This woman is 40.  She looks like she's 25.Via

The rest of the magazine featured the obligatory pics of Halle Berry, Blake Lively, Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Obama, Catherine Middleton, etc.  Some were asked what their least favorite thing about themselves was and JLaw said she eats like a caveman (love her), and JLo said that her wrists and ankles are too skinny.  For real?  Cause we all know you've stressed that a$$ at some point in your career.  Ugh!  Get real, woman.  Stop acting so damn perfect!

Connie Britton was listed for having the most beautiful head of hair.  I agree.  That woman has the best head of hair period.  And (gasp) she only washes it once a week


And that's that, folks!  I'm definitely thinking my year will probably be next year once I lose this baby weight! ;)  (kidding!)