Thursday, May 30, 2013


I can't believe it's already Thursday!  Love that!  One more day till the weekend- whoop!

Aaron and I have had a low-key week.  I've been letting him stay up a little later than usual at night, so we both get to sleep in until at least eight if not later in the AM.  We've spent a lot of time at the pool, and thanks to the horrible sunburn both Ashley and I acquired last Friday, I now have a decent early summer tan.  Who'd a thunk?? 

Tonight and tomorrow night we're celebrating my sister-in-law's high school graduation.  She is a wonderful sister to Adam, sister-in-law to me, and aunt to Aaron Mo.  Congrats and we love you, Haley!  Tonight my in-laws are throwing a party in her honor complete with Mexican food (too bad I can't indulge in a marg) and tomorrow's the big graduation ceremony.  It's crazy that even though I graduated high school 13 years ago, I still remember it like yesterday.  I look back and think about all the things I would have changed; where I should have gone to school, what I should have majored in and actually stuck with it, who I should and should not have dated, etc.  I guess we all do that, right?  But then I think, would I be married to Adam?  Would I have an Aaron Mo and a baby girl on the way?  Who knows.  When I think about those things, I know I'm where I am supposed to be.  All part of His plan I suppose!

Saturday, my girlfriend, Brooke, is throwing a girls days at her mom's lake house for myself and another friend that have upcoming June birthdays.  I'm so excited!!  Brooke's moms house alone is a vacation to me.  It's huge, beautiful, overlooks Lake Tobesofkee, and comes complete with a pool and jacuzzi.  Ahhh.....Heaven!!  I think if I lived there I'd never leave....there would be no point.  Definitely one of my happy places!  I will miss my boys, but mama is overdue for a day away with friends.  Holla!

Sunday begins the first of a summer of baby showers.  My friend, Laura, is having a baby girl in July and we'll be celebrating her sweet baby girl Sunday.  Yay for babies.....lots of them! ;)

Busy weekend!  Also on the itinerary: packing, and going threw all of Aaron's clothes.  I think I'm going to attempt a FB album of his clothing and try to make a little $$.  I know the easiest thing would be to just drop the bags off at Goodwill and call it a day, but I can't just give it baby boy is growing up too fast!  Plus, I'm trying to get rid of things so we don't have to pack them.  I.hate.packing!!!!!

What's your weekend looking like?