Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend Randoms

I can't believe it's already 5:50 on a Sunday afternoon.  Where did the weekend go?  You would think it would have dragged on by considering the lazy weather.

We have been incredibly boring; correction: I have been incredibly boring this weekend.  The most productive things I've done over the past 2 days is go grocery shopping and take Aaron to get a haircut.  My hubby has been busting his behind in the kitchen all weekend laying our new tile.  I'm so excited about the finished product!  We decided that we're going to repaint the cabinets white.  After much deliberation, we just decided it'll look a lot better than painting them brown.  Our kitchen is pretty small, so the lighter we can keep things the better.  I'm thinking we'll put in some turquoise accents- I love those two colors together. 

I'm of course thinking like we'll be here longer than we are, when in fact we'll need to be out around this time next month.  Yep folks, we have tenants!  And good ones at that- yay!!  They need to be in mid-June as they're getting married next month and want to be in the house before the wedding.  Which leads me to my next thought.....

We found a house!  It's actually the house that I was talking about in one of my blog entries from last week.  We went back to Griffin Friday so Adam could see the house and he liked it.  We're putting an offer in tomorrow.  Eeekk!  So excited!!  Once we've negotiated and signed the dotted line, I'll post a pic.  It's definitely not ours yet, so just hoping and praying everything will work out.  It just has to!  Aaron Mo needs a big boy room, and Harper Beth just needs a room.  I'm already envisioning tons of girly things for her room: a chandelier, pink/green accents, pictures, paintings.....the list goes on.  Agh!!

BTW, Adam and I watched Skyfall (the James Bond movie) this weekend and I just have to say that even though Javier Bardem is a total psycho in the movie- I still think he's a hottie.

I'll post pics of the kitchen when Adam's finished!