Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BIG news!

Hello my loyal blog readers! I am sorry I haven't posted in over a week.........A LOT has been going on in the Mosely household over the past few days. And when I say A LOT, I mean that I just found out that......... I'm having a baby!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhh! So excited, happy, scared, crazy, nervous, overjoyed, and all other feeling adjectives right now. I'm still very early and have plans to go to the doctor next week for my first check-up, so I'm just hoping and praying everything is okay with my little poppy seed (yes, my child is the size of a poppy seed right now). I honestly have never felt like this before. My life has changed in the most wonderful and amazing way. Adam and I are already so in love with this baby that it is all we think about. Truly, the most amazing thing. I am such a happy girl!

I will blog more later about finding out.....crazy story. Have to go get ready for work!