Friday, April 8, 2011

The waiting game.......

Gahhhh, are your weekends just stockpiled until July?  I mean, I'm not complaining.  We're blessed to have so many things to do, and so many family and friends to share these fun activities with, but we have something planned every weekend until July.  Crazy, huh?  Just gonna have to keep on truckin', and in the meantime have something fabulous to wear for each and every fun occasion.  ;)

The diet has been going pretty good so far.  I weighed myself Wednesday, and I only plan to do it once every Wednesday.  Believe me, it has been super hard not running to the bathroom to jump on that scale every day, but I'm practicing willpower......on EVERYTHING.  My goal is to be back in a bikini (well, make that a two-piece) by my 29th birthday in June.  Have y'all seen Sara Rue lately?  She looks A- mazing  after going on Jenny Craig.  Here's a peek:

If she can do it, I know I can!  Cute "two-piece" by the way.......

If the weather permits, the fam and I might just be "deckin" it out tonight.  Grill some burgers, and have a toddy or two.  Cheers to the weekend!

And one last thought, if you haven't downloaded Brit's new CD Femme Fatale, go do it now.  I'm serious, do it right now!  It's awesome.  Here's a listen-loo to the cool beat on the LP:  (hehe.....totally looked that slang up on Urban Dictionary.)