Thursday, March 28, 2013

And so the story goes..

So, this happened:

Well, more like January is when it officially happened.  Adam and I are overjoyed and so excited about the arrival of our newest love in early October!  I am officially 13 weeks tomorrow, and so happy to finally be entering into second trimester.  First trimester....needless to say, has been rough.  I've had my good days (few and far between) and many bad days.  And when I say bad days, I mean nausea so bad I didn't want to move.  That's the reason for my lengthy blog disappearance.  Time that would normally be spent clicking away on the computer, was time spent on the couch resting and snoozing.  Thankfully, I feel the shade lifting and I'm hoping that I'm on the path to feeling second trimester good!  Do I have any idea what I'm having?  Absolutely no clue.  Some days I say girl, some days I say boy.  All we want is a healthy child.  We just feel so lucky to have been blessed with another precious gift from above.  And so.....

I found out I was prego Tuesday, January 29th.  I was almost a week late before I found out.  A little back story: Adam and I have been trying for baby since July 2012.  After going through the heartbreak of losing our second son in late 2011, we finally were ready to start trying again.  So last summer the fun began....and began....and began.  I was so confused, sad, anxious- it was October and we weren't pregnant.  What was the deal?  I've always been one of the super lucky women that can "try" once and get pregnant.  What was going on?  So I decided to take it in my own hands and instead of relying on my "fertile days" according to WebMD I bought the Clearblue Ovulation Predictor kit.  You know, the one with the smiley face?  Well, I was convinced this was just what I needed.  I'd gotten enough test sticks for two months.  So here we go again, "trying" on the days that little smiley face told me were the big days.   And Aunt Flow continued to rear her annoying head each month.  Ugh.  I was over it.  Luckily, we spent the better part of December being busy with weddings, parties, Christmas, New Years, that I really didn't have time to mull over the fact that we weren't pregnant yet.  So the new year comes and January it is.  That's when things started getting serious.  And by serious I mean I was all about getting my baby.  At the risk of giving TMI, let's just say that Adam and I tried hard for a baby.  You catching my drift? ;)

January 24th hits (the day I was supposed to start) and as soon as my feet touch the ground I immediately take a pregnancy test.  Surely this time we're pregnant......except the test is negative.  What the hell?  That day I go to Griffin to meet my family for lunch to celebrate my sister's birthday.  After lunch I'm exhausted.  And moody.  Of course, I'm blaming all of these symptoms on the fact that my period's going to start any second and I don't pay much attention to them.  At that point I had finally decided to let the agonizing over getting pregnant go.  I just couldn't do it to myself anymore.  I was making myself miserable.  I was obviously going to get pregnant when God intended me to get pregnant- not on my timetable.  So that weekend, the fam and I pack up and head to the mountains with Adam's family. 

After our relaxing weekend, we head home late that Sunday afternoon.  By Sunday I'm officially 4 days late.  I've never been that late in my life.  I just assume it's a delayed period and I'll start at any second.  Plus, I had taken the pregnancy test on Thursday morning and it was negative, so I'm not pregnant, right?  Monday rolls around and again I haven't started.  I'm now 5 days late-something is definitely up.  After taking an abnormally long nap that Monday afternoon, I wake up and immediately run up to the drugstore and get some cheap store-brand pregnancy tests.  I pee on the stick and one line....and then two lines show up.  What??  OMG!  But wait, that test line is faint.  Very faint.  Am I imagining this?  By this time it's 5:15 and I just cannot wait to go to my OBGYN's office in the morning and take a test.  So I head to the Doc in the Box up the road.  After drawing my blood they inform me they won't have the test results until after 2 the following afternoon.  What??  OMG!  I can't wait that long!  I might as well have just waited to call my Doctor the next morning.  Frustrated I head back to the store and pick up some Clearblue Easy pregnancy tests.  After getting back home I inform Adam and he tells me to wait until tomorrow morning to take the tests.  Surprisingly, I wait.  The next morning I pop out of bed and......

Whoomp there it is!

I am pregnant.  Oh my goodness, it really happened.  I woke Adam up by shoving these tests in his face, but he told me to wait until we hear from the Doc in the Box with the blood test results before sharing with our parents.  The hours between 7am and 2pm were insane.  I was about to jump out of my skin.  When my phone finally rang at 2:20 that afternoon confirming my pregnancy, I was about to burst.  And so it began.....

I went for my first doctor's appointment on Valentines Day.  (How sweet is that??)  I got to see my little nugget on the ultrasound screen and my heart burst with joy.

Happy Valentines Day to me!! :)

My last appointment was Tuesday, March 12th and I got to hear the sweet heartbeat.  Best sound ever!!  Fast too- 178 bpm.  Wonder what that could be?!?

I go back a week from next Tuesday (April 9th) for a regular appointment, and then I'll go back two weeks later for a 16 week heart ultrasound.  I'm just hoping and praying every day that my baby has a healthy and whole heart.  All I can do is trust in God's plan.  I also hope to find out what we're having at that appointment- fingers crossed!

Thank you ALL for your sweet comments, likes, messages, etc. on Facebook and Instagram!  Having friends like all of you make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

And so the journey officially begins.......