Friday, April 5, 2013

We need to discuss...

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling.  They're still together, y'all.  Eva proved that on Ellen this week when she refused to discuss him or his abs.  Ugh!  Why?  And the thing is, I kinda like her.  She seemed to be a really nice person.  Plus, she's gorge.  He's gorge.  He'll probably marry her.  (Sad face.)  The only thing that might throw a wrench into those plans is our resident wild card, Rachel McAdams.  Girlfriend is single now, and we all know how much Ryan hearts Rachel.  Wonder if she's already calling him playing the sad, but brave independent woman card?  Heck, I know I would!  As you can see, I'm really into this whole dynamic.  Anything involving Ryan Gosling sends me into crazy girl territory.  I.Love.Him.

This random Ryan G posting is brought to you by prego brain.
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This pregnancy has made me cray-cray.  All I want to do is listen to 90's R&B, daydream about Adam Levine (and Ryan Gosling), eat lots of dessert, and sleep.  Oh, and I've also been craving a Bloomin' Onion from Outback.  Thankfully, my wish was granted last night when I met three of my girlfriends for dinner guessed it...Outback!  Since I'm officially 14 weeks today, I've got to start reigning in these crazy eating habits.  My next doc appointment is this coming Tuesday and while I'm so excited to hear my sweet sugarplum's heartbeat, I'm dreading stepping on that scale.  Why do I do this to myself??

Let's talk about Walking Dead (warning: spoilers ahead!)
  •  The Guvnah went psychotic and killed his own people.  Shocker.  Where did he go?  And more importantly, why did Martinez and that other random guy get back in the truck with him?  
  • The Guvnah killed Milton who in turn went all zombie and bit Andrea.  Andrea killed herself while Michonne watched....and cried.  Michonne is never supposed to cry.  And can I just say that I was sad watching Andrea go?  I know that's hypocritical as I've bashed her every chance I've gotten, but she did become a major character and all she wanted was to be back with Rick & Co.
  • Carl is psycho.  I'm sorry, I know there are some Carl fans out there, but I think he sucks.  Who does this lil dude think he is?!  He shot a random guy in the face for no reason, and then pitched a toddler fit when Rick brought the people of "Mulberry" back to the prison.  Honey, you're three feet tall and in desperate need of a haircut- shut up. 
  • I hate we didn't get to see Daryl at his finest (mmmhmmm) Sunday night.  He should've been the one to take the Guvnah down.  However, he did break out that ugly-a$$ poncho which always makes for great television.  Love.him.
I think Rick needs a lovah' for Season 4.  Everybody else is getting it on with somebody (except Daryl and if they put him with Carol I'm going to throw up in my mouth)!

Happy Friday, y'all!!