Friday, April 19, 2013

It's all happening

TGIfreakin'F.  I hope y'all are enjoying this rainy afternoon as much as I am.  We have been super productive today, surprisingly.  My two boys and I headed up to Lowe's to pick out our new kitchen flooring.  Exciting stuff, and I'm being totally serious.  Adam and I were convinced we were going to do sheet vinyl based off of web research, but once hitting up Lowe's we realized that vinyl tile was less expensive.  Who'd a thunk?!?  We ended up going with this pattern (it's actually browner in person).  We both love it, and still cannot believe it was cheaper than sheet vinyl.  After hitting up the cabinet hardware aisle, we picked out these plain silver knobs for the cabinets.  Nothing fancy.  I'm so excited Adam's on board with this plan.  His pockets can be a little tight sometimes (and who can blame him- he married me!), but he seems just as excited about this kitchen redo as I am.  Next up: our hall bathroom.  I know in the previous post I kept on referring to it as our master bath.  This is not true as the master bath is located in the master bedroom, right?  (I am seriously so dumb since getting knocked up; I mean more dumb than pre-pregnant Hayley.)  Well to clarify what I said earlier, our hall bathroom is our next project. 

Geez....somebody give me a drink already.  (Kidding!  A little bit...)

BTW, I watched Snow White and the Huntsman last night as Grey's and Scandal were old eps.  I liked it, y'all.  I almost forgot what a lil' hooch KStew was while watching; the keyword being almost.  Anyway, I'd totally forgotten that Sam Claflin was in this movie and I just have to post a pic of me and my brush with fame when Mr. Claflin himself happened to be staying at Atl's downtown Marriott last October:  Poor guy:

Thank God for Bachelorette parties & liquid courage!
One last thing: my mom sent me a link to this hilarious blog post today and I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.  Please check it out as this mom is totally keeping it real and speaking real mom truth.  Love it!!

Enjoy your weekend!