Thursday, April 25, 2013

We are so in love......

With our baby GIRL!!!!!

Harper Elizabeth Mosely

And the most wonderful part?  Her heart looks good and strong. :)  Of course, I'm a very early 17 weeks so they can't see the organs as well as they can at a 20 week gender ultrasound, but so far so good.  Everything looks normal.  Praise the Lord!!!  I go back May 20th to do a more in-depth 20-21 week ultrasound so I'll get more pics then.  So excited!!!

I named her Harper because I just love that name.  No sentimental reason.  Elizabeth is after my mom. 

We are absolutely in love and already worried about how much her wedding's going to cost us.  If she's anything like her mama, she's going to be a hot mess.

What a wonderful day!  Thank you, God!!