Friday, October 2, 2009

Wicked Witch

Ummmm......just so you know, my blog title describes my mood perfectly. What an awful day! You know, I knew today was going to be terrible. I could feel it before my alarm went off this morning. Normally on a Friday, I bounce out of the bed at 7 am ready for the day, and so happy the weekend is finally showing it's lovely face again. Not today. I'm not going to go into great detail; partly because I'm too tired, and secondly, well, you all know what happened to Laughing Lolly back in March when according to some people, I went into too much detail.......long hiatus. Let's just say that I had one task after another to complete without a breather, we had some rather, ahem, rude/obnoxious phone calls, and most importantly, mama didn't get to take a lunch hour today. No lunch hour= unhappy girl. So, as soon as the clock stroke 5 pm I was out the door and trucking it to the Jeep. Got in the car, called my mom to complain about my day, pull up in my driveway, and lo and behold, there's a freakin' garage sale sign tacked onto one of our trees! Oh no, they didn't! Before I tell you what I said to my husband when I walked in the door, let me just say that being pregnant has not only made me extremely moody, but someone to "not mess with" most of the time. I'm totally serious. Anyway, I see that sign, whip that Jeep into the car port, and I'm thinking to myself, "Surely these neighbors of ours came over and asked Adam if it would be okay to put the sign in our yard." Am I right? I mean, I know if Adam and I were having a garage sale we wouldn't just go tack a sign onto their tree, and on their property, without asking them about it first. So, I talked to Adam and found out that no one had come over asking if they can put their garage sale sign on our tree, and on our property. God, I was pissed then. I marched back outside (in my new leopard-print flats by the way, I love them), and ripped that sign off of our tree so fast. I considered hunting down the address that was listed on the flyer and throwing it in their yard, but Adam said that was childish. Friends, I was heated. After stewing over that for a good fifteen minutes, I decided to let it go and helped myself to a fudge brownie and some good OC reruns.

This "I choose happiness" mood has not lasted tonight, I'm sad to say. Although I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, I thought about how good wings and fries would be for dinner, and daydreamed about it all day. So, Adam and I ordered dinner from Loco's tonight and naturally I ordered wings (dipped in both mild & teriyaki sauce- YUM), and fries. An hour later when they finally delivered our food, and the hubby had sent them on their way (with a tip, I might add) I opened my box to find wings, no blue cheese dip, AND no fries. WTF???? OMG!!!! Are you serious?? I just had, like the worst day ever, and you couldn't even get the damn blue cheese dip request right?? After pouting and complaining to Adam, I ate my wings in silence, and made a vow that we will never order from Loco's again! Adam just laughed and said that he "loved Loco's and will definitely order from them again." Jerk. Next time Waffle House gets his order wrong I'm going to laugh my face off.

Off to shower and try to beautify with a mask and scrub. Considering all of the calories I've consumed since I got home from work, that might be the best idea. I really need to come up with an exercise regimen......

Oh! I find out October 28th what I'm having!!! SO exciting!!! As much as I've complained today I still feel like the luckiest person in the world right now. Here's to a sweet baby boy, or a precious baby girl! And, last but not least, here's to breastfeeding like it's my job so I can shed the calories from tonight's (and many other night's) menu- minus the fries and blue cheese.....dammit!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!