Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekly Round-up

It's Saturday- whoop whoop! The sun is shining, I just consumed a bagel with hazel-nut cream cheese topping, and I'm about to have a delicious cup of my (decaff) Chocolate Delight coffee. Life is good. How are you today, friends??

So, I have to share: I had my first "stranger stomach pat" the other day. Yep, it happened, and I am only around 4 months. This little incident happened Thursday afternoon while I was doing some last-minute shopping at Belk. I was in the lingerie section (shopping for my friend Melissa- she's getting married next month and we threw a lingerie shower/dinner for her at Grit's Thursday night). I had noticed this lady (probably in her 50's) looking me up and down while shopping. I noticed, but ignored her and continued shopping. A few minutes later I was at the check-out counter making my purchase (a pretty Jones New York cream-colored silk nightie with a light blue neckline) and getting it gift-wrapped. Stomach-Patter came walking over ready to make her purchase. This is exactly what went down from this point on:

SP: So, is this for a friend?
Me: Yes, a friend of mine is getting married next month, and we're throwing a lingerie shower for her tonight.
SP: Yeah, she'll get married and be just like you soon.........

and then it happened............the STOMACH PAT!!!!!!!

Me: (Bright red and super uncomfortable) Yep.

That's all I could say. I just couldn't believe it happened. I mean, I knew it was eventually going to happen, but this early on?? A friend of mine told me right when I got pregnant, "You need to know that the public considers pregnant women free-for-all's, meaning they can be touched by any one at any time." Now let me just say, I have never been one to touch a stranger's pregnant belly. Of course, if I know and am close with the person, I will touch their pregnant belly all the time, and they may touch my pregnant belly also. But, I guess my question is, what gives strangers the right to touch your belly just because you're pregnant? After the incident, I walked straight out of Belk without even stopping at the MAC counter (and that's a major feat, by the way). I guess I can now look forward to five more months of belly-grabbing?? Wonderful.

Anyway, the incident was long forgotten once I got to Grit's and met up with my girlfriends. Here's a picture of our lovely evening:

So, I found out some exciting news this week! Looks like, Adam and I, along with his huge family, are taking a Christmas trip to Colorado. So excited!! Adam and his brothers are big "skiers," and always took regular ski vacations growing up. I actually went skiing for the first time with Adam and his family 3 1/2 years ago. Here's a pic to prove it:

The first ski-trip we went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This trip will be Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Here is a picture of where we'll be staying. I couldn't be more happy about getting out of town. It's time for a vacay! And although my clumsy ass won't be flying down the green slopes with my eyes closed this time, I will promise to look extra cute in a ski outfit, while sipping hot cocoa and checking out the beautiful scenery and hot ski-instructors that just graduated college, but aren't ready for the "real world" AKA "real job" yet. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to me!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!