Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bravo and heartbeats- GREAT mix

Since I have become quite the couch potato in the last few months, my television time has increased by like, hmmmmm.......2-3 extra hours a day. It's too much, I know, but when you're gag reflex is at constant peak, and the only thing that settles your stomach is lying around watching old episodes of The O.C., the TV is a nice distraction. With all of this being said, I feel like my new part-time job as a television critic has opened my eyes to such shows as: Project Runway, Flipping Out, and The Rachel Zoe Project. Now, I know what you're thinking right now:

(1) "Project Runway is like, the best show ever- why in the world is this girl just finding out about this little gem?? Maybe she's not as in-the-know as she likes to think she is!"

Yes, you're right. I am ashamed of the fact that I have not been following "The Project" like all of my other fabulous friends. I am working to rectify this mistake. I will say that with it coming on at 10:00 pm on Thursday nights ON Lifetime (yes, I do know this show is not on Bravo anymore- I'm catching on) it does not mesh well with my 9:30 bedtime these days, but hey, that's what DVR is for. So far I am loving Mitchell (from Savannah, of course) Shirin, and sometimes Althea. This little pot of gold is now a standard in the Mosely household, and I am proud to finally say it!

Now, moving on to Bravo. Ahhhhhh......Bravo. It is just me or does this television channel keep on popping out the most addictive reality television ever??!! OMG- the obsession started with The Real Housewives, and now: Rachel Zoe, Jeff Lewis??!! Cannot get enough! The Rachel Zoe Project was a television staple last year when it first premiered on Bravo. I have liked Rachel Zoe ever since I purchased her book: Style A To Zoe a couple of years ago. I am a fan of her work, and even though her collar-bones scare me just a bit, her fashion is, in her own words, "gorge." I think her assistant Taylor either is, or comes across as an ungrateful and spoiled person, but I do love her other assistant Brad. Can't wait until Tuesday when Brad goes to the Oscar's with "Annie," (better known as the wonderful Anne Hathaway). I'm hooked!

My final new obsession is Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis. I accidentally stumbled upon this show around a week ago while waiting on The Real Housewives of Atlanta to come on, and I am SO glad I did. Jeff Lewis and company basically purchase houses and "flip" them. This year has been a little bit different in that he is not so much working as his own boss, but working for other people because of the downturn in the economy. He is a handsome (kind've resembles John Mayer), hilarious, gay man that takes no bull and tells it like it is. He can be mean at times, but you can't help but laugh out loud because he's so dead-on with everything that he says. This is the kind of guy that instills rules such as: No "number 2" can ever happen at his house unless it's him, and has a: regular assistant, house assistant, and maid. I promise if you watch it you will love it!

So, Thursday I went for my third doctor's check-up with the ever-growing Baby Mosely. After much anticipation I finally got to hear my baby's heartbeat. Oh my God- the most amazing thing ever! As soon as the nurse placed the little microphone on my belly I heard this good, strong heartbeat just beating away. I can't even describe how wonderful that feeling was. Then I heard all of these "whooshing" noises. I asked the nurse what that was, and she said that was the baby moving around. Oh my gosh! I said to the nurse, "the baby's moving around already?" She said the baby moves around all day long, but since he/she is still so little I can't feel anything yet. Hearing that heartbeat and all of the movement made everything seem so much more real to me. There's a little person growing in my belly- that's so crazy and amazing! I didn't get another sonogram, but once I have some more pictures I promise to post them. So exciting!!

Now off to start working on my newly purchased baby book. Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day!!