Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The truth about stay-at-home moms

Lately, I've found myself feeling more stressed out, overloaded, and just downright exhausted.  It's actually been this way for quite awhile.  Granted, I've been home with Aaron ever since he was born, and let's face the facts: being a stay-at-home mama is hard!  People warned me about this before I had Aaron.  I always nodded like I agreed, secretly thinking "what's so hard about staying home, raising your baby, and keeping up with the house?"  Apparently, a lot.  Staying home with your child is not: sleeping in, leisurely breakfasts, lunch dates, and shopping.  It's waking up early, trying to jump in the shower and grab a cup of coffee before the little man wakes.  It's trying to curl your lashes and powder your face while your child clutches your legs saying, "mamaaaaa, mammmmmaaa."  It's no longer being able to go to the bathroom alone because your little monkey has learned how to open a door.  It's play dates, Yo Gabba Gabba, dirty diapers, ear infections, teething, trips to the dreaded Walmart just to get out of the house, and everything else that goes with raising a little human all wrapped up into one.  Are some days extremely overwhelming and exhausting?  Yep.  Would I change it for the world?  Nope.  Because out of all the messes and pains I deal with on a daily basis, it doesn't  compare to the look on Aaron's face when I open that door to his bedroom, he grins at me, and says "duice?" (Translation: Juice.) 

Thank you God for this child.