Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry (belated) Christmas!!

Hi friends!

Hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas!!   It went by too fast, didn't it??  We have had a big year with the birth of our baby girl, and our new home, so Adam and I decided not to exchange gifts and just give to the kids and it worked out great.  Santa must have really thought Aaron was a good boy because he racked up: a bike, basketball hoop, computer, new train set, a tent, a train set, etc.  Harper got baby doll(s), clothes, a few toys, and an exersaucer.   Her Christmas gift to mom was a big, beautiful laugh on Christmas Day-  We are so incredibly blessed with these beautiful children!

Between my parents and Adam's parents I racked up as well! Riding Boots, the Naked 3 palette, some adorable shearling-lined Moccasins that I'm obsessed with, a photo printer, clothes, etc.  AND, I'm typing on my brand-new bluetooth wireless keyboard- whoop! I'm spoiled. So spoiled.

Here's some pics of our last few weeks:

Aaron decorating his tree.  Sweet baby!

She's smiling all the time now & I love it!


JT with the girls

Jessica's birthday dinner

My cousin, Kate's, gorgeous wedding with the hubs

My  sister's gorge

"Twas the night before Christmas"

Santa's letter to Aaron

Now, a rundown:

  • Dean cheated on Tori.  Shocker?  Absolutely not. The fact that he told his mistress he was in a "sexless" marriage?  What a dbag.  Obviously you didn't have a "sexless" marriage, dude.   She birthed 4 of your children, and almost died carrying your fourth.  You're a freak.
  • Y'all know I was ALL about watching "I Am Britney Jean" on E! and I was pleasantly surprised at how normal she was.  Go Brit-Brit!  Now, who wants to go to Vegas?!?!
  • We still need to talk about Queen Bey's new album, but I have a baby that wants Mom so I gotta go.  Next time it's on!
Happy day after Christmas!!