Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The need to let it go

Happy 2014! Hope y'all are eatin' your peas and collards for some luck and money in the new year! Our New Years dinner is being reserved for this evening when my mom whips up some southern goodness; in the meantime, we've made do with leftover pizza and crockpot meatballs for lunch. We're healthy around here.

I hope your hangover (whether alcohol or sleep induced or both) isn't too bad. We spent the better half of NYE with good friends and our kids. Hellraisers lemme tell ya! All of our guests were gone by 10:30, and I sat on the couch, drinking a Strawberrita, waiting on the ball drop. At midnight Adam and I kissed, hugged, got in the bed, and passed out. Isn't it funny how the picture of NYE in our heads never turns out to be reality? In my mind I'm wearing a short, sparkly dress, a pair of gorgeous Jimmy Choo's, false lashes, and drinking lots of bubbly, while having the time of my life, and taking a ton of Instagramable pictures. Reality: I'm in my leopard-print Fab'rik leggings (thanks Meg) because not only are they so cute, BUT they also have an elastic waistband which is a must these days, and my JSimp black wedges.....that came off within 15 minutes of putting them on. Sigh. NYE 2015 is my bitch-

I woke up this morning feeling a little underwhelmed, and just not as excited for a new year and clean slate as most people are. If you look on FB most people's attitudes are "out with the old, in with the new" and I totally get it, and that's probably the mantra I should be repeating right now, but I'm just not feeling it today. Maybe I will tomorrow. It might be a month....or more. The thing is, 2013 was a wonderful year for our family. We had a beautiful baby girl, bought a home....Hunger Games: Catching Fire finally came out! (I'm not joking.) I'm just not ready to kick 13 in it's ass on the way out. Look, I'm crazy. The day after Christmas I'm usually spiraling away in a deep, dark place crying into my stocking while stuffing my face with Reese's Pieces. In 2008 I had the double whammy of Christmas being over AND finishing the fourth and final book in the Twilight series. Wow- talk about meltdown. Adam found me in our tiny bathroom, crying the buck-tooth ugly cry, cursing Stephenie Meyer. My mom says that was my weird year- bahahah.
I'll get with the 2014 program eventually. I just need time. I'm not one that embraces change, but once I'm there I'm good. While I slowly rip off the bandage, I'll be thinking about resolutions for the new year because what's better than a clean slate, right?? Here's a few:

  • To blog more. I know I say this every year, but I need to set it in stone. I love my blog, and I love having a place to unload my crazy thoughts. 
  • To not be so overly sensitive and/or read too much into anything. I'm dramatic; sometimes it's great, sometimes it sucks.
  • To lose 15 pounds. I still have 5 pounds of baby weight + 10 extra pounds of pre-baby weight that needs to come off. I would, at some point in the near future, like to wear something that actually buttons and zips- woohoo!
  • To have more patience with Aaron. He's at that age where (Lord, help me) some days he drives me crazy....and I let it show. Not good.
  • To cherish my husband more. He's a good man and I'm a lucky girl.
  • To pay off debt, save some moolah, and buy a new car! 
That's a pretty good start, right?  What are your resolutions?