Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tis the season for fun!

Ugh....sorry I'm so slack about updating my blog lately. Half of the reason is I just haven't had the time and the other half is the fact that I hate blogging from my iPad. Don't get me wrong, I love my iPad but I miss a keyboard. Where is the best place to get a keyboard for the iPad, btw?? This is a Christmas wish (hint, hint) for all you family members reading this blog!

Since I last blogged, my mini-me hit the 2 month mark! Here's her milestone pic, is she not the cutest?!?

I heart her. <3<3

Since I last blogged we've gotten two month shots (the worst), hosted 25 family members for Thanksgiving, and Catching Fire finally hit theaters (lerve)! 

With Christmas finally upon us we have already been in full swing with Christmas parties and get-togethers. My Macon girls came up to Gtown (we missed you, Brooke!) for our annual Christmas dinner/gift exchange last Friday night, and last night my Griffin girls and I got together for the same. I wore my Fab'rik leather leggings to both parties because:
1) I am in dire need of new clothes and have nothing "partyish" to wear
2) They work like Spanx in that they're so tight they hold in this post-preg/post-section belly. 

Maybe Santa should bring me a treadmill for Christmas?

Adam and I celebrated six years of marriage this past Sunday. Besides being married six years, we've been together 8 years this past October! That blows my mind. Almost a decade I've been with this man....crazy. Here's to 60 more anniversaries, babe!

Thanks Graceology for this amazing pic- it's my fave!

The rest of this blog entry is going to be bulleted since baby girl could wake from her nap at any moment:

* I am nursing a maj hangover today. Last night Natalie introduced me to Cran-Brr-Rita's and let's just say we hit it off. Yolo.

* The one good thing about today is that I woke up a with a case of bed-head that legitimately looked good. Have no idea how that happened, but I am thankful. The good man upstairs knew I needed one less thing on my plate today.

* Paul Walker's death. So tragic. I am so sad about it. Now I'm psychotically googling him. Did y'all know he had a girlfriend half his age? AND, that he was just in Macon eating at Chillis the Sunday before Thanksgiving?? So, so sad.

* Are y'all watching Scandal?? If not, you need to. It's ah-ma-zing.

* Aaron is out of school for 3 weeks starting this weekend. Lord help me.

* My precious cousin, Kate, is marrying her adorable fiancé, Ben, December 21st and I am so pumped for their wedding! Still need a dress to wear.....ideas?? I'm definitely thinking LBD. I'm putting the hubby in a skinny tie. This will be our first spend-the-night away evening from both kids. I could not be more excited!

Alright, gotta go. Promise to update sooner!