Monday, November 18, 2013

It's all relevant

I can't believe it's already Monday again! Where did the weekend go?? Granted, we didn't hardly do anything. Although I'm starting to venture out with Harper a little more, I'm still not comfortable taking her tons of places- with all of the sickness and germs going around right now I'd rather keep her at home. Since Adam works all the time and barely gets to do the things he wants to do, he headed out to watch the Ga/Auburn game Saturday at a friends house, and I stayed home with the kiddos. I find it crazy that I freely admit to not giving a sh... about football, but have my TV on the game when Adam's not around. Heck, I even paused the game for a diaper change so as not to miss anything. Who am I?? This is cray.

I'm not gonna lie- I was experiencing some postpartum blues this weekend. At the top of the list- this post-preg bod. I am starting Weight Watchers today. Although I've lost all my baby weight (and a little more) I'm still pounds away from where I need to be. And it's not like I've been trying super hard- I'm not going to turn down a trip to ChickfilA or anything. I need to be putting baby girl in her stroller and walking while Aaron's at school. Maybe I'll start that today.....or tomorrow.

Another thing irking me? Shitty friends. Yep, I said it. I have had my feelings hurt not once, not twice, but three times over the past week over these so-called friends. I'm having a major case of "left outitis"- (tried to make that work). If you're reading, you know who you are. The people that host parties, dinners, etc. and only invite an exclusive group. How high school is that? Over it. FYI- I would never purposely leave anyone out because I would never want to hurt anyone's feelings. But I guess that's just the type of friend I am.

Damn. That felt good.

Anyway, this is not a "I'm feeling sorry for myself" post. This is a "taking notes- moving on" post.

In wonderful news, my good friend Brooke gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Brinley, last Thursday. I had the pleasure of meeting her last night, and she's such a love muffin! Congrats Brookie!

Friday, while racking my brain for gift ideas for Brooke, I came up with this: a newborn survival kit:

Inside I included: a bottle of wine (standard), Dry Shampoo (because y'all know we don't have time to do this hurr), Mascara and Lip Gloss (because most of the time if you do get ready that's all you have time for), a pack of gum (let's be real: we're so sleep-deprived some days we can't remember if we brushed our teeth), and a magazine. These are things that helped me survived those first few weeks in the trenches. 

Hope all of you have a fabulous Monday! Gotta get my little buddy ready for school!