Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I will survive!

Up until I had Harper, getting up at 5:00 seemed almost laughable. Although I am technically "one of those morning people," getting up at any hour before 7 (pre-baby) was a lost cause.

Not anymore.

Every day around 5 AM, my little posse (Harper and Sophie May) and I sleepily walk the hallway, prepare bottles, coffee, etc. and begin our day. After Harper has her bottle and is settled back down, I head back to my room, stare longingly at my bed, and hop in the shower. Because as much as I want to crawl back into that comfy bed, I know that with a three year old waking up soon that ain't happening. 

And our day begins.

And you know what? I'm getting the hang of this (early) early bird thang. I must admit that it's nice running errands and getting them done before noon. It's nice not looking like a ragamuffin (most of the time) when I drop Aaron off at school. Of course, every time I think we're onto something, Harper throws a wrench into those plans. Days that I think to myself, "Girl, you got this- this is a piece of cake," Harper's fussy all day, doesn't nap, and decides to take a massive poop while I'm wearing her in the Moby at the grocery store. Ahhh....the life of the mom of a newborn- so glamorous!

We are surviving. We are making it- some days just barely. I know six months from now I'll barely remember the exhaustion of this time- I hope so, anyway! 

All this being said, she is such a little love. A mini, baby girl version of my Aaron Mo. I am crazy about her. Her hair's already getting long in the back (true story) and she's wearing three-month clothing (she likes to eat like Mom!). She's still sleeping in her Rock and Play sleeper in our room, and we're trying to transition her to her crib which is not easy. 

In an effort to not let Laughing Lolly be ALL about baby, let's catch up on some other stuff:

- I need a new car. That '98 Toyota Avalon (AKA: The Mamakat) is not cutting it anymore. It especially looks gangster right now because a routine oil change turned into having to put on my full-size spare tire as my back passenger side tire was about to blow due to a nail that's obviously been there for ages. That wouldn't be bad, except for the fact that they didn't put the tire back on my car's actual rim, and instead put in on a random black rim. Who am I? Joker's Wild?? Jesus. Headed back to the car shop today. In the meantime, Adam and I have made an executive decision that I need a "newer" car, in other words used but like new. So begins the car search....

- Hunger Games: Catching Fire starts next Friday. Aghhhhhh!!!! Who's going with me? I must admit, I've pretty much left JHutch in the dust and have now jumped the Liam H bandwagon- he's so much hotter to me now that he's dumped that twerking, foam-finger Miley; however, I will always be Team Peeta, y'all. Ride or die.

- I've been pretty bored with Walking Dead this season (all those body fluids are seriously grossing me out) and made my dissatisfaction known on FB but had to retract my statement as "The Guv-Nah" is back. And you know, I'm just gonna say it, I think he's hot. There. I said it. Hatas gonna hate!

Gotta go now. I will *attempt* to update sooner than later. Enjoy your day, friends!