Thursday, February 27, 2014

Catching up...again

Oh my gosh.  Let me just say that I know I am not living up to my new years resolution of blogging more often.  My last blog was two weeks ago!  Not good.  I promise to get better, people.  Especially since I have a new blogging adventure to share with y'all....BUT- first things first:

The past two weeks a lot of things have happened.  Well, I say a lot, and it's really only been like two things, but in boring mom world, it's a lot

I got a new car.  Whoop!  I use the word "new" loosely, because it is pre-owned.  Here's a pic:

I named her Lola.  And I love her. 

Adam and I hit the jackpot with our new ride; a 2005 BMW X3.  We went out on a search for a Chevy Equinox last Friday.  There was a beautiful white one on the Cronic Chevy/GMC lot in town that I had my eye one.  Lo and behold, by the time we got up there it was gone.  After leaving there, and driving up to Carmax in Morrow and still not finding anything, I suggested we hit up the Hennessy Southlake location since I'd spotted a few Equinox's at their lot on Autotrader.  The dealer (who I liked a lot and would highly recommend) pulled up the Equinox's and other mid-size SUV's on the computer that he thought we might have interest in.  That's when he said these magic words: "A BMW X3 in your price range just pulled onto the lot an hour ago.  Would you be interested in looking at it?"  Um, yes.  Hell yes.  That's like asking me if I would possibly be interested in going on a date with Ryan Gosling.  Or ASkars.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?!?!  Given.  In order not to show my excitement, and put on my best "poker face" (everyone who knows me knows that I don't do poker face) I said "sure, we can look at it."  The whole time I was trying to avoid eye contact with Adam, because I knew that just as soon as I looked at him I would die laughing.  Once the dealer got up to grab the keys, the following is my conversation with Adam:

Me: (smiling so big my face might split) "Holy hell.  This is not happening.  We don't have this kind of luck."
Adam: "I know!  There's got to be something wrong with it.  We don't have this kind of luck."

Around this time our dealer pulled the car up.  Uhh....SOLD!

So yeah, basically we were both sold on this car before I even drove it.  After our test drive, Adam and I said at the same time "WE WANT IT!"  After three more hours of of waiting and signing the proper paperwork, she was ours!  We walked out to our new car, and in the words of our man Jesse Pinkman, yelled out "yeah, bitch!"  Then we drove our girl off the lot. 

Thank you, Jesus!

I heart you, Lola.  <3 p="">

Another huge thing happened: my babies got baptized.  Hands down, the best part of our eventful weekend.  I was so positive that I was going to bawl my eyes out watching my beautiful baby girl, in her beautiful christening gown (thank you for this gown, Shannon!), but Aaron killed me with his bravery.  He stood so tall as our pastor sprinkled water over his head...makes me cry when I think of it now.  He's growing up so fast, and getting so big.  My heart swells with the biggest love for these two angels.

Thank you, God.

Of course, I was the mom who didn't take any pictures of my babies and our family all dressed up for their big day.  Wth??  I think my dress was so tight that it prevented my brain from working.  Yep, that's what I'm going with.

I have some exciting news to finally share!  I will be blogging for the online shopping boutique Ella Bleu! For those of you not familiar with Ella Bleu, they are a very successful online shopping boutique co-owned by three of my dearest girlfriends out of Macon, GA.  Click the link and go check them out!  Their clothes are so fabulous, and the prices can't be beat.  With their amazing success and huge popularity, they are now branching out into web-based selling, and will be starting their own webpage very soon.  They asked me if I would be interested in writing their weekly blog, and I of course said yes!  I am so completely flattered in their confidence in me, and I hope I can live up to their expectations.  I will certainly try!  Cheers to new ventures!

Now for a round-up:

  • I made the mistake (again) of watching the last few episodes of Breaking Bad this week.  Netflix added them Monday, and I, or course, fell right into that trap (again)!  Am I glutton for punishment??  I want a spin-off!  Of Jesse.  And Saul.  Who wants to help me make that happen??
  • Speaking of the above, my friend Carrie, FB'd me a couple of weekends ago to inform me that she was, indeed, sitting next to Aaron Paul and his lovely wife at a restaurant in Atl.  DYING!!!!!!  And.....he smiled at her.  AGH!!!!
  • Grey's Anatomy comes back tonight!  #teamjackson
  • Oscar's are this Sunday!  Getting prepped for a red carpet recap!
That's all this tired mommy brain can think of today.  I think it's time for another cup of coffee!