Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oscars Recap

Hey friends!

I totally meant to post yesterday about the Oscars, but my OCD brain decided to log on and make some changes to my blog instead.  By the time I finished tweaking a few things, both kids were up from their naps and I had to cook dinner.  Never enough time in the day!

Before we delve into all things celebrity, I have another exciting announcement.....I got a job at our church (Aaron's preschool) as a teacher's aide!  I'm pumped.  It'll only be two days a week, mornings only, but it's perfect for easing back into the working world.  The best part is that Harper can come with me, so I won't have to pay for outside childcare at this time.  Really excited about that!

Now, let's talk Oscar's:
  • Jared Leto won.  He not only won the Best Supporting Actor category, he also won for best eyes.....hair....teeth.......you get where I'm going with this.  As Ellen said, he wins the award for "most beautiful!"  And, how cute and sweet is his personality??  Love how he loves his mama.  Love that he's not only a beautiful man, but also a beautiful woman in Dallas Buyer's Club.  Most of all, I love that Jordan Catalano is so smart and successful!  My So-Called Life representing, y'all!
"Your cuticles look like little moons!" (Prize for whoever can tell me what episode Angela says this to Jordan!)

  • Matthew McConaughey won for Best Actor in Dallas Buyer's Club, as well.  He was incredibly handsome (per usual) and had the best acceptance speech out of everyone in my opinion.  He even capped it off with his signature "alright, alright, alright."  Dreamy.  Love a good ole' country boy.   
Camilla Alves is gorge.  (image via)

  •  I'm probably going to be in big trouble for saying this, but I'm a little over JLaw.  Don't get me wrong, she's beautiful, seems really down to earth, and she's freakin' hilarious.  But now I feel like she's trying too hard to be funny.  One of the best things about her is that she's hilarious without meaning to be.  Now, it's become her shtick.  Just be you, Jennifer! 

Notice how in both this year's Oscars and last year's she's doing the "necklace down the back thing."  (images via here and here)
  •  Kerry Washington and her baby bump were beautiful.  This woman can do no wrong fashion-wise:
(image via)
  •  I cannot believe these words are about to come out of my mouth, but......I thought Angelina looked really beautiful AND, (has Hell frozen over yet?) she seemed really nice.  Agh!  There.  I said it.  I was really impressed with how well she handled Ellen and that awesome selfie.  Usually, she's all weird, awkward, and uptight, but Sunday night she seemed genuinely nice, happy, and dare I say, a few pound heavier?!?  Go Angelina.  I'll never be on a "Team Angie" basis with you, but let's just say we're on neutral ground now.
(image via)
  •  I thought Leo acted weird.  Shocker, I know, but he totally turned down a piece of pizza from Ellen.  Like, put his hands up in the air dramatically turned down.  Dude, you're a dude.  I mean, I'm sorry it's not Rack of Lamb.  Just eat a piece of damn pizza.  And enjoy it.
  • John Travolta (eeek.....he gives me the grossies) calling Idina Menzel  "Adele Dazeem."  Wth??  He and his scary face got to go!
  • Does Julia Roberts ever age??  She looked amazing.
A lot of people didn't care for her dress, but I liked it.  (image via)

I didn't like this dress on Jessica Biel.  I think it washed her out too much.  She's definitely beautiful, but get it together, honey.  You're married to JT- step.it.up. (image via)

Kate Hudson wins the whole night for me.  I mean, can she do any wrong?  So gorge.  This is a pic of her Oscars dress and after-party dress.  Obsessed. (image via)

Hands down, the best part of the show was Ellen.  She's just such a funny, joyful person and I think she needs to host every year.  As celebrity-obsessed as I am, I never stay up to watch the whole show, but I did Sunday night.  Good job, Ellen!  America obviously loves you!

(image via)